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The Cabal of Baja Racing. Covering up the bogus race results and racing deaths in Baja Mexico. The Scandal of Baja racing exposed! Who's Gonna Die?

UPDATED! July 28, 2010

UPDATE June 22, 2009

The Next Insiders Report:

From John Stewart, President of Tierra del Sol, "the off-road racing community, particularly the American races in Mexico and the industry that supports them, is the single biggest reason the off-road community is despised."

"The reason we've lost millions of acres of public lands and the reason Americans will never fully realize their off-road potential...We are a very small interest because of off-road racers and their damages."

Full report on Baja Racing after the Baja 500 2009.


NOW! The story of how and why west coast off-road racing industry insiders cover up the false race results, deaths and injuries of racers in Baja Mexico, simply to fatten their pocketbooks. Exclusively on Baja Racing

UPDATE: For years, some 30 (thirty) years, of race results and racing deaths were buried and candy coated simply for the benefit of the sanctioning body, SCORE International. What benefit? Money.

And several sponsors and modern media entities knew the race results were BS and many desert racers were getting hosed. But, they kept up the lies for money and influence.

Even after "The Scandal" of June 11, 2009, the race result scandal of the Baja 500 2009, certain people are trying to keep up the facade of BS, pure corruption. CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE STORY

Evidence: Bob of PCI race radios said this as the racers called out SCORE after June 11: "
What I would like is for "our friends" to provide us with a filtering system that would eliminate asinine "public comments" so I (and the public) could have only positive comments, and enjoy both sides of all the intelligent comments."

There are only a handful of people who are profiting from the misinformation of "hey racing in Mexico is legit and risk free". And, yes, that is the mantra. The damage that's being caused to the off-road community is devastating.

It's the corrupt family, the tight, small, attempting to control group, trying to manipulate everything "Baja racing". The same group when someone dies racing in Baja Mexico, the story gets the 'shovel treatment'. It gets buried. Until now.

Why? Because in a tightly controlled industry, information is King. Not Cash. Proof: Baja Racing

The blowback from the stories about these false race results and deaths being covered up and reported here, are documented. Now, that the racers have been publicly screwed about the Baja 500 2009 race results and the Associated Press is informed of the racing deaths during the Baja races, the facts will not be denied.

Now, Baja racers from the United States are known as "Baja cheaters" and "the Scandal of the Baja 500 2009", exposed the culture of false race results from decades of protection for certain sponsors by the sanctioning body.

Namely Honda and BFGoodrich Tires, to name just two at this time.

Whats not easily reported is the clandestine, back-channel cover-ups of the deaths. Luckily for you readers, many in the 'shovel crew' still use public communications to talk about their exploits. They brag about how the dead can't speak up for themselves. But, the crew talk all about the dead, how they died and how much money is at stake if the stories get out.

Just look at this years Baja 500. Entries were down 50% from earlier races. In the press, SCORE stated, 'no matter what, the races will happen in Mexico'. No matter how bad the race results, no matter how many public deaths in the narco-wars. No matter plague. No matter lack of required safety equipment. Baja Racing approves of such attitudes, because it gives us alot to report.

Not only do these scum-suckers attempt to bury bad race results and racing deaths, they even attempt to cover-up facts, associated with traveling safely in Baja Mexico.


Original post [9-28-2006]


This is <***** ******>(name of actual person edited out, see editor for details) of El Mirador and I have just returned from a trip on the Baja. I had spoken with another traveler who had warned me about some Mexican gangs in the Ensenada area who were targeting tourists. The story went that if you attempted to use the toll road between Ensenada and Tijuana(going north) between 11pm and 5am - you would be attacked. Several American tourists were attacked, shot and all their stuff was stolen. The person telling me the story said that the local police was doing nothing about it.When I was going north on Sunday the 24th, passing the first toll booth from Ensenada I noticed a police car pull out just as I came up to the gate. A few miles down the road the police car was driving in the middle of the roadnot allowing any cars to pass. We were given a police escort all the waypast the main beach area just before the second toll booth. Also, the AFI Police were stopping all vehicles and looking inside of them.The Mexican police are trying to help - but it was only 7pm when I crossed that point. So, travelers beware!!!""

This posting on the internet was deleted to cover-up the fact, that car-jackings and kidnappings were on the rise in Baja Mexico in 2006. A simple travel advisory, deleted. Why? Because the 'felony stupid' cabal thought by covering up these facts, they would never GET CAUGHT.

Now, everyone knows. They know the facts about travel in Baja Mexico and we know who risked American lives by their direct, felonious and immoral actions. Baja Racing News is now going to yank the cover from the shameful tarp covering the stinking, rotting corpses of the cabal.

The Death Races

Racing in Baja Mexico are the Death races. Proof, the local Ensenada man whose leg was ripped off by a Class 1 buggy, the man bled to death and the team resides comfortably in the United States. Not even a hearing, not a whisper, 'cept for the story here in our humble home. The headline, the San Felipe 250 "New Blood in Baja", from that raceday in March 2009:

"Baja Racing BULLETIN!

Ensenada local dies in Horrific Race Crash

At approximately 11:30 AM on Saturday, March 14, during the SCORE San Felipe 250 desert off-road race, near race mile 55.5, a Class 1 race vehicle, struck a local Ensenada man. He was transported from the scene by friends, reports from the area later, indicated the victim died from his injuries.

Reports also indicate the Class 1 vehicle, race number 109, was owned and operated by the Wilsons
, of the US. Race records say the 109 was piloted by Ronny and Rick Wilson of Long Beach, California. The race vehicle is listed as a Jimco-Chevy.

Reportedly, the victim was associated with Mercado & Silva Racing
. He was struck on the race course. His leg was torn off at impact. He was transported by civilian auto into town, where he died from the trauma of the injury. He bled to death."

The message to Wilson Motorsports from Bob Bowers: "Good work boys! We're proud of ya. Bob Bowers Dirtworks Films "

Bob Bowers Personal avatar. Who's blood is that Bob?

Eyewitness: "I was just a few meters. may be 40 mtrs. From the accident at Race Mile 55 aprox. I saw this guy trying to cross the road and he was hit, it for the 1rst class 1 #109, may be the car did not saw this guy, definitely was not the racer car's fault, but I was an eye witness."

Witness: "We were 40 mtrs distance from the place of the accident, occur around 10:40 and 10:50 am, the guy was in the left side of the way (if you go inside the car), so he tried to cross the road and the car was running so fast may be 90 - 100 miles and was hit it by the rigth tire, my brother was step up beside me and says, It was a kid and he run to the place of the accident and I just took a photo to the car seconds after the accident and was the #109, the guy was in the ground in the middle of the way, a couple of guys took him to the side of the road because another car was running on the road, and a Gray ford explorer arrives to the place and they pulled the guy to the trunk and then they leave the place, and they stop the car just in front of us, and a couple of curious guys ran to the trunk to see this guy and he was alive, but with his leg ripped off and bleeding we ask him to take him to the check 1 , to advise to the score guys the accident may be them can help to one way or another and that was all about the guy, so I asked the next day...about this guy and one guy confirmed the dead ."

Witness: "My dad was at the Checkers/ COPS pit and called for our Helicopter (and Weatherman relay) with our medic to come and help them but they drove off before the Helicopter got there. My father and the Checkers tried to help him but they where in a panic and drove to KM 160 on HWY 3 where someone was going to meet them."

In the know: "There were 3 accidents, the one hit by 109 died, a neighbor of his confirmed it...The video you saw with the guy laying on the sand with his arms open was hit by a TT, dont know his status. The third accident was at Rm 120 something, hit by the class 1 that plowed into a Tacoma from (Baja Pits)Locos Mocos, the guy was flown out and luckily its all bruises and tire burns, he personally confirmed it..."

"RM 3, guy hit by a class 3 but was ok and left on his own.
RM 7, zoo rd guy hit by a TT, injured w/broken bones & concussion. Video showed the body laying in the crowd.
RM 55, guy hit by a 1 car with reports his leg torn off and bled to death in a car. Sounds like inadequate immediate medial care.
RM 122, COPS producer hit by a 1 car, airlifted to SD. Got swift medial care and full recovery expected."

No denial from anyone has been received as of today, Tuesday, March 17. In one interview with a seasoned American desert off-road guy, he said the victim "deserved it"." End story.

Now, the Americans who die will get a hearing, maybe even a lawsuit. One thing is sure, no matter who the victim is, an attempt to cover-up the death and the incident, WILL HAPPEN.

Even Fred Revas death almost went buried. Until Revas family found out how much the Lucky Sperm Team was worth.CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY

The other really big story showing proof of the 'Death Races' making news, must be the 2007 Baja 1000 infamous helicopter crash story. This event alone broke open the Baja crime scene to Baja racers. CLICK HERE

There is too much money to be made, there are too many people on the take in Mexico and the small, selfish industry that thrives on the blood of the dead racers will continue to live on that blood. Baja racing will live forever.

At the recent 2009 Baja 500, a motorcycle rider 113x, was head on hit, transported to Ensenada hospital by chopper and after surgery, was placed in a coma. There is a chance he will die.

These stories need to be told to give information to the next guy on what not to do. Or what to be prepared for, when racing in Baja Mexico.

The handful of business that attempts to bury these stories, make money almost exclusively from racing and racers going to Mexico and the products and services associated with racing. They will do anything to protect their money.

Baja Racing will now push the boundary between racers and sportsman venturing off-road. What has "racing" done for the sportsmen. You'll be surprised!


The Original Report:

Posted after the 2008 Baja 1000: "To the disgust of many in the audience of a broadcast on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, Bob 'the Weatherman' Steinberger, of PCI race radios stated, "this years Baja 1000 was perfect, no problems. zero problems". The shovel crew at work, burying the death and the shooting of Americans preparing for the race, in November.
Baja Racing"

UPDATED December 9, 2008

Now we know why and HOW these Baja racing violence stories get buried. How? A small group of race related individuals based in southern California and paid through an industry marketing company, buries the bad news as soon as possible. Why? To keep the "$$$" going. The cabal is the business of certain southern Californians, Americans, controlling Baja racing in Mexico. The 'cabal' of Baja Racing".

There's a whole crew in southern California dedicated to burying the stories & facts, during SCORE races in Mexico. For the sake of "the industry".

Baja Racing is dedicated to exposing the real risks in Mexico. Even the ones that exist over the border, in the United States. Let it be known. If your son or daughter races in Mexico, there are people racing beside you, running the race and selling off-road equipment that couldn't care less if they suffered and died, Baja racing, in Mexico.

Here's proof. A conversation between the "shovel crew". Attempting to bury the facts.

Ramsey El Wardani: "Regarding the “hunting accident” comment that was attributed to Oscar Ramos, SCORE’s attorney, in the Mexican Newspaper; he never said it was a hunting accident. The young woman that interviewed him on the phone made that up. Imagine that a Newspaper Reporter making something up. What Oscar told her was that he didn’t believe it was any organized criminal group or individual. The reporter in Tijuana, took that comment and made up the “hunting accident” quote."

Victims spokesman: "Anyone in the hospital (standing with Oscar, Dan Walsh, Martz Family and friends) THAT NIGHT knows differently." EDITORS NOTE: Walsh, Martz family, et al. know that the legal documents placed in front of them for signing that night, were false and the origin of the "hunters story" was Oscar Ramos of SCORE International. The legal representative for SCORE in Mexico and the attorney for SCORE in the United States.

Ramsey El Wardani "more stupid than dirt": "All I can tell you is what Oscar told me."

Cameron Steele: "I'm really tired of you splitting hairs on the deal. Oscar went the extra mile and Steve is alive those are the only facts I care maybe, no they said or he said just the hard facts. Drop it, we all can use a rest on it, especially the guy that got the chopper handled that continues to have people say negative things about him."

Dan Walsh: "I live in Ramona and am a John Deere construction equipment salesperson. I have been riding and competing since 1983.. For the past 15 years i have worked with training riders in both Motocross and off road as well as assisting a 2006 class 22 pro team finishing SF 250 Baja 500 and a final 3rd place in class 22 Baja 1000. I Know (the Martz & Walsh family) has the best interest to protect facts and support not only great friends but teammates as well. As any team would react I'm proud of (the Martz & Walsh family)for speaking out on situations where I have a hard time biting my tongue. He (the family spokesman) has been told to go ahead and reply on behalf of my experiences and I now realize he wants to put it behind him as well. Cameron Steele is right and it is a time we let it rest. Thanks to both of you guys for your support and encouregment through Steve's situation. It's time to get out chill, ride, and enjoy such a rewarding industry. Steve Martz is recovering well and also has reached closure and has already put this behind him. We are fortunate things turned out the way they did and these last couple posts make us feel honored we have warriors out there willing to take one for the team to correct mis-leading statements." [the misleading statements by the "shovel crew"]

Trey Piersall: "Let's shut this talk down. That's all that really matters."

Just some of the victims buried:

The New Death Races

  • Tim Nugent 2010

  • Javier Cuevas 2009

  • 1 Local Dead Carnage

  • Darryl DeLattre 2008

  • Steve Martz 2008

  • Fred Reva 2008

  • Eric Morales 2007

  • Chris Lokken 2007

  • David Bills 2003

  • Luis Alberto 1999

  • Stewart Family 1999

  • Daniel LaPraik 1997

  • Danny Hamel 1995


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