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The FIRST LIVE! WEBCAST of the MINT 400 In History!

Heidi Steele Spews Shortcoursing Baja 500! Who Really Won the 2008 Baja 500 in 7SX? Driver Of The Year Scam?


Gary Newsome

Las Vegas- Heidi Steele has failed to show and put up proof, that the "2008 Driver of the Year", had actually won the 2008 Baja 500 in 7SX.

Even with mandated tracking, "Baja Racing" is alive and well. "The most Dangerous and Notorious Racing In The World", continues in the open deserts, of off-road racing in Baja Mexico.



Heidi Steele Wins "Driver of the Year Award"
Fails to Prove Key 7SX Class Baja 500 Win
"Award" Exposes Bare Ass Joke of Race results.

Gary Newsome

"It's pretty sweet....I think Robby Gordon got my SPOT deal...good thing he wasn't running it at San Felipe..."
Cameron Steele talking about his wife winning Driver Of The Year and his losing a race tracking sponsorship.

Heidi Steele and the Desert Assassins stole the 7SX Baja 500 in 2008. In not backing up the 2008 Baja 500 race results, the Desert Assassins are proving that mandated race tracking does not ensure valid race results at "Baja races". Open-Desert Off-Road racing in Mexico, Baja Racing results.

During the 2008 Baja 500, the Desert Assassins Heidi Steele, was reported short-coursing into Ensenada on the final leg of the race. "Equipment problems" was cited as the reason for the signal loss, when a simple yank of a cable, ended the public showing of the location of the race truck.

But, the onboard race tracking recording continued, inside the French built unit. The tracking signal on her truck vanished from public view, once she neared the asphalt, meeting the Ensenada to San Felipe highway. Originally reported, CLICK HERE TO SEE SCams TEAM SPECIAL EQUIPMENT!

Why didn't the Desert Assassins put up a 'race replay' of the Baja 500 2008 Class 7SX results? Because the Desert Assassins DID NOT win, as the 'official' race results say. Making all the hype about Heidi Steele winning 2 Championships, a falsehood.

Baja Racing, as always, was LIVE, during the 2008 Baja 500, with reporters on duty, to witness the happenings. When the critical finish of the 7SX class competitors came into question, no one wanted to publically answer those hard questions.

We challenged the Steeles to PROVE Heidi Steele won her division, in 7SX at the 2008 Baja 500, by next Friday, March 27, at high noon, Las Vegas time. They failed.

We've already confirmed Heidi Steele DID NOT win her class at the 2008 Baja 500. Without the Baja 500 win, the entire false basis of the "Driver of the Year" award, exposes the sport and the industry that supports it.

Without answered questions, the entire mandating of tracking services, questions of short-coursing and the validity of the race sanctioning body becomes moot. Even with mandated tracking services, race result fraud is probable.

Here's the hype the world may not understand fully:

"The Desert Assassins Press Release: ANAHEIM, Calif., March 21, 2009 ---Heidi Steele was named "Driver of the Year" by DirtSports magazine during its award celebration in Anaheim, California. The coveted title was presented to Steele, the first woman in off-road racing history to receive the prestigious honor, besting some of the top names in desert racing including Robby Gordon, Cameron Steele, BJ Baldwin and Rob MacCachren.

Heidi Steele, who began racing in 2004, has quickly made a name for herself in the male-dominated sport. She won three titles in the grueling terrain of Baja California, taking first place in her class at the Baja 1000 in 2005 and two first place titles in the Baja 500 in 2005 and 2008. In her first four years of racing, Steele also has won two SCORE championships and one Best in the Desert championship.

"To be recognized and honored with such a prestigious award among the many talented drivers in off-road racing is truly unbelievable," said a surprised Steele. "I am grateful that DirtSports has taken more and varied factors into consideration for the 'Driver of the Year' award, including winning two championships in one year and the challenges of competing in a more limited class. This award gives hope and inspiration to so many drivers that you can be recognized for your racing abilities regardless of the class you may race in currently."

An executive from San Clemente, California, Steele fell into the sport of desert racing through her trophy truck-racing husband, television commentator and sports announcer, Cameron Steele. For the past three years, Steele has successfully competed in the semi-limited mid-size truck class. She recently moved up to the ultimate mid-size truck class, taking on new challenges and stiffer competition.

Heidi Steele is sponsored by Yokohama Tires, Lucas Oil, Currie Enterprises, American Racing Wheels, KC HiLITES, Fox Shox, MasterCraft, Camburg, AlpineStars and Deaver and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers and the Desert Assassins family.

SOURCE: Desert Assassins"

The DirtSports Magazine Press Release:

March 21, 2009 (Anaheim, Calif.) -- In the 2008 off-road racing season, racer Heidi Steele firmly established her place in the sport’s history by becoming the first female to ever win two major championships in the same season. Tonight, Steele made her mark on the record books for a second time, becoming the first women ever to earn the prestigious “Driver of the Year” title by Ryan Communications Group’s (RCG) Dirt Sports magazine.

Last season, Steele, co-drivers Rene Brugger, Tim Lawrence and Danny Street Jr., and her Desert Assassins team took their Lucas Oil/Yokohama Tire Ford Ranger to championships in both the Class 7SX champion for the SCORE International series and Class 7100 in the Best In The Desert series. In the process, Steele’s effort claimed three event wins and SCORE’s Toyota Milestone award for completing every mile of every race last year. The team’s campaign was also supported by American Racing Wheel, Fox Shox, Alpine Stars, Currie Enterprises, Camburg, MasterCraft, VP Race Fuels, Danzio,Deaver and Motive Gear.

Wife of television personality and SCORE Trophy-Truck racer Cameron Steele, Heidi joins an illustrious group of “Driver of the Year” honorees that represent some of the sport’s best including the late Jason Baldwin (2004), Shannon Campbell (2005), Carl Renezeder (2006) and last year’s winner Rob MacCachren. This year’s runner-up group of driver’s included SCORE Trophy-Truck champion B.J. Baldwin, CORR Pro2 and Super Buggy champion MacCachren and rock crawling legend Campbell, who also won two titles in 2008.

“The process of selecting our “Driver of the Year” is a difficult one, as each season there is always so much great talent to choose from,” explained Marty Fiolka, group editorial director, Ryan Communications Group. “However, in light of her great and historic achievements during the 2008 season, it is an honor to bestow this award to Heidi Steele. She is not only a champion driver, but an outstanding person that really represents the very best of the Dirt Sports Nation.”

In choosing each of their past winners, the panel of judges make their final determinations based upon drivers posting a championship performance, their ability to represent both the sport and their sponsors in a professional manner, and their ability to rise above the competition in a significant manner.

“It’s an incredible honor to be named Dirt Sports Driver of the Year, a true highlight in my five year racing career considering the many talented racers in the various off-road racing series. I am grateful that Dirt Sports has taken many factors into consideration for this award, including winning two championships in one year and the challenges of competing in a more limited class. This is a truly amazing and unforgettable feeling,” said Steele, who received her honors tonight at a special ceremony at Anaheim’s Menage Hotel co-sponsored by Bully Dog, Speed Technologies and Blue C Advertising.

As part of their award, winners grace a special edition of Dirt Sports magazine via special photo shoot by noted photojournalist Boyd Jaynes. The “Driver of the Year” feature will be part of the magazine’s just-released March/April 2009 issue, which is being mailed to subscribers and available at this weekend’s Off-Road Expo in Pomona, California, as well as next week’s SNORE General Tire Mint 400 in Las Vegas.

Ryan Communications Group (RCG) is a multi-media communications business providing full market coverage that connects the consumer as well as the business trade market segments. Current properties include Dirt Sports magazine,, Dirt Sports newsletter and E-zine, Off Road Industry Magazine,, Off Road Industry Newsletter and E-zine." Source: DirtSports Magazine

Yoko Press Release:

"Off-road champion Heidi Steele has made history...again. First, the Yokohama Tire Corporation-sponsored racer cemented herself in off-road history last year by being the first woman
to win two major truck championships in one season - the Best in the Desert and SCORE. Now she's been named Dirt Sports magazine's 2008 Driver of the Year, becoming the first female to win the coveted award.

"This is a truly amazing and unforgettable feeling," said Steele of San Clemente, California, who is married to off-road champion and TV commentator Cameron Steele. "To be recognized and honored with such a prestigious award among the many talented drivers in off-road racing is
truly unbelievable. I am grateful that Dirt Sports has taken more and varied factors into consideration for the Driver of the Year award, including winning two championships in one year and the challenges of competing in a more limited class. This award gives hope and
inspiration to so many drivers that you can be recognized for your racing abilities regardless of the class you may race in."

Added Mark Chung, Yokohama Tire director, corporate strategy and planning: "Heidi is a phenomenal competitor who had an amazing year. The award is much deserved and well earned. Congratulations to her and her team. We're proud to be associated with Heidi and Cameron and look forward to more championships and awards in 2009."

Here's the Sponsorship Scam Steele says WAS HIS, (Steele was sponsored by SPOT for a short, obviously, very unproductive time) that Robby Gordon announced this week, after the San Felipe 250 race course hoopla CLICK HERE

The Desert Assassins, the same group who are in court suing fellow Americans about THEIR behavior in Mexico while racing! CLICK HERE FOR THE EXCLUSIVE

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