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FIAT goes Off-Road in Chrysler deal, Itallians want some American Joe Dirt Hemi Power Fun

Fiat Would Gain Off-Road, SUV Designs From Chrysler Partnership

By Marco Bertacche and Rishaad Salamat

March 4 (Bloomberg) --Fiat SpA would gain access to off-road vehicle technology in Chrysler LLC’s Jeep and Dodge brands if the Italian carmaker is able to take a stake in the U.S. company, a Fiat executive said.

“The Jeep and Dodge brands are extremely strong worldwide and we would be able to leverage on that,” Alfredo Altavilla, head of Fiat Powertrain Technologies, said in a Bloomberg Television interview at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Fiat, based in Turin, is poised to take a 35 percent stake in Chrysler, the Detroit automaker propped up by U.S. government aid. The Italian company’s chief executive officer, Sergio Marchionne, is traveling to Washington today to help Chrysler try to persuade the U.S. Treasury to approve the deal.

Chrysler says it wants a partnership with Fiat to gain access to the company’s small-car technology and global sales network. It may use a Fiat model as the basis for replacing the Dodge Caliber small car, for example. Fiat could use Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durango designs for a sport-utility vehicle.

Altavilla said the two companies would glean significant cost savings from the partnership.

“The increase in volumes would help reduce costs on both sides,” he said. Chrysler has identified $7.4 billion in additional revenue and cost cuts over the next seven years and Marchionne confirmed that estimate yesterday.

Fiat presented its Multiair electro-hydraulic engine technology today at the Geneva show. The new system, which reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent, may be licensed to rivals, Altavilla said. Fiat invested 100 million euros ($126 million) in the new engine, he said.

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Spring Break Off-Road Expo is On!

The Spring Break Off-Road Expo is March 21-22, 2009!

GO TO the Off-Road EXPO on the west coast on March 21-22 at Pomona at the Fairplex.

Spring Break Off-Road Expo Website CLICK HERE

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James Go Off-Roading, Celebrity Apprentice and Movie Star, have a life.

Celebrity Baja Racer Jesse, has a real life and an awesome mate.

Out for a leisurely Sunday drive, cool Sandra Bullock was spotted gassing up her Audi A6 near her home in Seal Beach yesterday on March first.

Just days prior to the airing of the season start of Donald Trumps Celebrity Adventure TV program. James is in the mix on the show.

In the 'cupcake episode', James showed an artist side, that frankly, we are stoked to see. Dude has skills.

The “Miss Congeniality” Movie Star, Bullock, looked great as she pumped gas, sporting a black top and a pair of worn-in jeans.

Sandra was also spotted fulfilling her need for speed with her husband Jesse James as they headed off to ride their dirt bikes on some off-road trails. The off-road nation hasn't had this kind of star power, since McQueen.

The two dirt sports, packed up their truck and bid Jesse’s children farewell as they headed off to Starbucks before their extreme sporting adventure. Sandra's boots meet the Baja Racing cool footwear requirement, fo sho'.

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Jean-Paul Cyr on 2009, ""For me it's a learning-charge-your-battery-focus-on-Thunder-Road-race-the-Baja-and-not-get-killed-type of year."

In American-Canadian Tour racing, there isn't much left for Jean-Paul Cyr to accomplish. He holds the record for all-time and consecutive ACT championships, at seven and five, respectively, ranks a close second in all-time ACT Late Model Tour race victories, has won all of the major events on the schedule at least once, and is a past recipient of the Don MacTavish Award for lifetime contributions to motorsports. Prior to that, he had been a track champion on the Devil's Bowl Speedway dirt in Fair Haven and a top independent competitior on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. And for nearly the entire first decade of the 21st century, Cyr has been the face of northeastern Late Model racing.

But when a driver achieves so much success so frequently, he or she can become... bored.
So here comes Cyr, at 44, bored and seeking new challenges. The Milton racer is stepping out of an ultra-successful ride in the Rick Paya-owned RPM Motorsports #32 car and into a new car with an unproven team. Away from the ACT Late Model Tour - at least full-time - and into the tough-as-nails weekly wars at Barre's Thunder Road. And, more often, out of the close confines of a stock car cockpit and into the open air atop a speeding motorcycle.

Cyr has formed a new team with Joey and Jeff Laquerre to run for the 2009 Thunder Road Late Model championship. Joey Laquerre, who posted his first Thunder Road win as a car owner in 1968 and his most recent win as a driver some 40 years later, will field a new Race Basics-built car for Cyr at the Quarry Hill oval. His son, Jeff, will attempt to add to his impressive résumé as a championship-caliber crew chief, and will oversee the operation. Both Cyr and Jeff Laquerre have brought crew members to the fold, aiming for the "King of the Road" crown in the track's 50th season.

Said Cyr simply, "The number-one goal is to create a very stout team that can be a threat week-in and week-out, and the number-two goal would be the Thunder Road title." He did offer that the new team plans to compete in selected ACT events, although its touring schedule has not been finalized.

But there's more. As mentioned, Cyr will return to the roots he planted in his teenage years on the seat of a motorcycle. He has recently returned from the Mexican desert, having enlisted the help of Baja racing legends Johnny Campbell and Tim Morton, and is in the process of training for the Baja 500.

"I grew up racing motocross and hair scrambles," said Cyr. "In my late teens I raced the Florida winter series for a couple of years. Before I raced cars, that's what I did. I kind of became burned out on them, but around that time when I was younger the Baja had always intrigued me so it had always been kind of one of those personal goals to get out there. My father had gone out to Baja and did some trail riding a few times, and he'd come back telling stories."

Cyr began dabbling in the desert a couple of years ago, and the itch came back.

"I happened to meet the right people out there that were involved in racing the Baja 500 and 1000, and I made all the right connections," he said. "Now the opportunity has become very real. On June 6, I race the Baja 500, and I'm going to race that solo. To race at Baja and race cars, it's two different things, but I have to focus on both aspects. To race every weekend with the (ACT) Tour would interfere too much with my ambitions with the Baja. We're talking right now about forming a team for the 1000 (in November), myself and another rider, through Baja Bound (a ride/race program operated by Morton). So Thursday nights (at Thunder Road) really fit in really well for this year, where it wasn't going to take up a lot of my time and cut into too much of my training."

But back to four wheels, Cyr's touring experiences had begun to stagnate over the last couple of seasons. Until last year, he had never seriously been challenged for the ACT championship since his first of five consecutive titles in 2003. During that span, he won over 20% of the races run on the series, and had started to look in other directions, including brief stints as Race Director on Thursday nights at Thunder Road, and as the driver of Gary Casella's #25 car on the True Value Modified Racing Series. Racing full-time at Thunder Road, it seemed, was a logical change of atmosphere.

"I'm always looking for new challenges," Cyr explained. "With our recent history on the Tour, I was looking for new challenges. Thunder Road is certainly a big challenge. What intrigues me about it are the fans at Thunder Road. It's like, until you race Thunder Road weekly, I believe, you're never truly accepted by the fans there, and I love the fans there and I'd like to be more of a part of that before I move on to different venues. I can see myself running the Tour next year, (but) I needed an escape."

And then Cyr said something completely unexpected: "You set goals, and I've never truly achieved any goal that I've ever set, believe it or not."

How could this be possible for a man who has won more than anyone else in the last half-dozen years, for a man who has won championships on two wheels and four, on dirt and asphalt, and has competed successfully virtually everywhere?

"I tend to set fairly high goals, and I believe your goals should be high enough where you don't achieve them," he said. "What do you do after you achieve a goal? The project is done. So if you want to continue on with anything in life, anything that you love, I believe you always set your true ambition just above your likelyhood or ability. That way you can carry through, that's how you can win more than one championship, that's how you keep going. The novelty (of winning ACT races and titles) had worn off, and it was just time for something different, something to inject a little bit more excitement into my life. That's how the Modified happened, I was looking to make my job harder. And I did, just seeking satisfaction. It's kind of complicated, but it's not. Just looking to mix things up, add a little bit of excitement, create desire once again. I like an electric atmosphere, I like for things to be not so much black-and-white but a little bit more adventurous. That's all I was seeking, and once you start doing different things it opens up different opportunities."

So how long is Jean-Paul Cyr going to be seeking adventure at Thunder Road or in the desert? Are his days of ACT dominance over?

"Would I like to win eight ACT championships? Sure, but it's not going to be this year," he said with a laugh. "For me it's a learning-charge-your-battery-focus-on-Thunder-Road-race-the-Baja-and-not-get-killed-type of year."

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BULLETIN! DAKAR Rally returns to South America & Argentina for 2010 events

Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE!

Argentina has been confirmed as the host of the 2010 Dakar Rally, following the event’s success earlier this year. Teams begin to travel and practice at this venue just after traditional thanksgiving celebrations are over.

Next year’s 32nd running of the event will start and finish in Buenos Aires on January 1 and 17, and will hold stages throughout Argentina and Chile.

Dakar Rally director Etienne Lavigne said: “Following a really successful 2009 Dakar Rally, hosted jointly by Argentina and Chile, we are pleased to announce that the 2010 Dakar Rally will once again be returning to South America.”

Leonardo Boto of the Argentine tourist authority added: “This is a major success for Argentina; it will be a boost for our tourism industry and for our international prestige.

“It will be a fantastic opportunity for the rest of the world to see the real Argentina, we have so much to offer visitors to our country. We will do everything possible to make the 2010 rally a success.”

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Steve Bourgeois and Pat Chicas sucked on TRUMP BAJA, give the money back now!


March 8, 2009

Tidal wave of press washes away Chicas and Bourgeois internet dealings. Pat Chicas lives in Las Vegas and 'Seve' Steve Bourgeios, lives in San Diego. They still have YOUR money? Were they paid in excess of $250 K to Scam You?

We'll be posting their scammer address so you can get your money back



"March 15, 2009 — In October 2006, at the recently completed on-site model and sales office, the Trump Ocean Resort in Baja California was unveiled with great fanfare to the region's business elite. This is the opportunity, they were told, to invest in a project that surely would become the most valued property on Baja's north coast. This may be the only opportunity for locals to buy before sales on the three-tower, 526-unit luxury condo-hotel opened to the rest of the world was the sales pitch.

Baja Californians bought into the vision. Many plucked down the reservation deposit of $5,000 that night providing them with first opportunity to enter into the purchase agreement once the sales contracts were readied.

They were invited to attend the first grand sales day scheduled at the (Manchester) Grand Hyatt Regency San Diego to sign the purchase contract and deposit the 30 percent balance of the sales price.

Baja Californians, as many from the United States followed, fell under the Trump spell. If The Donald were involved, the project could not fail. But failed it has, and investors have lost their down payments to the tune of more than $32 million.

As the news of Trump's Baja project demise circulated, there were the usual news quotes suggesting that buying real estate in Mexico was “caveat emptor” – buyer beware – suggesting U.S. laws would have prevented such an occurrence. The fact is, these types of failures happen all over the world, including the United States, as recent times have amply demonstrated. But in this particular case, it seems that the California Department of Real Estate may need to look into the sales practices used within its own jurisdiction.

While the state of California has no jurisdiction over out-of-country developments, it does have regulations on the promotion and real estate sales activities within its borders regardless of where the property is located. The Trump project was extensively promoted in California, and sales closed in San Diego.

For starters, promotional materials, including Internet advertising, for out-of-country developments must contain a specific language disclaimer mandated by California law. And attorney Anthony Moya, a partner in the San Diego office of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, says potential buyers of such real estate must be provided with a copy of the California disclosure and must sign a “letter of interest.” Moya, who has successfully represented buyers in other developments and is discussing representing a number of Trump's Baja buyers, also notes that any sale of real estate within California must be through licensed real estate brokers/agents.

For the Trump project, escrow instructions were signed, and down payments deposited with a U.S.-based escrow company active in California, again away from Mexico's jurisdiction. So whatever took place with the deposited funds was outside of Mexico, prompting Moya to suggest that California courts may well have jurisdiction over much of what took place.

For a number of years now, Baja California has gone to great lengths in reforming real estate practices. Legislation is now pending in Baja requiring sales people to undergo studies, take an exam and be licensed in order to sell real estate. U.S. title insurance companies now issue policies, U.S. and Mexican banks provide mortgage financing. They are also working on putting a stop to what is dubbed, ATM escrows (buyers deposit, developer withdraws, as the apparent case of the Trump project). Most recently, the San Diego Association of Realtors signed a historic agreement of cooperation, code of ethics and educational exchanges with Baja's equivalent to the Realtors association.

Compare Baja's progress to an Oct. 22, 2006, San Diego Union-Tribune article. Staff writers wrote that on a telephone interview with Trump, he said, “... [T]he Trump Organization will be a “significant” equity investor in the $200 million project... ” And in 2007, Ivanka Trump told The Associated Press that her father was “the boss” and “involved in every capacity.”

But in December 2008, buyers received a letter from the Trump organization saying that Trump was not an investor; that all the deposits were used. And January's letter to buyers announced Trump had removed his name from the project.

In the case of the Trump Baja project, caveat emptor is something that Baja California buyers should have been aware."


"Trump Trumps in Baja

Condo hotel project is getting worldwide attention

Donald Trump's announcement of the 17-acre land purchase and groundbreaking of Trump Ocean Resort Baja, the first branded condo hotel on the northern edge of Playas de Rosarito in northern Baja California, was like a shot heard around the world.

The announcement, picked up by the industrialized nation's news media, quickly ran from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in the Far East to Spain, Germany, France, England, Italy and other European countries as well as throughout the NAFTA partner nations, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Within hours after the announcement, phone calls began arriving at the headquarters of S & P Destination Properties, the Canada-based marketing company contracted by the partnership between the Trump Organization and Irongate real estate developers based in Los Angeles. The first were from business reporters. After their stories hit the street and evening radio and television news, the calls were from potential buyers from a plethora of countries.

The news was received with great fanfare by coastal developers from Tijuana to Ensenada. Their reaction was not fear that such potent competition was going to take over the market. Rather, the feeling was that the high-profile presence and publicity of Trump in Baja would translate into world acceptance of the Baja coastal corridor as a destination for both visitors and investors.

That Trump's condo-hotel resort will undoubtedly be a first choice among the higher end buyer/investor is accepted as reality. However, the Trump project will consist of just three 25-story towers with a combined 526 units, hardly enough on its own to serve the Southern Calfornia market, which with 20 million residents also is one of the world's wealthiest in terms of per capita income.

The presence of Trump in Baja will attract far more buyers than the Trump project can accommodate, creating a demand for all other projects that meet the buy safe requirements and offer sound construction and amenities that safeguard and increase property values.

The Trump first phase, the middle tower, will have units ranging from one bedroom of 532 square feet to 2,200-square-foot penthouses with prices ranging from $250,000 to more than $1.5 million. The second and third towers probably will be more expensive.

The Trump Ocean Resort Baja promises to be a luxury destination hotel in keeping with the other projects for which Trump has become famous. For Irongate, this is the second project in which it has teamed with Trump. The first, Trump Towers Waikiki, a 38-story, luxury condo hotel resort with 464 rooms and suites, sold out in one day on Nov. 10.

S & P Destination Properties, the same company that sold the units in Trump Towers Waikiki for $700 million, a record, was contracted to lead the marketing effort in Baja. S & P's Brendan Mann, who is handling the Baja marketing effort, says there is a great deal of interest on the project from the Japanese, who were the main buyers of the Waikiki units. There is an expectation their purchasing presence will be significant in the Baja project.

It makes sense. Tijuana International Airport is starting direct flights to Tokyo, and by far the biggest maquiladoras in Tijuana are owned by Japanese or South Koreans. Additionally, there are large contingencies of Japanese executives living in San Diego and working in Japanese-owned businesses. Plus, Korean-Americans and Korean nationals in Los Angeles are already important investors in Baja coastal properties, says Luis Bustamante, president of He says sales to Koreans in some projects closest to the U.S. border have been in excess of 20 percent.

Mann says S & P is working with several Baja real estate brokerage firms to provide an opportunity for local citizens to be the first to invest. This became evident at a reception held on the site at Punta Bandera, hosted by S & P and local brokers. Most invitees were local Mexican businesspeople. In discussing the project with a number of them, I came away with the feeling that there was much interest and a number of them would be investing.

Jason Grosfeld, a principal of Irongate, says the project will have direct consequences in San Diego as well as other regional destination centers such as Palm Springs. The Trump towers will have executive convention and conference space competing directly with luxury hotels in San Diego.

Mann feels the Trump Baja towers will have a marketing advantage because the location is ocean front with spectacular views, pricing will be a bargain compared to San Diego luxury hotels and the fact that Trump, with worldwide reservation systems in place, can successfully compete for business.

Trump's presence in Baja opens a new dimension and series of opportunities on both sides of the border, and that is welcome news."




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UPDATE: The lawsuits have begun! February 22, 2009

CLICK HERE for the Steve Bourgeois and Pat Chicas and Donald Trump RIPOFF FRAUD Advertising Now Gone Legal Exposure for Off-Road Posers

TMZ-"Donald Trump -- drop the chalupa! You're being sued over a Baja condo that bares your name. Larry Harris claims he saw a website advertising the Trump Ocean Resort in Baja, Mexico. Harris says he was led to believe The Donald was "personally involved in the development" -- probably because the website said "Mr. Trump is personally involved in everything that his name represents."

Harris claims in his lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, he plunked down $64,050 because he thought anything Trump did was a sure thing. In fact, Harris claims the project is stalled and may never be completed. Harris -- who claims Trump was not personally involved -- is suing Trump and others for more than $65,000. BTW, Mr. Harris, last Tuesday Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Not a sure thing."

A so-called 'authority on Baja California' website, operated by Steve Bourgeois of "dp racing" located in San Diego and Pat Chicas of Comm Partners, located in Las Vegas, needs to cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars to damaged Americans.

UPDATE: February 11, 2008:

"Trump pulls name out of Baja development
By Sandra Dibble
Union-Tribune Staff Writer
2:00 a.m. February 11, 2009

A billboard featuring Donald Trump towers over a development site in October 2007. The billboard was still up last week. (Union-Tribune file photo) -
TIJUANA — Fueled by rapidly rising U.S. real estate prices, the Baja California coastline was booming in October 2006 when Donald Trump lent his name to a planned luxury condo-hotel development overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

But as a global credit crisis envelops the real estate market on both sides of the border, the famed New York real estate mogul has severed his ties with the much-touted project known as Trump Ocean Baja Resort.

Planned on a 17-acre site about 10 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, the project envisioned 526 units that ranged in cost from $300,000 to $2.5 million. The project has yet to break ground.

The developer late last year informed purchasers that it still was looking for loans and that the purchasers' deposits, totaling more than $32 million, had been spent, according to a document obtained by The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Experts say the project's financing difficulties reflect the changing real estate climate, a situation that is not unique to Baja California nor to the Trump development. But many purchasers, most of them from the United States, have said that Trump's association with the project had made them feel it would be a secure investment.

“I bought this development for one reason, and one reason only – the Trump name,” said Gregory Starn, 47, a U.S. citizen living in Cancun, Mexico, who in 2006 signed a contract for a studio apartment costing $437,000 – but now wants the developers to return his deposit of more than $80,000.

“I'm afraid that without Trump's name, it's less likely the developer will be able to arrange financing,” said Robert Culbertson, 59, a stockbroker from Orlando, Fla., who put down a 30 percent deposit on a one-bedroom unit.

Trump told the Union-Tribune in a 2006 interview that the Trump organization would be a “significant” equity investor; yet he never put his own money into the project, according to the developer. Rather, Trump, who stars in his own television show, “The Celebrity Apprentice,” allowed the developers to use his name on the project through a license agreement.

That arrangement was terminated last month.

“The developer did not comply with certain terms of the license agreement, including the deadlines to obtain construction financing and begin construction,” Trump's executive assistant, Rhona Graff, said in an e-mail.

A billboard with Trump's photograph still loomed over the site one afternoon last week, abandoned save for a security guard at the entrance. Trump's erstwhile partner in the project, Los Angeles-based Irongate, did not return telephone calls.

The numbers for sales agents, attorneys, public relations firms and the escrow company listed on legal documents either did not work or went into voice mail. The project's Web site was recently removed.

A Mexican company, PB Impulsores, is listed as the developer on legal documents. Jorge Torres, named on one document as the company's representative, said last week in a telephone interview from Mexico City that he was not at liberty to talk about the project.

An e-mail sent out by PB Impulsores to purchasers Jan. 28 said that given Trump's termination of the license and pending litigation, “the developer will provide no further comment concerning the project.”

The purchasers' predicament highlights the common practice of using deposits from pre-construction sales to finance development of many Baja California coastal projects.

“We always recommend that buyers read the documentation,” said Ross Buck, president of a the Rosarito Beach branch of AMPI, a national real estate agents group. “It will clearly state how the funds are to be used, if they are able to be used.”

Under California law, builders must keep deposits in escrow or post bonds to protect the funds, said Chris Neri, assistant commissioner of the California Department of Real Estate. Neri added that “a good percentage of builders hold the money in escrow.”

Baja California law allows deposits to be used to finance projects, but only if a series of conditions are met, said Rafael Gama Pérez, a Tijuana attorney who frequently represents U.S. citizens buying coastal property in Baja California. In cases where a builder is determined to have broken the contract, investors are entitled to the return of their deposit plus interest, he said.

“The issue is whether the defendant has the resources to guarantee repayment,” Gama said.

With the heady Baja boom days over, some experts see an end to such financing arrangements for unbuilt projects.

“The market can now settle down to the real world of brick and mortar, finished properties for people who really want to live there, as opposed to speculators,” said Brian Flock, a longtime real estate agent in the region. “The people that I'm talking to these days have some connection to Baja.”

Gama, the Tijuana attorney, believes there will be room for a range of projects, including luxury developments and retirement communities.

“The opportunities will be there, as will the people to take advantage of them,” he said. And with the days of easy credit now over, “the buyers are going to be more solid.”"

Original Story From November 2, 2008:

Steve Bourgeois and Pat Chicas told everyone to buy at the "Trump Baja Development".

They pushed people to buy at the "Trump Ocean Resort". They sold it as a can't-miss opportunity: three 26-story towers on the Pacific Ocean only 30 minutes south of San Diego in Baja California, with condos priced from the mid-$200,000s to more than $1 million. In Baja Norte? Bourgeois and Chicas sucked off of Trump in Mexico. In Baja Norte on their website, they sold people on the risky, high crime rate, drug wars, weak property laws, highly polluted waters and took $ to do it.

There's only one thing missing: buildings. There NEVER has been ANY building work! There are only holes in the ground. The developers pushed dirt into big hills, then pushed the dirt into other parts of the project site, no foundation or prep work has ever been accomplished. Any real Baja authorities saw this coming for years.

There is only a pile of dirt and holes on the site- no foundation work as claimed. But how can you steal all the money from an "escrow fund" if you really haven't done any work and used the money to pay the sales staff for two years? The developers and promoters claim they have done enough work to gobble up those advance deposits. No word if Ivanka, Trumps daughter, is backing out of her penthouse purchase in the Spa Tower too. Victimized buyers are organizing for filing a class-action lawsuit for breach of contract, and is scheduling meetings with attorneys.

Of course its falling through, of course everyone will now get sued. Welcome to Baja Norte Mexico!

The folks who Bourgeois and Chicas sold to lay down their deposits, however, are now planning on taking Trump's company and its partner, Irongate, a Los Angeles developer, to court in a breach-of-contract action. They say that they were promised that their building would be completed by last spring. They say they haven't heard from the Trump Organization or Irongate in months. All the victims of Bourgeois and Chicas marketing who put down hefty deposits, now want their money back.

The Trump Organization referred questions to Irongate. Irongate won't say whether Trump put money into the project or just licensed his name. In October 2007 Trump was scoffing at the notion that the real estate slowdown could affect him. "Though it may be true that some of Baja's developments could see a slowdown, these market conditions simply do not apply to Trump Ocean Resort," daughter Ivanka Trump wrote in a newsletter sent to investors.

A similar situation in Miami Trump Towers, brought lawsuits that say investors and buyers were ripped off, the property was misrepresented as a Trump investment. Same thing through Bourgeois and Chicas advertising on their website. Steve Bourgeois and Pat Chicas, how much money did you get to push this sham? Do the right thing now, cough up the $ and give it back to Irongate, so they can give it to the damaged American ripped-off buyers.

How could you not know this was bad, if you are the self-proclaimed EXPERTS!


Some of the original marketing fluff:

""Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico

THE LAUNCH OF TRUMP OCEAN RESORT’S LOBBY TOWER WAS A RECORD BREAKING SUCCESS FOR MEXICO, MAKING IT THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER RESORT IN NORTH BAJA. Trump Ocean Resort is the first development that Mr. Trump has chosen to be involved with in Mexico and we are pleased to inform you that HE currently holds the record for the highest single day sales in Mexico. On December the 8th 2006, the LOBBY tower sold over $120 million dollars. now is your opportunity to be involved with the most recognizable and successful name in real estate.


Just 30 minutes from San Diego and situated at the ocean’s edge lies Trump Ocean Resort Baja, one of the finest oceanfront properties in the world. A balance of world class architecture and Mexican warmth will be reflected in TRUMP Ocean Resort’s SPA TOWER, evoking understated luxury and promoting relaxed living. Located within the building, on the ground floor, the full service spa will be the inspiration for the tower design, and the perfect place to return after your day of adventure. Designed to respect the topography of the site along the coastline, three towers will create a border between the outside world and the world at Trump Ocean Resort. Once you enter, you will forget how close the world is.

It will encompass three 26-story towers. Situated on 17 acres of pristine land, overlooking the Pacific and the Coronado Islands, Trump Ocean Resort will be North Baja's first resort to combine luxury resort amenities and services with property ownership. "Trump Ocean Resort Baja will set the standard of premier property ownership and excellence in service for all of Northern Mexico," said Donald Trump.

Consistent with other Trump properties, Trump Baja will cater to owners and guests with a vast collection of amenities including:

* First class hotel operator
* Concierge services
* Lobby bar & lounge
* Pool house bar & café
* Fine dining restaurant
* Infinity-edge resort pool
* Lap and family pools
* World class Full-service spa
* State-of-the-art fitness center
* Tennis courts
* Walking trails


Inspiration in designing the spa stemmed from the concept of rejuvenating the body and soul. Colors, materials, treatments, and organic features culminated into an interior that reflects the Mexican landscape, culture, and sea with the highest of Trump quality spa treatments. The design is a combination and direct connection to the Contemporary Tower Architecture paired and integrated with the rugged Mexican landscape. The design for the spa incorporates natural materials with organic furnishings and fabrics to give the spa user a feeling of serenity and connection with the environment. The palette of materials includes: Soothing neutral colors, Quartz, Glass Tile, Slate, Pebble Tiles and the incorporation of native plant motifs in the overall design, logo, and fabrics. The guest will feel pampered and relaxed while experiencing a world class spa designed to perfection.



-Located 30 minutes from San Diego, yet a world away

-Luxury resort amenities, services and a world-class spa

-Oceanside suites comprised of studio, one and two bedrooms

-Easy of ownership with a luxury operator

-TRUMP. An internationally known brand that stands for luxury, quality and credibility.

Trump Baja Ocean Resort site

A Prime Location
Trump Baja is located in Baja California (literally "lower California" in Spanish), which is the northernmost state of Mexico. It borders the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Sea of Cortez on the east, and its northern limit is the U.S.-Mexico border, adjacent to the state of California.


Baja Wine Country-Be among the first to discovery the emerging wine region of Baja California. The Valle de Guadalupe is home to a collection of boutique vineyards and unforgettable wines. Critically acclaimed wineries such as the Adobe Guadalupe are land marks in this emerging region wich are reminiscent of Napa in its early years. With over 24,7000 acres spread across six valleys and 13 wineries producing more than 90% of Mexico’s wine, this is the perfect place for those passionate about wine.


Located only 40 minutes from Trump Ocean Resort Porto Hussong will accommodate approximately 284 yachts, ranging in size from 40 to 400 feet. The Porto Hussong Marina will be the largest mega yacht marina on the western coast of North America.


The Spa Tower at Trump Ocean Resort will only be offered through an Exclusive Priority Reservation. You will have access to information before the general public and will qualify for these exclusive privileges:

* Priority Invitation to the TRUMP VIP Event
* Reserved appointment at the TRUMP Selection Event
* Pre-construction pricing and early selection""

Its still being pushed by these guys, Jeez! CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE if you want to comment on these SCAMMERS!


Russian Baja ramping up for International Racing Event FIA 2009 Schedule, Boris Gadasin wins the Saint Petersburg – Northern Forest Baja 2009

Boris Gadasin wins the Saint Petersburg – Northern Forest Baja 2009

"The first day of spring became decisive for the participants of the “Saint-Petersburg – Northern Forest” Baja 2009, as it was on Sunday stages that they had to cover about 2/5 of the competitive distance. No wonder that Leg 3 saw some big changes in categories standings.
The leaders of Day 2 applied the same tactics for today, but it was caused by different reasons. For Boris Gadasin it was necessary to preserve the propshaft he borrowed from his arch-rival Ruslan Misikov who in his turn had no desire to push too much if he was going to take important points for the championship. But even despite such a “cautious” approach both drivers once again beat their opposition. The leader of G-Force Motorsport was fastest on two runs through the stage, while the founder of Nart-Time once finished second and took third time on the final pass. In contrast to the two dominant drivers, other crews swept places throughout the whole day. The two-times winner of “Northern Forest” Aleksey Berkut went off the road on SS5. The engine of his Mitsubishi stalled at 140 km/h, the car slipped from the track and rolled. And though he managed to conclude the stage, big damages meant retirement for the titled driver. Another victory contender, although among T2 crews, also faced a pity fiasco, when his Nissan Patrol stalled just 300 metres after the start of SS6 and refused to continue. That meant a big disappointment for the young driver, who had dominated the Baja since the first special stage and seemed to be in full control of the race.
However, most fascinating was the fight between Alexander Mironenko and Miroslav Zapletal for the final podium place. Hundreds of spectators along the stages and dozens of journalists in the media centre witnessed their fight, but to a big disappointment of the Russian fans Alexander couldn’t keep third position overall. On SS5 the crew hit a snowbank twice which cost them more than 5 minutes and fell behind his opponent. On the next stage there was no drama, but the Czech crew of Zapletal and Nemajer was just faster again – this time by 2 minutes. However, despite Zapletal took bronze in the International classification, Mironenko deserved his own cup in the national championship.
Another international guest – Italian Giovanni Manfrinato – managed to climb up to fifth place from the seventh position he kept after Leg 2. But even though he got used to his Megane Proto car and was able to improve his speed, such a result was mostly down to the misfortunes of his main competitors that we described above. Positions from 6th to 8th were occupied by the representatives of GeoRaid-RSG – Bogdan Novitskiy, Artem Varentsov and Sergey Savenko. These results, comined with Varentsov’s victory in the T2 category that he inherited from Denisov, meant the team took the glory in the teams’ standings. So, the first round of the International Cup for Cross-Country Bajas concluded. We have first winners, they got first prizes. The debut of “Northern Forest” in the series proved to be quite successful, as not only spectators but also the sportsmen themselves enjoyed the race. Roll on to the next edition!

Race Report:

"Gadasin: "Frankly speaking, the day was not so easy. During the first 5 kilometers we had an old propshaft with a bad vibration and when we were accelerating up to 200 km/h, it broke down. On the first loop we had only the front-wheel drive, but it was a good training, then we got used to the track. After the service we put a new propshaft and we had to attack to win back the lost time. The only thing that didn't give us the opportunity to drive with pleasure was snow, much snow. That is the reason why the studs didn't reach the surface. The car was amazing! I enjoy driving, learn to drive. With this engine it is more important not to push but to ease off at the right moment."

Zhuravlev: "Of course, we are not satisfied with the day's results. We didn't drive every stage till the end and didn't get the marks at checkpoints. We realised that it was necessary to save the car. Now everything depends on mechanics. We hope that we'll manage to restart tomorrow."

Misikov: "Considering the snowfall, the snow appears on the route again even after two passes. There're also deep ruts in the forest, and that makes driving more difficult. There're a lot of cars which are more narrow than our, and that's why it's not that easy to follow the right lines. On plain parts of the stage they drive as they can and it means that the visible trajectory is not always the best, and it's not very safe to follow them. We're second now, and we must understand if we can attack Boris (Gadasin) tomorrow of we'd better keep our current position. We'll take the decision when we see the results of other competitors."

Mironenko: "Up to the moment everything is Ok. We' ve improved throught the day. As for me, we managed to drive quite fast. If we can, I'll try to push tomorrow."

Berkut: "Unfortunately I don't know the day's result. But the feeling is that we learnt to drive this car. Though we drive not on high speed. We always have some problems, today the brakes were damaged on the last stage, we were driving the most part without brakes at all."

Oleinikov: "The track changed its character after the first loop. We're not satisfied, and our engine is not up to its best form yet as we've just revamped it. The route is very tricky, especially the first part of the "Northern Forest", where any slightest mistake can be your last one."

Loginov: "I wasn't satisfied with the first loop, it went better for the second one, and I almost liked the last pass through the stage. That means we're getting used to it, even despite the track changing radically after each pass. On the first one it was very slippery, on the next we had a better grip. I was getting used to the car."

Manfrinato: "I think our results are not very good. We pucntured a tyre and lost 6 minutes for changing it. However, we posted a very good time on the last stage. So, the evening turned out to be quite successful for us, and we have a good feeling for tomorrow. Just pity that the weather isn't consistent enough."

Brants: "Very difficult, driving over both snow and bushes. We're learning though, and it's a very good school. I have few experience, I have taken part in a winter rally only once, but that was on icy surface, while here it's a completely different story - we're driving on snow., so there's a room for improvement for us. We have to find a good rhythm and keep to it."

Laugalis: "The road is perfect. We didn't get tired. No problems yet."

Hismattulin: "The route drastically changed with every next loop. That's the influence of more powerfult cars. I'm a newcomer to this sport, and it's my first time in such a race, that's why I can't judge the situation competently. However, I can say the following about my impressions - the first loop was used by me to get the feeling, as I have never driven a car in such conditions. When we completed the stage, my co-driver, who is more experienced im motorsport, told me about the mistakes I made. i think that both the 2nd and the 3rd loops were much better for me. The roads themselves are very interesting and twisty. It begins with some inteesting parts and then, when we enter the forest, it seems like that trees are growing just on our way. We successfully made it to the finish though, however we had some big moments. "

Frolov: "It was a unique case - we hit the same tree on two passes through the stage. I've never had such moments in my driving career since 2000. And while firstly we managed to continue further, on the second time we ripped of a wheel's suspension, and the wheel got stuck in a wrong position. Firstly the tyre got shredered, and then the alloy was also destroyed. We had to cover about 40 kilometres like that. Then we put on a new wheel, but it also punctured, but the rim wasn't damaged. We made it to the finish even with such a wheel. Nobody hadn't overtaken us for more than 30 minutes and we were able to accelerate up to 100 km\h."

Savenko: "It started snowing, it was nice. Then EMERCOM helped, thanks to the guys from Petersburg. The road is good, it is plain already. In general, the driving depends on skills and luck because it is possible to leave the route."

Volikov: "The baja "Northern forest" is always nice as winter rally is very pleasant. Unfortunately the visibility was getting worse on every loop and we had to be more careful. On the first loop it was hard because of too much snow. Our main aim was to keep the speed. After driving on the rally "Dakar" it is the main component of success. One shouldn't look back at rivals."

Denisov: "Beginning from the second loop it was much easier to drive and we raised our pace. On the third stage we lost minutes because the track was rough and we just wanted to save our car. Our front reduction gear was not still perfect, we wanted to preserve the car. In general, today we are satisfied."

Varentsov: "The track is rough, a deep rut, but it is even better for our car. We are contented. It will be harder tomorrow as the moving direction on the stage will be changed. We' try to find other tyres."

Zeltins: "On the second loop nothing changed, everything was ok. We haven't learnt the results yet, but I believe they will be all right. We are ready to fight tomorrow.""

Race announcement:

On Thursday, the Russian "Northern Forest Baja", first round of the FIA Baja Worldcup, started with a official press conference in St. Petersburg. From the very beginning the Baja started as a small event, then it grew up to the national championship, then got the international status and then the organisers reached their intitial objective - the race was included into the official international calendar. We were talking to Igor Kan, the clerk of the course.

NF: What were the changes made to the rally's route, what new things did the organizers have to do to suit the international level of the rally?

Igor Kan: So, I would like to say that during the preparations we didn't change the route much, of course we developed that route and I think that we managed to find the best roads for this area. We succeeded in solving a big problem - the safety of people as we drive without speed limits. Usually this route goes through some small and not very small villages. For seven years we tried to find the solution of the safety problem and now we are happy to report that we found the round way that made the route just 3 km longer compared with the previous year.

And another thing we introduced for the first time last year was a so-called spectators area, and the temporary Headquarters of the rally. We made the route along the spectators area much more difficult and we hope that people will enjoy it.

And last year the temperature was approximately the same, but there was much less snow. This year the weather is not very cold and the temperature is also about zero, but we have much more snow and in the corners there is an opportunity to keep higher speed that influences the techniques of driving. Of course there are the weather conditions that influence the "character" of the road, the route surface stays hard,but there are bumps on the plain surface and on the contrary. That's why a good cooperation of a driver and a co-driver is very important .

Question to Fred Gallagher: Mr. Gallagher has probably one of the biggest experience in events' arrangement in different conditions. What is the main difference in the approach to that very special winter event?

Fred Gallagher: I don't think that there is a big difference. The main thing is that you must always have strong organisation, good planning and good people. Of course it's very important that we look after the officials, marshals, the police and we must be sure that the cars have winter tyre.

NF: Speaking about this special winter event. Have many participants ever tried to drive on winter tyres?

Fred Gallagher: I don't really know if they've tested much and how much time they need it but I believe that they ‘ll get the feeling very quickly. I can tell you by my own experience. When I was in the winter rally in Sweden it was impressive to see the grip usage. When it was very slipper slippery the car kept the grip with road.

NF: Can you evaluate the administrative checks and the scrutineering, have you got any special information?

Fred Gallagher: The administrative checks didn't have problems. As for the scruteeniring one car of the international class was moved to the national class and one of the cars was recommended to have some changes with an additional check later, and we think it will be able to start.

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