Saturday, September 26, 2009

LIVE ! From The Coronado SPEED Festival Sept 25 & 26

Reported LIVE ! from the Coronado SPEED Festival on the morning of September 25 and all day on September 26. Salute To Our Armed Forces!>>>

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baja Racing News Radio LIVE! 2009

October 12, 2009 Racing Media Discussion and the Baja 1000 2009 Update!

October 5, 2009 The SCORE Scandal continues. Bobcat and Monster Mike

Factor Off-Road Promotions Big Announcement, Racers
Fiesta at El Green RESTAURANT & GRILL, "On Boulevard BENITO JUAREZ Y DEL RINCON DE PANCHITO PLAZA FIMBRES, FRENTE A JARDINES DEL VALLE NO HAY PIERDE" in Mexicali This Thursday, October 1 and Baja Racing Champion, Perry McNeil.

From Monday September 28 at 6 PM Pacific Time.

Reported LIVE ! from the Coronado SPEED Festival on the morning of September 25 and all day on September 26. Salute To Our Armed Forces!>>>

CABO 1000 Moto-Fest Announcement & Bobcat Baja Stories

Off-Road Champion Scott Douglas Interview September 14, 2009

MEXICAN 1000 CANCELS AFTER OUR SHOW! Ed Liddle Talks Pending Mexican 1000 Sept. 7


Blue Water Desert Challenge NEW! Race Scheduled Announced for October 2010 for Best In The Desert at Parker Arizona - Desert Off-Road Racing Heaven! October 14-17, 2010
New Show: August 24, 2009 Casey Folks Best In The Desert Vegas To Reno 2009

Bobcat and Monster Mike July 20, 2009


BAJA 500 Pre-Race Baja Racing News Radio LIVE PART 1

Baja 500 Pre-Race Baja Racing News Radio LIVE PART 2

Baja 500 Pre-Race Baja Racing News Radio LIVE PART 3


CABO 1000 Off-Road Adventures

Join us for this years CABO 1000 Off-Road!

October 16-18, 2009

Desert Off-Road Racing First Class at Baja California South.

The experts in Baja Off-Road Racing exclusively take you and yours on an adventure of a lifetime. Complete services available, including airfare to and from the venue.

Would you like your own race vehicles included in the race? We accomplish your every wish, seemlessly.


Contact us at

CABO 1000 Rip To The Tip Moto-Fest Announced

Baja Racing News Radio LIVE ! Special Monday Night 6 PM
Monday, September 21, 2009 6 PM Pacific HERE!


We'll give up all the details of the CABO 1000 2009 in October


CABO 1000 Rise To Race Unveiled

Today in San Diego, Baja Safari Salsa unveiled and Baja Racing reports, in October 26-28, 2009, the infamous crotch rocket contest of all times is re-ignited!

"The Infamous CABO 1000 Moto-Fest will run October 26, from San Diego California USA to Cabo San Lucas Mexico!" Announced by Steve Davidson at the Baja By The Bay Event, held on San Diego Bay, May 30, 2009.

That's right, these guys get on their bikes at dawn, sunrise, 4:30 AM in the morning, cross into Mex at the Tijuana border and do a bee-line for Cabo San Lucas to catch sunset! Winning time? Just over 10 hours, if you're Lucky!

"The Unsanctioned, Illegal and Insane Motorcycles Contest", will run like it did in the days of old, from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, unlimited speed and no rules, said Davidson, a partner in SPEED Mex a Mexican powersports outfit. In the press release, other sponsors mentioned are, Baja Safari Salsa and CABO TEQUILA.


CABO 1000 Racer Memorial

For more information in Mexico contact, in the United States contact Baja Safari Salsa at or email at

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

F-ing SCORE is my main purpose in life now, sez SNORE's Jamie Fagan

Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiast, Jamie Fagan, loves F-ing SCORE

"My new skin-flick desert off-road race, the Rage at the River, on December 11, will be at the City of Laughlin Nevada, the final destination of the SNORE desert racing season for 2009", said Fugly Fagan. It's a two day, multi-heat desert race format on a 17-mile desert course. Located at the Moon Hills and crossing Needles highway twice, just like in the old days.

Jamie Fagan, desert racings dick-spit target who loves jacking off SCORE, told us all about it. The SCORE MORE SNORE WHORE, gives it up.

"All with a low pro-entry cost of $530, with 50% payback of the entry fee. Old school Laughlin racing at one-third the price SCORE offers racing in Laughlin with its lousy race", said Jamie. The scumbag TrophyLite and Pro 1600 series have also jumped onto Jamie to put their 2009 finales at the "Rage at the River".

Jamie also related these guys can jump onto her back:

Class: UT, 1, 10, 12, 1600, 5, HM, 8, MM, 7, 7S, TL, 3000
Total Entry Fee: $530**

Class: 9, 5/1600, Champ, Stock Full, Stock Bug, 3
Total Entry Fee: $430**

Class: Unlimited Sportsman, Limited Sportsman (trophy class)
Total Entry Fee: $280**

Class: 1450
Total Entry Fee: $255** (trophy class)

**Plus $30 membership fee.

Obviously, this new desert race kills SCORE, with Jamie touting "one-third" of the price racers pay with the SCORE Laughlin event. The MORE racing series people are looking at the "River-Rage" race to blow out of the MORE series.

"I've been running in the MORE series for years, we're running MORE Sportsman at a $200 entry, $10 memberships, equal or lesser tows. So we can run T4T 200 for $200, instead of SNORE Laughlin for $560 ($280 + 6 $30 memberships and $100 additional Checker pit fee)", said one of the racers.

The race series war gets down and dirty with Jamie opening up the "back door" in the desert racing series year, the race being in December.

Now, just because Jamie is the ugliest whore in Nevada, doesn't mean you can bruise her up when she de-bones all the male racers for the Rage at the River. The racers will come on Fagan for this race, just don't hurt the merchandise because she's got race duties to uphold as our official BITD Fire Suit Fondler and SCORE Roadside Blowjob specialist!

Remember racers, the gang-bang begins December 11. Jamie said, "Someone once told me there was more than one way to do all of Barstow and Vegas"!

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