Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baja Racing News Radio LIVE Tonight 6-8 PM Pacific Time

TONIGHT on Baja Racing News Radio LIVE! Special Guests from the TORC Round 1 & 2 Winner in the PRO 4x4 - Rick Huseman. Additional TORC Guests included Chuy's Restaurant owner and Red Bull Racing Team Owner, PRO 4x4 Racer - Steve Barlow, AMSOIL’s Scott Douglas, Red Bull's Ricky Johnson, Monster Energy's Johnny Greaves, Curt Greaves and More.

Jerry Whelchel said tonight on Baja Racing News Radio LIVE feed, "Our team is running some shortcourse racing this season. I am with Chet Huffman everyday, running Best In The Desert series this year". "Looking forward to the Vegas to Reno race this year, we are happy with our results so far".

"Nixing $400 'trackers' to keep everyone honest is a testament to the sanctioning body (SCORE), that's why we're racing Best In The Desert, we're supporting Casey this year". "The trackers keep everyone honest, we are NOT going to the Baja 500 this year! That's how Jerry wrapped his interview."

Scott Douglas talked all about being the only Baja racer to overall in the open 7 class in the Baja 500. He also talked about how he dominated the other racers in Mexico and got tired of the races.

Pete Sohren talked about his wanting to have some serious, professional co-drivers and navigators for this Baja 500. As opposed to having the hacks he's had in the past. Now all he has to do, is NOT break.

Roger Norman, the 2008 Baja 1000 winner talked about how the front steering unit broke up and put the truck into the canyon wall at the San Felipe 250. Larry Roesler and his co-driver, Roger Norman mentioned how bad the wreck would have been if the steering went on the La Rumorosa grade.

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