Tuesday, November 10, 2009

American Dies Prerunning in Baja Mexico! Javier Cuevas Dies Pre-Running Baja 1000 2009

First Reported November 10, 2009

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American Dies Pre-Running The Baja 1000 2009!

In the area known as "La Laguna del Diablo" a man given to the Baja 1000 together with some professionals that roamed what is the route of the famed Baja Californian tour, died when he fell on his motorbike in the rugged terrain that it is jurisdiction of the Municipality of Ensenada, so the prosecutor of that community took charge of attesting to the body of Javier Cuevas.

Cuevas, an American, was 43 years of age and his place of residence was the State of California. He was part of a group of competitors who were conducting a route reconnaissance along the route, on a stretch of territory between Ensenada and the Delegation of San Felipe, the municipality of Mexicali

Witnesses said the supervisions to be doing, Cuevas grabbed his bike and started running like competition, unfortunately did not realize there was a ditch in his path and stuck with the bike in this suffering showy fall in which the same bike to lurch with him struck him.

The companions tried to give first aid but were going as Xavier died almost immediately, so until that point had to go the services of the Office of Justice of Lower California, ordering the representative of Public Prosecutions that he move the body Ensenada's morgue for the autopsy of scrutiny and the subsequent delivery of the body to the family.

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