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Baja Racing BULLETIN! SCORE blocks NORRA Mexican 1000 2009!


UPDATED September 2, 2009

The inside story of how SCORE screwed NORRA for the 2009 start, is now exposed by
Omar Dipp Nuñez.

"The Mayor of Ensenada, got paid off to be the puppet of SCORE and did not allow NORRA to start in Ensenada." "NORRA was then forced to start in Mexicali".

UPDATE May 17, 2009



Gabriel Garcia, Ensenada

"Baja Racing News has learned that the race named the NORRA Mexican Independence Rally 1000 will start at the state capital, Mexicali, is not the reason for this, but I think it must have been disaffected by our authorities in Ensenada, a bad thing, because that this event was to generate some economic income.

I had heard yesterday that Eliseo Garcia, legal representative in Mexico Norra, held a meeting with authorities in Mexicali and served quickly, facilitating dialogue and showing a total opening of the event to rally, organized by Michael Perlman, whose headquarters Start to Mexicali, where the site was destined for this port, but something happened, there will be little to be investigated to find out the truth of this, because it is a well-pitched and not to ride as many people might think, sorry for Ensenada we were was a historic event that can be and also the Mayor Pablo Alejo López Núñez must see that events are not only speed Score International, but remember, Essor, motocross events, Poker Runs, arrancones, rides motorcycles and more, should give a decent space to accommodate them and always, at the end of the home organizations are and what they chose as their leader López Núñez in government, for believing in a sports project in hand for all, without favoritism towards a certain body like SCORE.

UPDATE: April 16, 2009

Baja Racing has obtained a copy of the 'Secret' NORRA conceptual race course for the event and will be posting it soon.


The National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) is proud to present the 2009 NORRA Revival of the 1967 Mexican 1000 Rally. This event, "Honoring the Past, Forging the Future", will be held September 16-20, 2009 and will start at Ensenada, Mx, overnight at Bay of LA, overnight at Loreto, and end at La Paz, Mx .

The 2009 Revival of the 1967 Mexican 1000 Rally is a Stage Rally with Vintage and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Classes. The liaison and special stage course (paved and technical) will be specifically selected to accommodate vintage race vehicles from the 1950-1970's era. We want you to have fun but also keep your vehicles and bodies intact while testing your driving ability.

Please review the rules and format of the rally below. Submit your entry form and fee directly through the website. Entries accepted after September 1st are subject to an additional $250.00 Late Processing Fee. No Driver Packets will be mailed after September 1st.

Contingency & Registration - Sept 16, 2009
Rally - Sept 17, 18, 19, 2009
Award Ceremony/Party in LaPaz - Sept 20, 2009

-Three-day stage rally on a secret route.
-There will NO pre-running.
-Competitors will receive their route book, GPS information, and starting positions the night before the event at the driver's meeting.
-On the morning of the start of each day's stage, NORRA staff will send out a pre-runner to clear the course.
-The first vehicles off the line will be the motorcycles at 6am sharp. All vehicles need to be ready to race and in line 15 minutes before their starting time.
-After the first motorcycle is sent off, there will be 30-second intervals before the second vehicle is sent on the course, and so on.
-After the last motorcycle is on the course, the other vehicle categories will start; Cat1, Cat 2, Cat 3, and so on...
Category 11, the Alternative Fuel Vehicles, will finish out the vehicle categories.
-After the final vehicles are on course, NORRA Officials will send a sweep vehicle to clear the course and assist with any issues.
-During the event, vehicles will be traveling liaison stages to special stage sections. Liaison stages are not competition stages, so speed limits will apply.
-All vehicles will be equipped with a black box to monitor traveling speeds as well as proxy_current_url on route at all times. Vehicles not obeying local speed limits will be disqualified from the event.
-The liaison stages will have a time limit to reach the next special stage, giving ample time to arrive at the stage start. By following the speed limits and staying on route, teams will have no problem getting to the next stage with time to prep for that special stage.
-Deviations from the liaison route are not allowed. Penalties and possible disqualification may apply during liaison stages by arriving too early showing that a vehicle has not obeyed local speed limits or deviated from the liaison route (as confirmed by black box GPS positioning).
-Upon arrival at special stages, vehicles will be lined up and started in order of arrival at the stage start, then released at 30-second intervals. This format will continue at all special stages through to the final stage of the day.
-Special stages will be timed individually and totaled throughout the entire event.
-Penalties will be added at the stage they were incurred.
-At the end of the day's stages when vehicles cross the final stage finish, they will be directed to a compound area where they will remain until the following day's start.
-The compound area will be fenced off and guarded during the entire time the event is in a bivouac.
-No one will be allowed into the compound area without proper credentials. The idea behind the compounding of the vehicles is to provide a safe and secure place to work on team vehicles and to build camaraderie between teams, plus a proxy_current_url that spectators can view the vehicles and their teams at work.
-Teams will be allowed to work on their vehicles through the night if need be. Teams and vehicles must be ready to race 15 minutes prior to their official start time.
-Australian start rules may apply, which means that the last vehicle in on the final stage of the previous day will be the first vehicle out the following morning. At the discretion of the NORRA OFFICIALS, the starting rules may change. The starting format will be announced each night at the driver's meeting, when the route books and GPS information for the following day's competition are issued.
-Everybody needs to be ready to rally at day's start.
-We will follow this format to the end of the final stage and into La Paz, where the final stage will take us into town for the official finish.
-After crossing the Finish Line, the vehicles will go back into the compound area until the final vehicle has finished the event.
-The compound area will remain open and available for teams to keep their vehicles secure after the end of the event for 5 days. At $20.00 per day charge. This will allow teams that want to see the sights of Baja do so knowing that their vehicles and trailers will be safe.

The Mexican 1000 Rally is designed to be a Fun Event, Honoring the past, and those that raced for the love of racing, and Forging the Future of Alternative Fuel Racing. We are very excited at NORRA to present to you an opportunity to take part in this special event and we look forward to seeing you in Mexico. Let's Party in La Paz!

Ken Cameron
Rally Master/Chief Technical Officer
NORRA Since 1967, "Honoring the past, Forging the Future"
Entry Fee $875"

Reported March 29, 2009

San Diego- NORRA has re-appeared on the Off-Road Racing scene today.

NORRA, the National Off-Road Racing Association, formed in 1967 to race in Baja Mexico, has re-appeared today in San Diego, California. Mike Pearlman announced today, vintage racing and quality modern off-road racing is coming back to Baja, Mexico.

Mike said, "my Dad passed on seven years ago and we put the NORRA corporate papers together two years ago". As stated today, NORRA reps said, "Since 1967 NORRA has put on quality championship racing in Mexico.

One, Mr. Mike Pearlman, son of the original Eddy Pearlman and Ken mentioned the September time frame would be the month to hold the "next" NORRA off-road race in Baja, Mexico. "I'd like to see an off-road race from Maine to Cabo", said Mike.

"Off-Road Racing", the term, came from Ed Pearlman and Jack Brady, from the NRRA, came up with the term, we called it dirt-roading", Mike said. Mike, then a teenager, said "it's 'off-the road racing'", I came up with term". Mike Pearlman, said.

"A secret course will be used in our races in Baja, Mexico", said NORRA rep, Ken. "Our Mexican 1000 will make history, with handcrafted off-road race cars". Mentioned was their new website at Mexican

Also mentioned today, "vintage classes and alternate fuel classes will be available for off-road racers". NORRA will be putting on off-road races in Mexico soon. "the Baja Boot owner, like many other vintage race vehicles and races, want to run again in Baja Mexico Off-Road Racing.

"We'll also be providing a unique place for 'alternate fuel vehicle racing'., said Mike Nuevall. "We are inviting everyone who want to race, a place to race."

The "Desert Assassins" were mentioned. NORRA representative Mike Nueval said, "They are ruining the image of off-road racing in Mexico. We will be creating a positive image of racing in Mexico".

Interestingly, a May 2007 internet article stated about a new NORRA organization back then, " is reviving a pair of old traditions.
The mission of the newly formed National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA) is to bring professional short-course off-road racing to venues across the country, but particularly on the East Coast. NORRA's intention is to emulate and revitalize the successful format originally employed by industry pioneer Mickey Thompson. NORRA's inaugural year of competition will feature five events in the Eastern USA for four classes of trucks with various levels of modification and preparation."

Nothing transpired after that 2007 announcement.


WILD WILD WEST 500 May 16 Off-Road Race in Southern Fried Baja


Unofficial Results, Ramirez Class 1 and Overall, four wheel racers.

"Trophy Truck Class: Oscar Salazar; Class 1: Luís Ramírez, Class 7: Carlos Ramos Murillo, Class 7S: Juan Manuel Echavarría, Class Free: Víctor Hugo Ceseña, Class 5-1600: Jorge y Javier Sandoval Montaño, Class 8S: Francisco Tamayo.

In Motorcycles, Francisco Septien, the "King of Baja 2008", first moto across the line at 4:54. Possible new record"

Another Report: "Segundo Julio Miguel . Class 3: El Tito Tapia y El uno Amariyo . Trophy Truck: El Mayo Flores , Class 8: para Eduardo Gastelum and Tom Bradley , Class 10 Armando Tapia , Class 12: Samy , Class 11: Los uñados y segundo Luis Cataño . Class 8S Tamayo, Class 5 Free Lic. Jimenez . Class 7: para Los Cuates , Class 5:5 1600 Islas , Class 7S Chavarria segundo el Toyota."

More Results LOADING>>>




Racing this morning in La Paz:

Trophy Truck (4)
70 Oscar Salazar Cruz
38 Luis Camarena
63 Jose de Jesus Flores
24 Francisco Monroy

Clase 8 (5)
814 Alfredo Carballo
804 Tom Bradley
825 Jose Luis Jerez
815 Stanley Burns
810 Rafael Murillo

Clase 1 (9)
100 Luis Cesar Ramirez Payen
145 Julio Miguel Herrera
117 Alberto Coppola
177 Francisco Morales
115 Francisco Villagomez
170 Arturo Castilla/Tito Tapia
102 Juan Carlos Flores
101 Tarcilo Alejandro Peña
120 Ruben Salazar

Clase 10 (3)
1030 Armando Tapia
1049 Pedro Velazquez Hernandez
1019 Marcos Grisetti

Clase 12 SCORE LITE (9)
1203 Hugo Daniel Ceseña Marquez
1299 Samuel Araiza Vazquez
1248 Rodolfo Carrillo Sosa
1235 Aaron Rosas
1214 Khris Burnett
1269 Jesus Araiza Sumaya
1205 Gabriel Palacios
1204 Sergio Ojeda
1290 Roberto Gonzalez

Clase 7 (10)
700 Carlos Ramos Murillo
735 Roberto Osorio
718 Jeronimo Robles
747 Juan Hernandez
738 Luis Fernando Cota
701 Norman Ceseña Angulo
711 Guillermo Valdez
749 Marco A. Castro Agundez
709 Cesar Albores
731 Oscar Ibarra Gonzalez

Clase 7s (5)
750 Juan Manuel Hechevarria Cota
751 Mario Cham Sanchez
769 Arturo Valencia
752 Israel Abarca
754 Faraon Castro

Clase 5 (4)
500 Victor Hugo Ceseña
501 Juan Carlos de Jesus Jimenez
516 Enrique Nava Leon
520 Esteban Ramirez

Clase 1-2 1600 (7)
1650 Silvestre Arce
1612 Larry Nash
1618 Pablo Cota
1620P Fernando Oyos
1602 Julio Miguel Herrera
1645 Carlos Olmos
1619P Jose Guzman

Clase 5 1600 (3)
550 Javier/Jorge Sandoval
555 Bill Ballester
552 Jose Juan Islas

Clase 8s (6)
877 Francisco Tamayo
852 Reynaldo Avila
855 Humberto Hugo Gomez
857 Gabriel Sanchez Meza
863 Antonia Abaroa Hirales
880 Paul Lopez

Clase 6 (3)
699 Eduardo Fernandez
625 Silvino Ortega
612 Sergio Collins

Clase 9 (11)
969 Miguel Angel Murillo
912 Jose Arce
904 Mauricio Sandoval
902 Jose Adrian Flores Cannet
901 Vicente Garcia
933 Ramon Gonzalez
908 Jorge Green
960 Fco. Javier Felix Gonzalez
930 Alfonso Ojeda
910 Antonio Nuñez Meza
920 Ascencio Castro

Clase 11 (10)
1141 Humberto Loya
1199 Elias Hernandez
1146 Onesimo Alvarez
1102 Alejandro Lopez Conde
1169 Juan Carlos Gracidas
1196 Daniel Gavarain
1103 Luis Enrique Cataño
1122 Ruben Ramiro Garayzar
1135 Raul Antonio Dorado Sotelo
1108 Jesus Francisco Chacon

Checkout these pics of teams pre-running for the WILD WILD WEST 500 over the weekend CLICK HERE!

Good Morning, all this past week, a group of friends and patrons of the WILD WILD WEST 500 2009 are working on running the course of the 2009 version of this annual race.

We can say the choyeros, the locals have done another great job, designing and executing a great race. The course is in excellent shape, with all the challenging sections, intact. We have run most of the course twice, having accomplished and overcome all the off-road desert barriers. Including, getting ice and beer on a regular basis!

The stops to rest and recreate have been plentiful. The waterfalls, restaurants and local friends of Baja Sur most accomodating!

The Cabo San Lucas HARD ROCK has some great dinner & drink specials for all the international travelers here in Mexico! The Hotel California is offering the finest accomodations in Baja California and be sure to get your vehicle rentals at the National Rent-A-Car at the San Jose del Cabo Airport location and say CABO 500!

The most historic race in southern Baja California Off-Road Racing, will take place, as usual, on 1, 2 and May 3 in the areas of La Paz and Ciudad Constitution, as part of the celebrations of the founding of the Spanish pueblo that evolved into La Paz.

In 2008 the local race, aka WILD WILD WEST 500 broke all records! over 210 teams fought over racing the challenging desert between the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean.

For the 2009 edition, the route is already marked with a totally good work done by the La Paz Auto Club, the organizer of this event, which has been working to have the track ready in time for the local racers are traveling the longer routes and pre-running all over.

The sixteenth edition of the WILD WILD WEST 500, organized by the Club La Paz is now on talked about as the most important race, of the favorite and most beautiful State of Baja California Sur (South).

Pre-Running the WILD WILD WEST 500 this year

Lets give the racers some tips and gave us some comments of how the race to begin with, the route is exactly the same as the 2005 route, which goes by "The Bebelamas" and it will be a route to than other years, will begin with a stretch in which to develop high speeds, this is 194 km to La Paz, as this installment is now in very good condition and will be provided for riders who are looking for the Overall the race was a "fast flight" in this part of the track.

In contrast, in sections that were sometimes "good", now would be difficult, noted that the "Race Mile 192" at the entrance to "The Virgencita" is "very bad", between the ranch "Calderón" and "artillery" is very challenging with "permanente", "Los Llanos de IRAI" is flooded with water, so that the road was jammed, but indicated that the path is glued to the flat is better.

As for the 157 km location, is in good condition and due to the amount of water that fell in that area last year, has determined that it is likely to become "talcales" or "silty". Another part of the race course said to be "bad" is in the puebla of Santa Fe.

Given this, it is clear that the second part of the race will be very technical, so the organizer recommends that care should be taken long drives in that part.

This year will not be National Republic of Mexico Championship race, like 2006. So the La Paz ferries won't be as busy bringing teams from the mainland. In 2006, the CABO 500 was the biggest race in the Republic of Mexico, because it was a National and State Championship race.

In relation to the motorcycle racers, the club said "We have worked very well with Alejandro Vizcaino and motorbikes, it seems that people come out to run in this race, it will be well attended by motorcycle teams"!

As for the overall estimates of racers who will be participating in the event, the Club La Paz, estimated around 150 cars and motorcycles, so there will be a great festival of off-road desert racing again this year. This is the most important racing date this year for the Championship Off Road State Series of Baja California Sur.


The WILD WILD WEST 500 will be blasting in La Paz Baja South Mexico on Saturday, May 2. All of the best off-road desert racers of Southern Baja are signed up and racing in the BIGGEST BADDEST RACE of the year.

Racers make the WILD WILD WEST 500 for the racing, the sweet local cuisine and libations! GET SOME!

Fans from all over Mexico will be returning to the Capital of Racing in Mexico, La Paz for the annual desert off-road race. For More Information see CABO

Baja Racing TEAM AMAYA WWW 500 2008

Baja Racing WILD WILD WEST 500 2008

Baja Racing WWW 500 Pre-Run 2008