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Roger Norman Confirms Baja Racing Story! Larry Roeseler Announced to race Southern Baja Mexico in Dos Mares 500, May 1


Today, Roger Norman confirms Norman Motorsports will race the local race known as the "Dos Mares 500" with Francisco Cervantes and his Camaro Trophy Truck of Ensenada, Baja Mexico.

In conjuction of the Mexican 1000, Norman Motorsports will tag team the two racing events starting at Mexicali on April 28.

Confirming Baja Racing original report from earlier this year.


First Reported on Baja Racing 2-15-10

Podcast of February 15 Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE. See 1:30:00 point in the recording. Roger Norman (L) Larry Roeseler (R) Pictured.

UPDATED! Larry Roeseler, Roger Norman Motorsports, racing in the Dos Mares 500 on May 1, 2010 in La Paz, Baja South

Baja Racing has confirmed from the La Paz Automotive Club, that longtime Baja racer, Larry Roeseler, will race in the May 1 traditional Mexican off-road race, the "Dos Mares 500".
The race, a traditional local Mexican desert off-road
race, sponsored and promoted by the CABO 500 organization since 2005, is sanctioned by the local La Paz Automotive Club.

Cinthya Murillo, current organizer, confirmed to Baja Racing of Larry's participation in the event. An unnamed source within Norman Motorsports, confirmed late Tuesday afternoon, "we are all signed up for the Mexican 1000 and since we'll be in La Paz, why not race in something we've thought about for awhile. The CABO 500 has alot of appeal, everyone in desert off-road racing wants to win that race and be crowned, the King of Cabo!"

Larry will be the tenth American led team to undertake the local race.

In 2006, Danny Anderson won the event, received two trophies, he received the winning trophy from the La Paz Club and the "KING OF CABO" CABO 500 Trophy (pictured right) with a record breaking time. Even though no official race results were ever published from the event. Yes, it was a National Mexican Championship Mexican off-road desert point-to-point race, the only records of the event exist now in Mexico City. The La Paz Club and the CABO 500 promoters also took note of the race results. The state racing organization failed to issue results and took $1,000 in winnings, that rightfully should have went to Anderson. A felony, Pacenos remember to this day.

Tom Bradley Racing of La Paz, could be considered the first international team to compete in the local race, but they're really a 'local' La Paz team, because they have a shop in La Paz and are managed by locals. Same with the Burns outfit, hell, they live down there!

Danny Andersons performance in the 2006 Dos Mares 500, was truly historic. The first International team to compete and win in a Mexican National Championship Desert Off-Road Race and also sanctioned by the state and local authorities.

The CABO 500-Dos Mares 2006 was an International invitational. Racing teams that received an invitation, replied and competed, were treated to a world class series of events. Danny winning that race, nailed the offering in the first year it was available.
Recently, the La Paz Club named PRO BAJA as their local promoter in place of the state organization, because of problems with the state body, including the 2006 race failure of the state racing association.

The Mexican 1000 and the Dos Mares 500 will hold a social in conjuction with the races and they will "share" the finish line at La Paz for both races.

From the newspaper story in La Paz, Baja California South, ""The awards event was attended by the organizers of the "Rally Mexico 1000" (Mexican 1000), Mike Pearlman and Eliseo Garcia, who together with Cinthya Murillo, gave a comprehensive explanation of what will be the link between these two major events, Rally NORRA, and Dos Mares 500, same as was presented by both organizations, Club La Paz and NORRA where Eliseo Garcia announced that Larry Roeseler will be participating in the "Dos Mares 500".""

On the February 15, 2010 Show of Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE Larry Roeseler, Robby Gordon, King Of The Hammers, Parker 425, FUD 200, BAJA 250 San Felipe, and the DAYTONA 500, were all discussed. Bobcat and Monster Mike.

RACE IN BAJA SOUTH! See CABO500.combaja racing cabo 500

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