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Cautionary Tale from Death Valley USA in the Summer

Lack of plan, Flat Tire and the loss of life

An 11-year-old boy died in the intense heat of Death Valley National Park after he and his mother became stranded in one of the world's most inhospitable areas and survived for several days on bottled water, Pop-Tarts and cheese sandwiches, authorities said Friday.

Alicia Sanchez, 28, was found severely dehydrated and remained hospitalized in Las Vegas a day after being found with her dog, her dead son and a Jeep Cherokee buried up to its axles in sand.

She told rescuers in California's San Bernardino County that her son Carlos died Wednesday, days after she fixed a flat tire and continued into Death Valley, relying on directions from a GPS device in the vehicle.

"It's in about as remote and isolated an area as you can find," Death Valley National Park Chief Ranger Brent Pennington told The Associated Press. "How she got to that point, I don't know."

Pennington said Sanchez was found by a ranger who followed tire tracks off a dirt road into the Owlshead Mountains near the China Lake Naval Air Station, just inside the southwest corner of the vast national park near the California-Nevada state line. The park covers an area nearly the size of Connecticut.

Summer temperatures commonly run above 120 degrees in Death Valley, with the average daytime August temperature about 113. The high temperature Tuesday and Wednesday was 111, with a low of 96 early Tuesday.

An autopsy on the boy is scheduled for next week, but foul play was not suspected in his death, San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Beavers said.

The family's pet dachshund survived the ordeal and was being cared for by San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies, said Sgt. Tim Lotspeich, a deputy who assisted in the rescue about 20 miles east of the remote town of Trona, Calif. Trona is about 140 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Officials said Sanchez and her son set out last Saturday with a case of 24, 16-ounce bottles of water and food on what was to be an overnight camping trip.

There were conflicting reports about when they became stranded. The San Bernardino County coroner's office said it was Monday; Pennington and San Bernardino County sheriff's officials said it was last Saturday.

By all accounts, no one reported them missing until Wednesday.

"We got multiple calls about 5 p.m. on Wednesday from family members concerned that they hadn't heard from her," Pennington said. "They said they received a text message Aug. 1 that said she was out in the desert changing a flat tire."

Las Vegas Police Officer Bill Cassell, a department spokesman, would not release a missing persons report. He said investigators checked the woman's apartment in Las Vegas and began coordinating a search with San Bernardino County sheriff's officials.

Pennington said an air and ground search was launched at dawn Thursday, and the woman and her son's body were found about 11 a.m.

He said a park ranger followed tire tracks on a dirt road into the desert, and at one point passed an abandoned tire and rim and water bottle.

The ranger found Sanchez waving for help outside the vehicle, which Pennington said apparently hit an underground animal den and became badly stuck in the sand. The boy's body was inside the Jeep.

Sanchez was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas, about 130 miles east of Trona. Hospital spokeswoman Ashlee Seymour said the woman was in fair condition but could not be interviewed.

Sanchez told authorities she couldn't get a cell phone signal, and even hiked to the top of a peak to try. Authorities said the pair had no maps and quickly consumed the food and water they brought.

Pennington said cellular service is spotty and global positioning satellite directions can be unreliable on unmaintained roads and open desert in and around Death Valley.

"A GPS does not replace a map, a compass, checking in at the visitor center and letting people know where you're going to be," Pennington said.

He said searchers mistakenly looked late Wednesday for Sanchez in campgrounds in the Panamint Mountains, based on family members' reports that she planned to camp in free sites and visit the Scotty's Castle attraction in the far northeast corner of the vast national park.

The chief ranger said family members in the Midwest described Alicia Sanchez as a nurse who recently moved to Las Vegas and was working at a Las Vegas hospital. He said she had been due to work Wednesday evening.

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Robby Gordon Blasts SCORE! Marty Fiolka proves he's witless! Baja company heads to the USA! Blue C will help Advanstar? Baja 300 Powerdays Stunt Fail

August 6 , 2009 UPDATED

SCORE FINALLY UPDATES Season Championship Points
Listed as published on August 27, 2009 [In reality August 6]

ESPN's X-Games, the NEW "A.D.D. 'Attention Deficit Disorder' Olympics"!

Robby Gordon Continues to Blast SCORE!

Last week, Off-road racer Robby Gordon blasted SCORE, "They (SCORE) took away our Baja 500 Win!". With Rick Johnson and General Tires claiming he 'won' the last Baja 500 and Goodyear Tires Jack Cummings saying they 'won' the 2009 Baja 500, the ACTUAL winning teams of the Baja 500 from June 2009 are pressing their claims with SCORE. Some teams don't even know the results of the race, months after the finish of the race.


Robby Gordon, in the recent interview, pressed SCORE, that they have damaged Gordon Motorsports and the sport in general. Just a tip to Cummings and Johnson, you were 'given' points. You didn't WIN anything.

TODAY Baja Racing has received hundreds of confirmations backing up Robby Gordon Motorsports on this story, some of the race results from the June race are still not released yet! Ongoing Story, will report...

Marty Fiolka proves he's witless!

In a recent interview, Dirt Sports Magazine Editor, Marty Fiolka commented on the San Felipe race cheating charges, before the Baja 500 SCORE scandal, "I Don't Care!". He was questioned by Baja Racing about his take on the threat to Baja racing. The lack of rules and the lack of transparency by the race organizers.

Marty never answers the hard questions, but, when he emotionally responded to the obvious shame that desert racers have known for years, about racing SCORE in Mexico and the San Felipe Baja 250 assertions, he didn't hold back.

He answered honestly. That he didn't care about the racers, didn't care about charges of cheating and still doesn't care about real racing, unless it pays him DOLLARS. BIG DOLLARS. LIKE BUY ME A HOUSE DOLLARS.

Baja Racing knows Marty only cares about one thing, the money in his pocket. At CORR events, he ran around like a chicken with his head cut off, like a rat feeding frenzy, getting people to commit to money deals.

If you have a worthless stunt you want promoted to a couple hundred people, call Marty! VW's "Baja stunt", had Marty as a consultant, as well as many other FAILED off-road ventures.

As editor of Dirt Sports magazine, he has no shred of shame admitting the only thing that matters are the frogskins in his pocket. He's still complaining he "didn't make any money" on his 'Dust To Glory or SCORE Long Beach 40th Party deals'. Well, maybe if he hadn't slept with SCORE for so long he'd know what the F was going on in the real world.

Real Racing? He doesn't give a mierda. EVEN MORE LOADING>>>

Baja company bails, heads to the USA!

The situation is so bad in Mexico that even the hardest sucking outfit is heading to the states to try to get some money.

A Baja California Mexico, based tour company is bailing on Baja Mexico and running it's business into the United States, in the "Best in the Desert" racing series, starting in the new Vegas to Reno race. "Baja mexico crime is killing our business".

Baja 300 Powerdays in Germany Stunt Fail

The only success this piece of crap could bring, is to keep SCORE and the dog (BJ Baldwin and flat General Tires) and ponies (the other loser racers) show, out of the country long enough to get some real desert racing accomplished.

What an immense crapload of stunt shit this crapper was, now they've announced more Germany Baja 300 dung heaps. Here's a clue guys, save your money, race in Mexico. Unless of course the racers are getting PAID. Yes, we said it. How much money did the dog & pony show get for going to Beerlandia?

SCORE is desperate and needs to get its franchises someplace else other than Mexico, like into Europe. Get ready Sal, FIA has a target on your back. EVEN MORE LOADING>>>




"Mexican kidnappers settled for much less than they originally demanded in setting a young Dane free last month

A 25-year-old Aalborg man was held hostage for at least two days in July by kidnappers in Mexico, reports Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed that the man, who was on holiday with his girlfriend, was held in exchange for the kidnappers’ demand of 1 million dollars, although the eventual sum paid for his release was around 15,000 kroner.

According to the man, the kidnappers also tried to force him to reveal where his girlfriend was but he refused despite his life being threatened.

Mexican authorities say that the country averages 97 kidnappings a month."


Baja Racing

GreaseCar, Second Place in the vaunted Baja 500!

Baja Racing Goes Green!

Greasecar Motorsports Team Report:

Yes, we did it. We finished this race and in 2nd place. Here’s how it all unfolded…We finished getting everything together Thursday night in order to leave by 5am. Yeah, right…leave at 5am…well, we got close, we took off for Mexico around 5:30 which for this team is on time. Nothing very exciting happened on the way down. We had 20+ gallons of “race fuel” with us on the trailer and the Mexican border guards didn’t even look at it. We were afraid that the grease might get confiscated due to the rules of not allowing race fuel to be transported.

The buggy looks good in Mexico, doesn't it? Must be the light.

Once in Ensenada, we went straight away to Baja Joe’s house where we dumped all the gear and loaded up only the essentials into the cars that we were taking back to town for contingency and tech. We rolled into town about 11am and got in line for tech. As soon as we arrived people started checking the car out and asking all sorts of questions. I, of course, gave them the specs on the car. 478HP, 845ft lbs of torque. as well as getting 73mpg.

John pushing the car through contingency.

Tony found some super strength Rogain at a local pharmacy.

We signed up, rolled through contingency and passed tech with out a hitch. It was the first time for me, in 3 years of doing this stuff, that we were relaxed and confident that the car was dialed in. We weren’t up till 3am and up at 6am working on the car the day before leaving. We were rested and ready to go. There might’ve even been a Tecate or two consumed during contingency, but who can remember.

John securing one of the much needed spares.

They're almost in the car. Shaun is thinking about something...


Shaun and Kyle took off from Baja Joe’s house and headed for the start line with Tony and Bob following them to see them off. John, Jerry and I headed down highway 3 to the RM80(race mile 80) to top off the tank and give the car a once over. I think they took off from the start line around 11am. By the time they got to us, #500 had come and gone. That’s not surprising since Perry McNeil was behind the wheel. If you don’t know who he is, google him and you’ll find out. [Editors Note: He's a Baja Legend] By the time he handed the #500 car over to Kevin Carr, Perry had passed 48 cars. Included in those 48 cars were 10 and 12 class cars.

When Shaun and Kyle arrived we topped them off with grease and did a once over on the car. Everything looked good and they were off. They were making great time until around RM160, the got a flat. #500 was gone, but #519 was still close. As they changed the flat, #519 pulled away. We wouldn’t see them till much later.

In the pits at RM80...5 gallons of grease and they're off...

John, Jerry and I headed for the driver change area at RM225. Communicating with the car was great up to now. Mark in NYC and Jason in Las Vegas had been sending out texts as often as they could. I really don’t want to see what my cell phone bill is, but I’m sure it’s gonna be good.

At RM225, we met up with the Checkers pit crew and waited for the car to show up. Cell reception was spotty at best and getting messages was tough. Only until Shaun and Kyle were about 10 miles away did we find out. They pulled into the pits and John and I jumped in. A new spare was strapped on to the car and we were off…

Baja Sunset...only 7 more hours to go.

John was cruising. It felt great to be back in the car. Sure, I would’ve loved to have been driving, but it wasn’t my turn so the co-driver seat would have to do. All we had to do was catch #519. At first that seemed like a possibility. On one section we were flying. I looked down at the gps and it has us going 80.4mph. I knew the roads were going to get bad, they always do, but I thought at least we’re going to make up some time now…

The we hit the rock. Neither John or I saw it. It didn’t sound good. I crunching/popping sound. We knew pretty instantly we lost the tire. We found a place to pull off. I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to use a spare, but I was thankful that Shaun gave me the jack and lug wrench lesson. We hopped out of the car and saw that the tire was a goner as well as the rim which was missing a large chunk. I started with the lug wrench only to find that the 19mm socket was cracked in 4 places making it impossible to loosen the lugs that Shaun had Godzilla’d on. We tried a locking pliers, but couldn’t budge them. Then I searched in the tool bag for another 19mm. I found one as well as the 3/8″ driver. With out the leverage from the big lug wrench I couldn’t loosen them. I had to grab the hammer and hit the end of the driver until I got all the lugs off. We secured the jack and hopped in the car, but not before having to re-build the tool bag that had developed a few large holes in the bottom of it. Once we got going, we had lost over 25 minutes. It was the longest tire change ever.

At this point we just tried to drive steady and not hit any more wheel killers. Especially since we weren’t going to have another spare for 20+ miles. We met up with Tony who gave us a spare and good excuse to take a much needed leak.

As the night went on we traveled over mountains all the way to the Pacific ocean. At one point, we were on a “road” that was right next to the ocean. Had it been daylight still, I’m sure it would’ve been a spectacular view.

We kept driving and finally arrived at the finish line at 3:02am. 14 hours after we started. Had we not had the 2 flats, we would’ve been in much sooner. All the guys were there at the end and it was great to see them. We got back to Baja Joe’s and swapped stories and had a much needed beer. At around 5am we finally went to bed only to get up a few hours later for the awards ceremony. Kevin got first place and Shaun received the trophy for 2nd place.

Baja 500 2009 Team, crossing the finish line..3:02am...very tired, very thirsty...

the next day...checking out the car

other side...missing a little bit of the paint and we're gonna need a new Greasecar sticker.

Shaun with Kevin Carr after receiving their trophies.

We headed back to Tony’s house in San Diego. It was great to be heading back not only having finished a race, but coming in 2nd place. There’s still a lot of work to do in order for us to be more competitive, but we know what we have to do and are looking forward to the next race, the Primm 300 which Mark and I will be driving. We’ll have to flip to see who goes first. Back home, safe and sounds.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out over the weekend. It really means a lot to get the text messages letting us know where the car is and how fast it’s going.


4 Responses to 2nd Place in the Baja 500!!!!!
Jay Silver says:
June 10, 2009

we have in-car video footage of when the #604 truck ran over the front left tire and then almost ran itself into a tree. It then backed up and smashed into the front of the grease buggy. I've been trying to cut the clip down and convert it to a quick time file, but no luck...I'll try again today in between loads of laundry.

mark andrew said:

June 09, 2009

thanks for the VERY detailed post... kind of feel like i was there.... it took me 14 hours to read it. just kidding... nice job! again, wish i were there! watching the car on the web was great... but only made me want to be in mexico with everyone! mark

Ethan said:
June 09, 2009

Nice job guys! Good job on the photo's Jay, way to stay classy. What's this I hear about getting hit by a trophy truck? Is that what the scrape is from?

trevor said:

June 09, 2009

Hey good job on the write up Jay and good pics

For more on the Greasecar Motorsports efforts CLICK HERE NOW!


Baja Racing

Michael Wilson Photography Kat Wilson Makeup Eat Pic Boogers

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Massive Earthquake Tremors Strike Baja California Mexico



CLICK HERE FOR SHAKE MAP...Reports from Bahia Los Angeles in Baja Mexico, minutes ago indicate a series of massive tremors, earthquakes have struck Baja Mexico, at the north-center and east coast of the Mexican peninsula...A series of tremors, first 5.9, 6.9, then aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.0, all near Bahia de Los Angeles..."Two strong earthquakes in the Gulf of California, off the coast of Baja, were felt all the way to San Diego Monday morning.

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit near Santa Isabel, Baja California, Mexico at 11:00 Monday morning. Just five minutes earlier a 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt in the same general area.

The epicenter of the strongest quake was 354 miles southeast of Tijuana. The 5.8 magnitude quake was centered 328 miles southeast of Tijuana.

There were several reports of people in downtown San Diego feeling slight shaking in tall buildings.

The San Diego Fire Department pulled fire engines out of their bays at the downtown headquarters as a precaution.

People in Phoenix, Arizona also report feeling the strongest of the Baja quakes."


Monday, August 03, 2009

Rip-Offs and Fraud commonplace in Desert Off-Road Racing, now Exposed!

Baja Racing News Investigative Reporting:
Behind The Desert Racing Scene

Rip-Offs and Fraud commonplace in Desert Off-Road Racing, now Exposed!

As Baja Racing grew to promote desert off-road racing, we also came across the small cadre of off-road merchants and race gamers.

Merchants, those who simply sell services and products related to off-road racing and the off-road market. Race Gamers, everyone associated with shortcourse, desert, off-road and Mexican races.
Two things stand out.

How really small the industry and racing are on the West coast related to the total network of people and companies in the sport and recreation of off-road. The other standout, how widespread and accepted the rip-offs and fraud are in this group.

Several lines of conversation crop up with desert off-road racing. One, how you need a strong revenue stream to compete and if you don't have the money to race, what 'scam' or 'con' people use to get the money to play in the sandbox. Whether its racing, selling services and products or some other function related the "sport". It's really not a sport, but we'll get to that later.

Most disturbing are the contributing sponsors who support the rip-offs and fraud.

Lucas Oil, for one, has its corporate head in the sand in support of its shortcourse racing series. Fox Shocks has proven itself as a corporate pooch screwer in ignoring its off-road divisions support of death threats against racing fans and Baja bullshit. Curry rear-ends couldn't care less if they were being promoted by a doofus ( Someone who hasn't got a clue! They live in blissful ignorance of the world. ) mouthpiece that supports the rip-off sick children.

Each one of these multi-mega sized companies were contacted for their side of each of the stories. We'll post their lame responses in our next report.
From the biggest multi-million dollar companies to the ignorant, stealing and smuggling racers themselves, the rip-offs and fraud reach into off-road deep.

Baja Racing will report on the biggest tire company in the United States, just prior to the Baja 1000, smuggling tires into Mexico. Didn't the North American Free Trade Agreement address issues like this? Not if there's racing greed involved.

BIG Tire Company Scandal - Smuggles Product into Mexico Races. LOADING>>>

"The Boy Scout Rip-off" Some college kid finds an internet site, perfect for stealing from sponsors to fund his fun.

The TrophyLite Joke-A-Thon between Greg Foutz and Pete Sohren

Lucas Oil helps the rip-off of sick children by supporting this group of dipshits, Jim at Totalled being the most knowledgeable?!

Steve Bourgeois and Pat Chicas suck off the Failed TRUMP BAJA Project

Scaroni, Guise and Rasch cover-up for shamed off-roader, child porn distributor

"DRC" Home of the stolen off-road parts fenced daily

Fox Shocks screwed the pooch on corporate responsibility, supports death threats


Gary Newsome, Editor
Baja Racing

Mexico Begins More Southbound Inspections Coordinated with the USA