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McMillin Racing Wants To Win The Baja Racing 2010 Championship Real Bad

Gary Newsome, Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE

How Bad? How Bad does the McMillin Team WANT to be called the 'KING OF BAJA', to take the Championship this year? BAD! REAL BAD!

The McMillin Racing Team is testing in San Felipe, Baja Mexico, months ahead of the scheduled Baja 250 in March. Most teams won't start testing until one week ahead of the race.

McMillin is focusing on the KING OF BAJA Championship so much, the team is skipping races, that they won last year! Andy was quoted on January 27 as stating, "
We won't be racing in the MINT 400, that we won last year, we won't be there at all".

Andy intimated this morning, "
Have you seen those whoops in San Felipe off the start? I would say 3-4 feet deep square edged monster whoops. Deeper and rougher than Laughlin. Such an awesome course though!", that they have already been given the race course map from Sal Fish.

Please note in the photos, the now unmarked chase trucks and trailers. Clearly the 'Hall Family' crimes have impacted the McMillin Team more than just skipping three whole years of Baja racing, until coming back in the fold, for last years Baja 1000.



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What's the Biggest Threat To Race Fans in Baja? Getting Struck by Racers!

BULLETIN! August 14-2010


Driver of Record:
#1461 Brett Sloppy

Misery Motorsports

Workers push overturned off-road race truck upright ...
Workers push an overturned off-road race truck upright Sunday after it went out of control and plowed into a crowd of spectators during a race earlier in Lucerne Valley, Calif., Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010. At least eight people were killed during the incident about 100 miles east of Los Angeles.
(AP Photo/Francis Specker)

Emergency workers look at an off-highway vehicle that lost control and barreled into a crowd of spectators on Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010 at an off-road race called the California 200 being held at Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area, killing eight people and leaving 12 wounded, authorities said. 
(AP Photo/Kris Reilly - Victor Valley Daily Press) 

8 dead, 12 hurt at off-road race in California Desert Race: California 200

By ANDREW DALTON (AP) AP Radio correspondent Shirley Smith in Washington contributed to this report.

[[First Reports indicate the driver fled the scene. BRN]]

AP/LOS ANGELES — An off-road truck plowed into a crowd and scattered "bodies everywhere" moments after sailing off a jump at a California race Saturday, killing eight people and leaving 12 injured, authorities and witnesses said.
The crash came shortly after the start of the 8 p.m. PDT race called the California 200, said San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Bachman.
Bachman said eight people died and 12 were injured, several of them seriously. Seven ambulances and 10 emergency aircraft responded to the scene. Most of the injured were airlifted from the area to Loma Linda University Medical Center or St. Mary's Medical Center.
"There was dust everywhere, people screaming, people running," David Conklin, a photographer covering the event for off-road magazines, told The Associated Press.
Conklin said the Prerunner truck was among the first 20 off the line in the race, and had just gone over a jump known as "the rockpile" about two miles into the race.
He said he watched the vehicle sail through the air. Then he turned to watch for other cars when he heard the commotion caused by the crash.
"When I got up to the vehicle I could tell that several people were trapped. There were just bodies everywhere."
Conklin said he "saw one woman with a major head wound lying in a pool of blood. Someone else was crushed beneath the car."
The truck came to a rest upside down with its oversized wheels pointing toward the sky.
Officials said the driver wasn't hurt but had to flee the scene to escape angry spectators.
The 200-mile race is part of a series held in Soggy Dry Lake Bed near the city of Lucerne Valley in the Mojave Desert, 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles.
Tens of thousands of people attend the California 200, in which a variety of off-road vehicles take jumps and other obstacles and reach speeds up to 100 mph on the 50-mile off-road course. The race had been scheduled to last through the night.
The crowd was standing within 10 feet of the track with no guard rails separating them from the speeding vehicles.
"There were no barriers at all," Jeff Talbott, inland division chief for the California Highway Patrol, told the Riverside Press-Enterprise.
He said that the driver, who wasn't named, was forced to run from the scene when the crowd grew unruly and some began throwing rocks at him. It was not clear why he lost control of the truck.
The CHP does not normally investigate crashes at organized races, but took the lead on this probe because of its scope and had set up a command center at the starting line of the race.
The federal Bureau of Land Management was assisting in the investigation.
The event was sponsored by the South El Monte-based Mojave Desert Racing. No one picked up the phone at a number listed on the group's website early Sunday, and its message mailbox was full.
The crash was the latest in a series of race accidents that have proved deadly to spectators.
A car plowed into a crowd that had gathered to watch an illegal drag race on a suburban road in Accokeek, Maryland, in February 2008, killing eight people and injuring five. The two racers were charged with vehicular manslaughter. Darren Bullock, 22, was sentenced to 15 years in prison; Tavon Taylor, 20, is awaiting trial.
In Chandler, Ariz., in February, a female spectator was killed by a tire that flew off a crashing dragster at Chandler's Firebird International Raceway for the NHRA Arizona Nationals.
In Selmer, Tennessee, a dragster went out of control and smashed into spectators during a fundraising festival in June 2007, killing six people and injuring 22. Driver Troy Critchley, 38, was convicted of misdemeanor reckless assault charges and sentenced to 18 months probation.

Officials confirmed that eight people died and 12 were injured in the Lucerne Valley area Saturday when the driver of an off-road vehicle plowed into a crowd.
Authorities believe the driver lost control of the vehicle during some type of race at a dry lake bed. [Updated at 12:00 a.m.: The accident occurred at the California 200 race, one of a series of local offroad matches in the area.]
Fire dispatch supervisor Tim Franke said the accident was reported at 7:48 p.m. at Soggy Dry Lake Bed, a popular off-road spot. "It's unknown what kind of event was going on out there," he said.
Franke said at least four people were seriously injured and were taken by air ambulance to nearby trauma centers.
He said it was not yet clear how the accident occurred or whether the driver was among the injured or dead.
The Lucerne Valley and surrounding desert areas is considered a mecca for off-road racing, with numerous pro races through the year. Videos of previous events show vehicles speeding by rows of spectators, with thin barriers between them.
[Updated, 12:32 a.m.: The California 200 night race in the Lucerne Valley area, off Bessemer Mine Road, was promoted by MDR Productions of South El Monte. A flyer listed on a website indicated that fees to enter the race ranged from $200 to $440.

According to the website, the race was scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., and involved four 50-mile laps, with a time limit of 7-1/2 hours. A registration list showed that 87 drivers had registered for the race.]"

Another Report:

 "Eight people were killed and 12 injured after a vehicle rammed into a crowd of spectators during an off-road race in California.
One of the cars in the California 200 race ploughed into the crowd at high speed after careering over a jump just half-an-hour after the start Saturday night, the Daily Mail reported.
[["The driver was thought to be among the dead."]] Other victims were crushed beneath the car.
The race was being held in Soggy Dry Lake Bed near the city of Lucerne Valley, 160 km northeast of Los Angeles.
David Conklin, a photographer who was covering the event, said the car had been among the first 20 off the line and had just gone over a jump called the 'rockpile'.
'I heard screaming and shouting', he said. 'I saw one woman with a major head wound lying in a pool of blood. Someone else was crushed beneath the car.'
Seven ambulances were sent to the scene, a fire official said.
Tens of thousands go to watch the California 200, where dune buggy-style cars leap jumps and other obstacles around and off-road course. There is little or no barrier between the spectators and the cars as they career around the course.
Off-road racing is a format of racing where various classes of specially modified vehicles (including cars, motorcycles and buggies) compete in races through off-road environments." 

From the PlayBill:

"Mojave Desert Racing Event
Name: California 200 (Night Race)
Date: Saturday, August 14, 2010
Drivers Meeting: 6:30 PM
Line Up: 7:00 PM
Race Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Lucerne Valley, CA
Start/Finish: Off Bessemer Mine Road at Soggy Dry Lake
Course: A
Course Length: 50 Miles
Number of Laps: 4
3 Laps for Classes: 300, 900, 12-Unlimited, 1200, 1300, 1450, 1700, 3700
2 Laps for Classes: 1100, 1900
Time Limit: 7.5 Hours"

Misery Motorsports Video From Easter 2010:

Misery Motorsports Glamis 2010

[D-N-A] SLOPPY | MySpace Video

Original Lead Dated February 5, 2010:


Numerous Baja racing fanatics are killed every year. They are killed by the racers they are following out on the course. What are the penalties to the racer? Who takes care of the victims? Be prepared for this story! You will be shocked! LOADING NOW>>>

Off-Road 1 Military Off-Road Report Light Strike Vehicle 
Military Vehicle Series
Mike Anthony, Editor 

vehicle mode is based on that of a real Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) lightweight scout, manufactured by Chenowth Racing Products, Inc. It is an off-road sandrail vehicle designed for hit-and-run tactics, as well as fast reconnaissance behind enemy lines, and it is favored by United States special operations units for its light weight, speed, easy maintenance, and reliability.

The DPV was later surpassed by the
Light Strike Vehicle (LSV), also manufactured by Chenowth. Being a sandrail vehicle means that the DPV does not carry protection for the three occupants (driver, passenger gunner, and top gunner) from small-arms fire, but does protect them from high-speed and roll-over accidents. Today, they are designed to carry a wide variety of light weapons, typically one M2 Browning .50cal machine gun, two 7.62mm M60 machine guns, or two AT4 anti-armor launchers. On the other hand, Chenowth is also well-known publicly for producing a wide variety of sandrail vehicles similar to the DPV with different capacities in weight, engine performance, and cargo & passenger capacity for both sport and private use.

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SPEED Mex Situation Update: Extradited to the United States, Re-Arrested for Border Patrol Agent Murder

UPDATED AGAIN! February 3, 2010

""Months before a suspected drug smuggler was accused of running down and killing a local Border Patrol agent in January 2008, U.S. officials had him in custody, only to see him escape in a Border Patrol vehicle.

The revelation about the earlier arrest is in a seven-paragraph statement of facts in a court file for Jesús Navarro Montes.

Disclosure of the information comes after a widely publicized, bungled effort to extradite Navarro from Mexico in 2008. U.S. officials had been incensed that Navarro was allowed to walk out of a Baja California prison in June 2008 until it was revealed that the United States had failed to ask for extradition.

Navarro, who was rearrested and is charged with using a drug-laden Hummer to kill Border Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar, had been in the Mexican prison on an unrelated smuggling charge.

The federal court statement shows that Navarro slipped away from U.S. authorities in September 2007 — almost four months before Aguilar was killed — in the same Imperial County sand dunes where the agent was run over.

The statement by Agent Thomas Steele said agents were staked out in the dunes, an area popular with recreational vehicle enthusiasts and others 34 miles east of Calexico along Interstate 8.

Just after 4 p.m., agents saw a silver Toyota truck leaving an area called Buttercup Campground. They followed the truck onto the interstate, heading east, but the driver did not pull over.

The Border Patrol laid down a spike strip that punctured three tires of the truck, but the driver continued on, leaving the freeway and heading south into the desert.

The pickup eventually got stuck and came to a halt. According to the statement, a man who was later identified as Navarro jumped out of the truck along with an unidentified woman. They were soon caught.

How close all of this was to the international border is not known. The border in that area is a sandy road with concrete markers, but it is not clear where Navarro and the woman were stopped.

In any event, they were not in custody for long, according to Steele’s statement.

“Navarro Montes and the female passenger were arrested and placed in a Border Patrol vehicle,” the statement says. “The female passenger was able to take control of the Border Patrol vehicle, and both the female passenger and Navarro Montes absconded to Mexico in the Border Patrol vehicle.”

Though agents no longer had Navarro, they did have his truck. It was packed with 979 pounds of marijuana.

The next time agents encountered Navarro was Jan. 19, 2008 — in very similar circumstances.

This time he was driving a Hummer and the Border Patrol was pursuing him again. Aguilar was laying down a spike strip when Navarro intentionally ran him down, according to the indictment.

Again Navarro fled to Mexico, this time in his own vehicle. He was arrested Jan. 22 in Sonora, according to a statement released at the time by the federal Attorney General’s Office in Mexico. An official there told a reporter that Navarro confessed that he hit Aguilar.

But he was released June 18. After being criticized, Mexican officials said they had asked the United States for evidence to hold Navarro on the murder charge for months, but nothing was forthcoming. When a Mexican judge dismissed unrelated smuggling charges against Navarro, Mexican federal authorities said they had to let him go.

Court records show that the complaint charging Navarro with smuggling the 900 pounds of marijuana is dated June 26, 2008 — a week after he was released in Mexico.

A murder charge was not levied against him until a second indictment was filed in May 2009. By that time, Navarro had been arrested again by Mexican authorities.

He was successfully extradited last week. Navarro will face charges in San Diego but has not arrived from Texas, and officials could not specify when he was due.

The furor over the botched extradition led 39 members of Congress, including Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Carlsbad, to write a letter to the Justice Department demanding answers, but the department responded that to do so would “compromise” the investigation into Aguilar’s death.

Bilbray said yesterday that he was not aware that Navarro had been in custody previously.

A spokesman for the Border Patrol in El Centro declined to comment yesterday and referred all questions to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Diego. A spokeswoman there said she could not comment because the case is pending.

The prosecutor on the case also declined to comment.""

Baja Racing UPDATE

UPDATED! CLICK HERE January 29, 2010


UPDATED Feb. 12, 2009

"Reporting from San Diego -- A Mexican man wanted in connection with the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent last year has been arrested in Mexico and is being held pending extradition, according to U.S. federal authorities.

This is the second time Mexican authorities have arrested Jesus Navarro Montes, a 23-year-old alleged drug smuggler who U.S. officials suspect drove a sport utility vehicle that ran over agent Luis Aguilar at the Imperial Sand Dunes in Imperial County on Jan. 19, 2008."



Photos of the Hummer used in the crime. One surveil pic during the crime and the other from Mexicali Police source of the Hummer, stripped, after the crimes.

Remember this one?
From: August 29, 2008


TUCSON - Federal authorities said Friday they have offered a reward of up to $350,000 for information leading to the arrest of a Mexican suspect in a Border Patrol agent's death.

Authorities believe Jesus Albino Navarro Montes, 22, is in Mexico but based on previous habits may try to re-enter the United States, Border Patrol Yuma sector spokesman Ben Vik said.

U.S. officials allege that Navarro struck and killed agent Luis Aguilar with a vehicle on Jan. 19 as Aguilar tried to place spike strips on a road to stop suspected drug smugglers in the Imperial County Sand Dunes in California. Aguilar, 32, a six-year Border Patrol veteran, was assigned to the Yuma sector.

Mexican authorities arrested Navarro on Jan. 22 in Mexicali in Baja California, the Mexican federal attorney general's office and Public Safety Department said at the time. But U.S. authorities failed to formally request Navarro's extradition over the next five months, and on June 18, a judge in Mexicali released Navarro from a prison there after clearing him of an unrelated migrant smuggling charge.

In July, a spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington said the United States did not ask Mexico to arrange for Navarro's extradition until more than a week after he had been freed. Shortly before that announcement, 39 U.S. congressmen wrote President Bush and Attorney General Michael Mukasey asking if the government had asked Mexico to extradite Navarro.

A Justice Department spokesman also said the department would review the legislators' letter, and that it remained committed to investigating the agent's death. Several days later, the White House and the Justice Department separately sent letters to the 39 congressmen, but failed to say why Navarro was not extradited from Mexico.

A presidential lawyer wrote that the White House deferred to the Justice Department to avoid interfering with or undermining the effectiveness of the department's investigation. A California congressman who initiated the letter-writing said the responses were "bureaucratic and lack transparency."

Vik said reward posters showing photos of and describing Navarro have been distributed to Mexican police stations and the attorney general's office and have been placed at ports of entry. "The reward was in the works ever since the suspect was released in Mexico. It takes time to work these things out," Vik said.

FROM JUNE 26, 2008

""Baja Justice to Americans: F-YOU!
Man accused in agent's death released in Mexico

Photo of: Rommel Moreno Manjarrez, Attorney General Baja California

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — "U.S. officials were shocked that a Mexican judge had freed a man imprisoned in connection with the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Wednesday.
Jesus Navarro Montes was arrested Jan. 22 in northern Mexico in the killing of Agent Luis Aguilar and had also been held over for trial there on migrant smuggling charges. The circumstances of his recent release from a Mexicali prison couldn't be determined Wednesday.
"We are working with a determined Mexican government, and our Department of Justice, to seek swift justice for the Aguilar murder," Chertoff said in a statement. "We have also assured Agent Aguilar's family that every resource is being called upon in the relentless pursuit of justice." The attorney general's office in Baja California, Mexico, confirmed that Navarro had been released but couldn't provide any details of his case. Officials answering phones at the 12th District Court in Mexicali said no one authorized to speak to the media was available.
Aguilar was run over and killed Jan. 19 as he tried to put down spike strips to stop a drug-filled vehicle and a pickup that were fleeing back to Mexico.
Authorities believe Navarro left Mexicali in Baja California in a Hummer carrying drugs and headed across sand dunes into the U.S., according to Mexico's federal Attorney General's office and Public Safety Department. Border Patrol agents saw the vehicles on Interstate 8 in southeastern California and pursued them. When both vehicles turned off the highway toward Mexico, Aguilar tried to deflate the vehicles' tires but was struck. Navarro continued across the border into Mexico and drove to Mexicali, where he gave the Hummer to accomplices for safekeeping, according to the attorney general's office. He was arrested a few days later. Mexican officials announced in late January that a judge had ordered a trial for Navarro on migrant smuggling charges. It wasn't clear Wednesday whether the U.S. had formally requested his extradition. But Mexican law usually requires that suspects face justice in Mexico before they can be extradited.
Debra Hartman, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office in San Diego, wouldn't say Wednesday whether the U.S. government had charged Navarro or had sought his extradition. She wouldn't say whether the investigation of the case had been completed.

An online federal court database does not list any charges filed by prosecutors against Navarro in Southern California. The head of the union representing Border Patrol agents also expressed shock over Navarro's release. "Every Border Patrol agent in the country is outraged and stunned by this," said T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council."""


SPEED Mex Situation Update sits Co-Dog with Driver Greg Biffle


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Baja 250 San Felipe 2010 Past Race Videos

BAJA 250 2010 in San Felipe Mexico

Baja 250 San Felipe Videos

2008 videos


San Felipe Testing with Andy Mcmillin

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Andy McMillin San Felipe 250

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baja 250 zoo road

2002 SCORE San Felipe 250

BMW X6 Reviews Baja Racing

Baja Racing BMW X6 Reviews

A coupe, with high driving position and off-road capabilities…? The BMW X6 always looked like a ridiculous car to me, and I’m happy to have Jeremy Clarkson confirm this for me. The SAV (or Sports Activity Vehicle) has plenty of BMW class and technology, with two petrol and two diesel engine options, and the buttons in the interior to boot. But apart from that, this is an unimpressive effort from BMW, where they’ve tried to do too much in one vehicle.

For example, what is the point of a coupe and a jeep all in one if the back passengers wanting to enjoy the off-road experience can’t fit in properly because of the sloping roof line…? What’s more, trying to drive the X6 is very complicated once you’ve figured out what the computer display system is actually saying, the direction in which the gear change is supposed to work and which steering wheel paddle you use to shift up or down (apparently you can do both with both…). In Clarkson’s words: “What was the boss of BMW doing when all the clowns in the laptop department were coming up with this rubbish?” See it all in the video.

Perhaps in response to Jeremy Clarkson rubbishing the BMW X6, in particular its ability as an off-road vehicle, BMW has produced two videos on the snow driving capabilities of both the X5 and X6. The “M” versions of the cars are driven through the Passo Valparola in Italy’s Dolomites mountain range, in a kind of off-road instruction video.

You can see the BMW X6M and X5M drifting and then in hillside driving (in the second video after the jump). In fact, it’s actually high-speed driving up a ski slope. If you’re a BMW driver and fan, you’ll probably be convinced, and I think the videos are useful for anyone who intends to actually use their SUV as an off-road vehicle. I very much doubt that Jeremy Clarkson would be very convinced, at all…

Baja Racing