Sunday, June 28, 2009

Butchered Baja bloody race fan story covered up. Desert Racing Crackheads don't want YOU to know about the manslaughter!

June 27, 2009 Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE

Scott, with the Whiplash 819 Chevy - 350/th400/14bff, with Cutting Edge Manufacturing, just wanted to ask:
"Was someone killed?
Was it the Wilson race-car?"

The real answers? Yes & Yes.

The Desert Racing Crackheads of Claus and Kurtis are now covering up the facts that the Wilsons Class 1 car in the SCORE San Felipe 250, earlier this race season, killed an Ensenada man, when he was crossing the course and was struck and mortally injured.

What happened with the Wilsons Team after the horrific event? Now that the DRC, Desert Racing Crackheads "Claus and Kurtis", are covering up the facts, Baja Racing is conducting a follow-up story. STAY TUNED>>>

The Original BULLETIN: Baja Racing BULLETIN!
""First report"" published just after the race.

""Ensenada local dies in Horrific Race Crash

At approximately 11:30 AM on Saturday, March 14, during the SCORE San Felipe 250 desert off-road race, near race mile 55.5, a Class 1 race vehicle, struck a local Ensenada man. He was transported from the scene by friends, reports from the area later, indicated the victim died from his injuries.

Reports also indicate the Class 1 vehicle, race number 109, was owned and operated by the Wilsons, of the US. Race records say the 109 was piloted by Ronny and Rick Wilson of Long Beach, California. The race vehicle is listed as a Jimco-Chevy.

Reportedly, the victim was associated with Mercado & Silva Racing. He was struck on the race course. His leg was torn off at impact. He was transported by civilian auto into town, where he died from the trauma of the injury. He bled to death.""

Updates: The message to Wilson Motorsports from Bob Bowers: "Good work boys! We're proud of ya. Bob Bowers Dirtworks Films ", with Bobs bloody steel knuckles image.

Eyewitness: "I was just a few meters. may be 40 mtrs. From the accident at Race Mile 55 aprox. I saw this guy trying to cross the road and he was hit, it for the 1rst class 1 #109, may be the car did not saw this guy, definitely was not the racer car's fault, but I was an eye witness."

Witness: "We were 40 mtrs distance from the place of the accident, occur around 10:40 and 10:50 am, the guy was in the left side of the way (if you go inside the car), so he tried to cross the road and the car was running so fast may be 90 - 100 miles and was hit it by the rigth tire, my brother was step up beside me and says, It was a kid and he run to the place of the accident and I just took a photo to the car seconds after the accident and was the #109, the guy was in the ground in the middle of the way, a couple of guys took him to the side of the road because another car was running on the road, and a Gray ford explorer arrives to the place and they pulled the guy to the trunk and then they leave the place, and they stop the car just in front of us, and a couple of curious guys ran to the trunk to see this guy and he was alive, but with his leg ripped off and bleeding we ask him to take him to the check 1 , to advise to the score guys the accident may be them can help to one way or another and that was all about the guy, so I asked the next day...about this guy and one guy confirmed the dead ."

Witness: "My dad was at the Checkers/ COPS pit and called for our Helicopter (and Weatherman relay) with our medic to come and help them but they drove off before the Helicopter got there. My father and the Checkers tried to help him but they where in a panic and drove to KM 160 on HWY 3 where someone was going to meet them."

In the know: "There were 3 accidents, the one hit by 109 died, a neighbor of his confirmed it...The video you saw with the guy laying on the sand with his arms open was hit by a TT, dont know his status. The third accident was at Rm 120 something, hit by the class 1 that plowed into a Tacoma from (Baja Pits)Locos Mocos, the guy was flown out and luckily its all bruises and tire burns, he personally confirmed it..."

"RM 3, guy hit by a class 3 but was ok and left on his own.
RM 7, zoo rd guy hit by a TT, injured w/broken bones & concussion. Video showed the body laying in the crowd.
RM 55, guy hit by a 1 car with reports his leg torn off and bled to death in a car. Sounds like inadequate immediate medical care.
RM 122, COPS producer hit by a 1 car, airlifted to SD. Got swift medical care and full recovery expected."

No denial from anyone has been received as of today, Saturday, June 27, 2009 Since March 17, 2009 no denials. In one interview with a seasoned American desert off-road guy, he said the victim "deserved it".

The theme and storyline of the SCORE San Felipe TV Show: "JCR/Honda, Cameron Steele and Aura 360 are working together to bring the excitement, drama and adventure of SCORE Off-Road racing to NBC".

"New Blood in Baja" was the announced primary story line, announced in March, prior to the start of the race, to the Aura 360 production of the SCORE San Felipe 250.

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