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NITTO TIRE NEWS Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Release Announced

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Release Announced

Nitto is proud to announce the release of its newest off-road tire, the Trail Grappler M/T. The Trail Grappler M/T combines some of the off-road bite of the Mud Grappler with the on-road manners of the Terra Grappler, to create a tire that is both aggressive and quiet.

There is no need to comprise off-road or on-road performance any longer, thanks to the exclusive technologies found in the Trail Grappler M/T.

Off-Road Performance Features:
- Side wall combines a 3-ply high turn-up construction with a thick rubber compound that cushions the tire and helps prevent punctures
- Z Groove provides lateral stability and mud traction
- 3D tapered tread blocks add additional biting edges for stability and traction
- Balanced void ratio and stone ejectors help clear the tread to provide continuous traction

On-Road Performance Features:
- Tread design was developed using advanced sound analysis equipment to reduce noise levels common to off-road tires
- Two wide steel belts provide a stable base for increased tread strength and uniformity which reduces irregular wear
- Outer shoulder blocks have reinforced grooves that help maintain block stiffness to further extend the tread life
- Deep center sipes maintain contact with the road surface in wet conditions

Visual Features:
- Two side wall designs on each tire that allow you pick the style that faces the road.

Click here for more information on the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T.

The Trail Grappler M/T is available September 2009. Initial sizes will range from 32- to 38-inch overall diameter with more sizes to come.

Coming September 2009:
LT285/70R16 E 125/122P
LT295/70R17 E 121/118P
35x12.50R17LT E 121Q
LT285/65R18 E 125/122Q
LT295/70R18 E 129/126Q
35x12.50R18LT E 123Q
LT295/55R20 E 123/120Q
LT295/65R20 E 129/126Q
LT305/55R20 E 121/118Q
35x12.50R20LT E 126Q
37x12.50R20 LT E 126Q

*Tire fitment depends on the correct offset/size wheels. Always consult your wheel/tire dealer for correct sizing.

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Mikey Childress downgrades to ongoing stunt status with flats General Tire

Mikey Childress to Represent General Tire in 2009 Bullrun Rally

Track Mikey on Baja Racing

Here's the press release announcing the Mikey Childress, self described as "The Motorsports Machine".

Here's more useless stunt stuff going on in this economic depression, with washed up racers willing to suck it for tire companies like General Tires. General Tires, the same company paying off pit services in Mexico, the same company with all the reported flats at the Baja races. Goodbye real desert off-road races.

"Mikey Childress will represent Team General Tire in the 2009 Bullrun Rally. Kicking off July 10, 2009 in New York City, racers will take off on a seven-day automotive rally and cross-country party that ends July 17th in Austin, TX.

Some 100 celebrities and car-heads take part in the “luxury lifestyle” rally event. The remaining rally locations over the seven days remain a mystery but Bullrunners can expect to swing by some incredible cities on their way, with a party each night when they reach the day’s destination.

“The Bullrun is one of the most glamorous rally events, combining bona fide racers with celebrities and drivers from around the world,” said Dana Zamalloa, manager of public relations and communications, General Tire. “Mikey is an incredible racer and we know he’ll represent Team General Tire well at this event."”



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Friday, July 10, 2009

Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) Welcomes new board members

New Board Members on ORBA (Off-Road Business Association) compliment more doing nothing for off-road business group

Recently, the ORBA board of Directors voted to add three new members: Don Emde of Don Emde Publications, Inc; Greg Adler of 4 Wheel Parts; and Steve Myers of International Racing Consultants.

“We are honored to have such well-known industry professionals offer to serve," stated Cory Hove, Chairman of the Board. "In these economically challenging times it is easy to let land use issues fall onto the back burner. I am encouraged that these professionals understand the importance the issues and are willing to volunteer their time to help.”

Don Emde is best known for a motorcycle racing career that includes winning the prestigious Daytona road race in 1972, an event that his father had also won back in 1948. In 1990 he and his wife started their own publishing company which is a full family affair, with daughter Jen working as editor and Emde’s son Jeff managing advertising for Parts Magazine. Through the years, Don has served on numerous Boards of Directors including the Motorcycle Heritage Foundation and the Motorcycle Industry Council. For recreation, the Emde family often heads to their favorite camping spot in Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area to ride dirtbikes or drive UTVs.

“I am honored to have been invited to join the ORBA Board of Directors," Emde stated. "Motorcycling and related powersports activities have been my life and I feel fortunate to be able to live it 24/7/365 days a year. It’s been that way for my family for over 90 years now, and through my new role with ORBA, I hope to help keep the deserts and local trail riding areas open for many years to come."

Greg Adler is currently the President and CEO of the nation’s largest off-road retailer, Transamerican Auto Parts, whose family of companies include 60 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers, Transamerican Wholesale, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, Pro Competition Tires, Wheels and Suspension, and Truck/Jeep Fest. Greg Adler has grown up in the off-road industry and has a personal interest in the decisions being made regarding land use. Mr. Adler has raced numerous times in the SCORE series, including the BAJA 500/1000, Laughlin, Vegas, and more. More recently, you can see Greg drive the #10 Pro-2 short-course race truck in the Lucas Oil and TORC series.

“My family has been involved in the off-road industry since the early '60s, either selling parts to the off roaders or taking our personal vehicles up the rocks or down the trails,” Adler stated. “ORBA is very important to us be make sure we continue to be the voice of the people that enjoy taking their vehicles off-road. On any given weekend, you can see family’s camping, riding, and spending time with friends. It is important that ORBA helps maintain these qualities of life and I look forward to helping in this cause.”

Steve Myers has been racing actively in the off-road industry for the past 27 years. Three generations of his family have raced various vehicle classes in various venues such as Best In The Desert, SCORE and Dakar.Currently his two daughters aged 14 and 15 are racing in different events this year for the first time. He is the president of International Racing Consultants (IRC), which specializes in advanced satellite communications in land, air and sea sports as well as commercial and personal logistics. He is also an accounting professional and a founding partner of G & S Myers Corporation. Mr. Myers is also a founder and is acting V.P. of Business Development for Tracking International. Tracking International is a revolutionary web site specializing in all aspects of extreme sporting events.

“I am very happy that ORBA has asked me to join them," Myers said. "I will do my best to try and help keep the family off-road experience in our deserts. I feel that I can bring some new ideas to the board and will be looking forward to working with them on all the projects that I can.”

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Doug Sutton and Dinsmore Racing has visions of Baja racing in Canada

Doug Sutton is the Canadian Off-Road racing starter in Baja California

It was a good day at the track followed by a bad day for Paris’ Travis Dinsmore.

The local 20-year-old won the 1-2 1600 Buggy series class in front of a hometown crowd at the Paris Fairgrounds on Saturday. He finished in second place following heat action, but won the 10-lap feature event. Luck wasn’t on his side Sunday. After a broken shock in the front suspension during the heats, Travis’ crew worked diligently to repair the car for the main event. Travis led six of the 10 laps before blowing a right rear tire. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Travis still leads the Paris Off Road Race Series in points.

Saturday and Sunday’s Off Road Race Series also featured talent from the Class 10 Unlimited Buggies series, the Class 7 Four Cylinder Trucks (including a special ladies’ race) and the Class 4 Open Modified Trucks. ATV side-by-side mud races put a show on the track, despite three feet of water.

The founder of off-road racing in Canada, Doug Sutton, attended the races. He participated in the 1967 Baja 1000 in Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. This was the second of four appearances in Paris for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

Travis, who is sponsored by Lucas Oil Products, is heading to Michigan this weekend to compete in the USAC Tork Series. “This race is like going from Flamboro to Daytona. It’s very, very competitive with 30 some cars on the field,” said Dad Greg Dinsmore, who is also the promoter for the off-road series in Paris. “These are big-budget buggies but we made it to eighth last year. We hope to run in the top five this year, but Travis says he wants to win.”

The 20-year-old Paris driver is fresh off a dream season in 2008 where he was tripled crowned for collecting the most overall points and most points in the 1-2 1600 Buggy Series and Class 10 Unlimited Buggy Series. He also plans to run one more American race on Labor Day weekend in Crandon Wisconsin.

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Yuma Team Dreams of Baja Racing Baja 1000 in November

Baja 1000 sucks in more off-road dreamers

For Yuma native Oscar Fazz, the dream of racing in the Baja 1000 has haunted him since he was a teenager.

Now in his early 40s, he is finally living that dream.

Along with his wife, Jule, Fazz founded the SHOC Racing Team, a new off-road motorcycle racing group made up of friends and family.

"Desert riding and racing has always been a passion for us, especially located on the border here in Yuma," said Fazz, who is also the team captain.

SHOC Racing is named after Sergio's House of Carpets, which is owned by Oscar's father, Sergio Fazz.

The team will compete this November in the 2009 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in Mexico.

"The 2009 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 will be our third race as a team. Our team will be racing a 2009 Kawasaki KX450F in the Sportsman Moto Over Class," Fazz said. "Several chase trucks will be providing assistance. Our team has been very fortunate to receive support from numerous friends, local businesses and sponsors."

Fazz said he and his wife started the team seven months ago after being longtime fans of the sport.

"The adrenaline is what keeps us racing. I've been watching the races in Mexico since high school, when I used to sneak across the border. Once I saw it for the first time, I was hooked. There is a lot of freedom out there. There is no track comparable in the United States."

Fazz said entering such an extreme sport is not because of a midlife crisis.

"You can either watch life pass you by or you can hop on board and watch from the driver's seat. Life is short and I have taken advantage of those experiences I have been fortunate and blessed with.

"The emotional and spiritual experience of sharing the Baja with fellow racers, friends and family is one that is indescribable and somewhat unexplainable. The Baja has brought success, knowledge and fulfillment beyond all expectations."

Fazz said his team is made up of riders, pit crews, mechanics and technicians. Team members include Jule and Oscar Fazz, Chad Albright, Randy Harmon, Eric Wright, Sergio Castro, Tom Dahin, Chris Michaelski, Michelle Harmon, Jeff Kammann, Mike McCulley, David Lindemeyer, and Herman Fazz.

Fazz said this will be the team's third race.

"During the first race, we made it 88 miles and destroyed the bike, but we learned so much from the experience. It was such an immense amount of information. After that, we took a different approach. We found slower is actually faster."

Fazz said the team is following a strict regimen in preparation for the Baja 1000.

"We are currently working on a new training program designed to give the full effect of what to expect on SCORE series races. Our team will utilize strategic desert training using chase crews, riders and all support groups. Yuma's local conditions and geographical location will allow our team to continually experience the harsh conditions that the deserts of Mexico have to offer."

Fazz said it was his wife who pushed him to start the team after he expressed interest in racing.

"I said why not?" said Jule. "There is never going to be enough time or money, and we aren't getting any younger. We decided to make it happen because if we didn't, life was just going to pass us by." See us at

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Greg Foutz Motorsports & Pete Sohren #2 Trophy Truck in Trophylite Death Grips

Reported by Drunk Pirate Lance Clifford, for Baja Racing

UPDATE! January 1, 2010

Pete Sohren is now reporting he has sold his Trophylites and has closed down his Baja Excursion business. He said, "The crackheads Scaroni, Foutz and the DRC can 'come mierda' - eat sh**!". I had it with the scam Trophylites, so I sold mine and now I'm going after Scaroni and Foutz for damages.

Sohren was hoping to run a business in Mexico at the races, but that's over. Now that he's sold his vehicles, he's now just trying to keep his racing efforts afloat. He's even floated ideas to keep his racing going, that most racing teams wouldn't even consider.

Like, selling or leasing engines, selling seat time and washing cars for a living. The crackheads of desert racing movin' on!

Greg Foutz, on the other hand, continues to operate their partnership with the scum Scaronis. Numerous lawsuits, reportedly, has put the Trophylite venture on the rocks and suspect to sponsors. The ones that have stayed on, are "in the know" and are participating. Nuf' Said!

About the video above: After Claus and Kurtis crash and total out the Trophylite truck of builder, founder Scaroni, the video shows Claus and Kurtis stating, "Trophylite is unsafe".

Desert off-road racing business on the West Coast is exposed when Greg Foutz, who has slid into every high profile Ford Motorsports project for years, is now in a deathblow business battle with well-known Trophy Truck owner/driver/mullet-kook, Pete Sohren.

Baja Racing readers are now privy to what really could have been private dealings between the two.
It's a rare look into the off-road fab shops and racers of the west coast desert desert racing "La Familia", the family. Follow the updates here>>>

Updated 8-26-2009

In public, Kurtis tells Pete to "stop his whining and maybe he won't get banned" and then Pete responds be saying, "I'm going to kick his (Kurtis) a**".

The TrophyLite Tire sponsor also caught some of Pete's ire, "the consumer and race tires of General Tire suck", Pete went on. "I tried both and they suck, easy to pucture and easy to fail, stay away from General Tires!"

The great desert racer, Pistol Pete Sohren, getting beat by a snot nosed, washed up, wanna-be surfer. Kurtis also doesn't pay his taxes.

The Devils Circus smells a new victim...Stay tuned.

Update 8-15-2009

Matt Scaroni and Greg Foutz exposed as lying about the ownership of Trophylite Inc., based in Arizona.

The entire time Pete Sohren has been requesting a 'make-good' from Trophylite, Scaroni had a financial interest in the corporation.

In the mean time, Sohren has been banned from participating in "Trophylite" racing events and Foutz is now marketing a 'Trophylite racing' rental company. The exact business use Sohren purchased the equipment to accomplish.

Greg Foutz had been hiding behind the sale of the company earlier this year. Now, Scaroni is exposed as a "Manager" of the company, with Sohren asserting Scaroni has been refusing to 'make good' on the Sohren complaints. Here is the corporate information from Arizona state records:

""Arizona Corporation Commission
File # L-1523156-1

Corp. name: Trophylite of Arizona LLC
Domestic LLC
Filed 4-30-2009
Approved 6-10-2009

Corporate Members
Matthew Scaroni - Gregory Foutz
Manager - Manager""

Update 8-8-2009

Pete Sohren says the Trophylites are not safe and wants his money back.

SCORE, BITD and the smaller sanctioning bodies and the sponsors that
fuel the mayhem. Like the flat tires of General Tire, the dim lights of KC Highlights, and mucho more. Desert racings crackheads, on public display.

The fighters...

Greg Foutz
Chandler, AZ
Off-Road Racing
Off-Road Race Shop - Insanity...".

Pistol Pete
Phoenix, AZ
racing, archery hunting, boating, snowmobiling
running a indoor gokart business, "speedway" in phoenix and tryin' to raise 4 kids
Class I race in

Now, today, Greg Foutz is trying to destroy Petes rental business after Pete was obviously trying to get cashed out from the failing Trophylite series, first started and promoted by the desert racing crackheads of Claus & Kurtis and the wretched Scaroni family of Imperial Valley, California.

They sold the crapload to Greg Foutz, who is now trying to choke out Sohren, after Pete went viral with his serious complaints against the former owner of Trophylite, the Scaronis.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake in this fight, right now, red-hot.

What are the desert racers and desert racing industry of the west coast really like? Just read'll learn all about it. We'll post daily updates here of the burning public pissing match and give our readers insider info on the blood splattering, wide open death match, happening now!

Check it out...

Greg Foutz begins to try to take Pete Sohrens business away from him by soliciting for rentals (business that WAS exclusively by contract, Pete's), "Vegas To Reno, Trophylite has rental now (openings for rentals for that
race)" He continued, "Anyone want to race the Vegas to Reno race? We just had a cancelation for a TROPHYLITE rental for that event. We have one of our in house trucks that can be raced as a rental with our support. Bring some of your chase team and we will prep and bring the truck and support parts. If you are interested call me at the shop or drop me a PM.... Lifes short.... Live now....."

Pete Sohren, who has the exclusive contract rental business, using Trophylite trucks, responds,
"now i see why my 3 trophylites are banned from the trophylite series,, hahahhaha.....i build a rental business using TL trucks....TL gets tl owner wants to rent trucks also......eliminates competition......hahahahhahah, greg you kill me....."

Greg Foutz Replied..."
Thats a lie and you know it Pete. You got banned because you wouldnt pay your bill.
Pete you are so full of crap.... Read the post above. You bring the trucks down and we will resolve all of your issues, but you have to pay your bill as they leave the shop. I posted that before and told you the same in numerous e-mails. Pretty simple.... Be a man and resolve it instead of just bitching and whining about it.... If you cant read have someone help you..... Its not that hard. The trucks are being built at my shop now so whatever you say about the previous fabrication means nothing now. I think we are qualified to do what needs done. My being in charge of the Ford Raptor "Born in Baja" The Build sneak preview project. Guys, Please remember this is a spec class. Main chassis updates like this have to be done in a controlled environment. Pete was given every possible opprotuinity to have EVERYTHING done that he wanted. Why wont he do it?????? No more bull why not??? He keeps just changing the subject and doesn't deal with the issues."

Pete Sohren Replies..."
trophylite owners' very slippery, beware.............unsafe workmanship, they wont fix, i wont pay..
only matts new truck has one.......owner of trophylite more important then the rest of us?????? answer that one greg!"

Greg Foutz gets desperate, " SIMPLE...... ONE MORE TIME..... Bring the trucks over one at a time and we will resovle all things that you are concerned about. Then pay 1/3 of your bill each time you pick one up.
Pretty simple....... WTF???"

Pete Sohren keeps on trying to get a cash-out on the deal, "lies on top of lies.....why wouldnt you just fix everthing instead of always lying about it????? i dont trust you at all and will never let you touch my trucks.......4 months of this and now you claim you will fix them, but still wont do anything in writing......(Greg you are a) snake...."

Pete Sohren then was asked by an outsider..."Are you saying because tl of az transferred ownership you don't owe them anything?
I think I answered this on my own...Greg is saying he is stuck with the bill from tl of az because they transferred ownership, but you think it is no longer owed
because they are out of business and tl llc is a new entity that did not transfer previous debts from tl az. At the end of the day, someone is still owed some money somewhere."

Pete Replied..."no .....i owe trophylite llc (former name) around 8k, i owe trophylite of az llc (new name) NOTHING.....trophylite llc built the 3 trucks i have that need upper cage work.....they wont fix them so i wont pay them......trophylite of az llc says he will fix them (and i will give him the 8k if the 2 corps agree) BUT he wont put anything in writing or fix all 3, only 2 of the 3.......i need them ALL fixed because they are not built i never said a debt dissolves because the name changes.....or whatever you were trying to say.....i just will not pay UNTIL issues are fixed."

Already, we have readers sending in their red-hot comments..."
The Scaroni's, Matt Scaroni, is such a shady, greedy family. *F* Matt and *F* Trophylite. The whole bolt in the engine deal sounds like a desperate act. Props for calling out douchebags!"

The public fight of desert off-road racings fab shops and racers continues...we tried to get the fighters to talk, but you know these west coast off-roaders, they don't put out press releases. LMAO!
Reported by: Drunk Pirate Lance Clifford and family. Family of empty booze bottles!