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Robby Gordon Named KING OF BAJA 2009 by Baja Racing News LIVE! UPDATED

December 15, 2010
Last King Of Baja Update 2009 For Robby Gordon

""Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. announced today a three-year extension of their sponsorship agreement with off-road champion and Team Toyo® member Robby Gordon. The 2009 SCORE International Overall Point Champion and 2009 SCORE Trophy-Truck Champion will continue to represent Toyo Tires and its Open Country® products in legendary international races such as the Baja 500, Baja 1000 and Dakar®. Gordon’s team features the new SPEED Energy/Toyo Tires® livery and will be a major presence at each race.
Leading the charge for Toyo Tires in desert racing, Gordon has competed on Toyo Open Country M/T®-R tires since 2005. He has delivered several victories for Toyo Tires including the company’s first Baja 1000 win in 2006, the first Dakar stage win in January of 2007 and our first SCORE Overall Championship in 2009. Gordon has also captured numerous SCORE desert racing victories over the last five years and in 2009, he finished third overall in the grueling Dakar.
“I’m excited about expanding this relationship for another three years. Toyo Tires makes a wonderful product. – Toyo is the best tire in the business that I have ever been involved with,” said Gordon. “And, it is the best tire company as far as making stuff happen and building the best product possible to win races. I can’t say enough about it and how excited I am for the next three years of our relationship.”
“Robby Gordon is an icon in the sport of racing, and has filled many pages of the history books thanks to his talent and determination to win,” said Yasushi Takagi, president and CEO of Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. “He has helped to bring international recognition to the Toyo Tires brand in off-road racing, and we are excited to have him as a long-time member of Team Toyo.”
Gordon relies on the Open Country M/T-R for its excellent combination of toughness and off-road traction. The results speak for themselves, with race drivers scoring numerous wins in the desert, on short courses and in rock racing competition.
To learn more about the full line of Open Country® products from Toyo Tires, log on to Toyo Tires manufactures and distributes a complete line of replacement tires for high performance cars, luxury vehicles, light trucks and SUVs as well as tires for commercial trucks, buses and off-road and construction applications.""

November 16, 2010


SPEED Energy and Toyo Tires Will Serve as Primary Sponsors on the No. 1 Chevy CK-150 Trophy Truck Driven by Robby Gordon

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Baja Racing -- When Robby Gordon rolls into the 43rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 in Ensenada, Mexico his No. 1 Chevy CK-150 Trophy Truck will feature a brand new primary sponsor for Robby GordonOff-Road. SPEED Energy will come on board to sponsor the 2009 Tecate SCORE International Off-Road Racing Champion in one of the most prestigious off-road races of the year.

"This company is based on a commitment to SPEED, energy and relentless determination. No one personifies those values better than Robby Gordon, which makes him the perfect fit for our new SPEED Energy brand," commented SPEED Energy Drink representative, Steve Nichols. "All Robby thinks about is SPEED, whether he is in his NASCAR [race car], his Dakar HUMMER, or his off-road trucks. He's the guy we wanted to represent the SPEED Energy brand and be a major part of the ownership group."

"I'm stoked to race at the Baja 1000 with the support of our partners: SPEED Energy, Toyo Tires, Polaris, Pro Comp to name a few," commented Robby Gordon. "I'm proud to introduce my fan base to SPEED Energy, and I'm certain that once they try it they will be just as excited about it as I am. It's a product that I'm really passionate about and one that I think has great potential. Each year I am amazed with how many fans we have supporting Robby Gordon Off Road throughout the Baja Peninsula. That support and interest in our team combine to make this race and region an excellent place to debut SPEED Energy's sponsorship on our trophy-truck."

"I love racing in the Baja 1000; it has been a long standing goal of mine to always compete in this event, even when I'm not able to compete throughout the entire SCORE schedule," said the reigning Tecate SCORE International Off-Road Racing Champion, Robby Gordon. "My family's roots are in off-road racing, so it's a very important race for all of us. SCORE is one of the last true endurance racing series where you're allowed to use both Imagineering and engineering to make your vehicle the absolute best it can be. It's so rare in motorsports to allow teams to use their creativity to produce a vehicle that works for their driver, but it makes for some fantastic racing and it is one of the reasons that I come back to race across the Baja Peninsula year after year."

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Baja Racing

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing

June 17, 2010 UPDATE!


May 15, 2010 UPDATED

Robby Gordon still needs sponsorship in order to attempt to qualify for all the Sprint Cup races this year, and if he does find enough sponsorship, he hopes to run the entire year.

Earlier this season, the veteran driver/owner had toyed with the idea of running a monster truck as well the Indianapolis 500 while scaling back his NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driving efforts, but some of those plans have not come to fruition.

Still, Gordon won’t guarantee that his Robby Gordon Motorsports No. 7 car will run in every event.

“We’re going to do everything we can [to race],” Gordon said Friday at Dover International Speedway. “If I was to miss races, they would be the weakest races [to get sponsorship] NASCAR has. Our goal is to race, and that’s what I desire to do. We’re going to continue to do that until it becomes financially not possible to do that.”

Gordon wouldn’t pinpoint a specific race where he might have to stay home. He said he would not start-and-park.

“We’re still trying to sell races,” Gordon said. “We’re going to run until we can’t run. That’s the best answer I can give.”

Gordon does have commitments for some off-road events. During the race at Pocono in June, Gordon will miss track activity Friday and Saturday so he can run the Baja 500. Michael Waltrip will practice and qualify the car for him, Gordon said.

It’s been a tough week for Gordon, who was penalized 25 points and fined $25,000 for attaching a brace holding a wood block inside his right-side door panels at Darlington Raceway last week. The brace and wood block, used to help lessen the amount of damage to a car, were found during initial inspection and he never used the items on the track.

“Basically there was no competitive advantage unless you hit the wall,” Gordon said. “Then if you hit the wall like most guys do at Darlington, then your wheels would still be pointed in the same direction.”

NASCAR Sprint Cup Director John Darby said Friday the cars have not been tested with the additional bracing and therefore the penalty was issued.

“We’ve done a lot of development, a lot of testing and have got energy-absorbing foam in both doors,” Darby said. “That’s the way the cars were tested. What we know is that works and works really well. What we don’t know if somebody adds extra bracing and everything, what it does.

“The car was not engineered with those pieces in it, nor tested with them in there.”

Gordon dropped one spot to 35th in owner points and is just 18 points ahead of 36th-place David Gilliland of Front Row Motorsports. Gordon needs to stay 35th or higher or he will have to qualify for races on speed instead of having a locked-in position.

He worked all Friday in race trim at Dover and he is optimistic that he can get his car working well for the Autism Speaks 400 on Sunday. Gordon, who will start 42nd on Sunday, has a best finish this year of 14th at Phoenix.

“We’re doing everything we can to continue running,” Gordon said. “I believe the race team is getting better. … I have blown up [in] 20 percent of the races. When you have that in your DNF category, that’s going to hurt.

“We are an easy top-25 team. We’ve just got to put our heads down and do it.”

March 11, 2010

Robby Gordon Baja 250 San Felipe Preview

During a rare off-weekend in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule, Robby Gordon will spend his time racing across Mexico’s Baja Peninsula as a part of the Tecate SCORE International Off-Road Series. As a two-time class winner, Gordon hopes to improve on his 2009 second-place finish and to bring home a victory for the Monster Energy / Toyo Tires team.
In last year’s edition of the San Felipe 250, Gordon led the event early, but fell behind when the air jack and mechanical jack both failed during a pit stop. Gordon was forced to drive his trophy truck a mile and a half on a flat tire, until he found some locals with a floor jack that helped him change the tire. Despite falling 22 minutes behind, Gordon was able to make up half of his deficit to finish the event in second-place just 11 minutes behind the leader. Gordon later went on to win the 2009 SCORE International Off-Road Series Season Championship.

This year, Gordon will pilot the No. 1 Monster Energy / Toyo Tires Chevy CK1500 Trophy Truck in the 24th Annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 this weekend. Gordon will race in a field of approximately 275 competitors from nearly ten different countries and 25 states. The race will take place over a narrow 248-mile loop that extends north of San Felipe and then south adjacent to the Sea of Cortez. The extreme course requires drivers to cross three of the most picturesque and challenging washes in Baja, as well as canyons filled with silt, jagged rocks and narrow passes between rock walls. Throughout the event, drivers will need to pass through four physical checkpoint locations before making their way across the finish line at the famed San Felipe Arches.

The trophy truck class will begin its trek across the Baja Peninsula at 10:00 a.m. PST on Saturday, March 13, with one vehicle beginning the timed-event every 30 seconds. Gordon will roll off second on Saturday morning in effort to capture this year’s San Felipe 250 title. Drivers will have a maximum of 11 hours to complete the course.

"Our Sprint Cup program has had a really tough start in 2010," commented Gordon. "We simply haven’t had any luck, but I’m hoping that we can change that this weekend and boost the spirits of the entire Robby Gordon Motorsports organization. Our Monster Energy / Toyo Tires trophy truck was extremely fast here last year, and we have been pre-running in San Felipe twice – once during the week between the California and Las Vegas Cup races and then again this week. I put my usual 50 miles on the trophy truck yesterday to shake it down, and I’m positive that my team has prepared our trophy truck to be capable of winning. As long as we can avoid any trouble, we should be able to bring home a strong finish at San Felipe. Off-road racing and the SCORE desert series are two things that I am extremely passionate about. I can’t wait to get this race started!"

February 24, 2010

This weekend will be Robby Gordon’s second racing trip to Nevada in 2010. He wrapped up his “offseason” competing at the Score Laughlin Challenge the day after he completed the Dakar Rally in South America.

Heading into the Shelby American, Gordon says, “I love to come to Las Vegas, but I love to race here even more. How could anyone not like racing out there? They have done a great job with the track, and I think the fans will see some good racing action this weekend. I really hope this track gets two races. After last weekend, I really think that the No. 7 Jim Beam Toyota will have a strong showing.”

Much like his off-road season this winter, Gordon says he’s been disappointed by some performances but also hopeful for the future. Gordon’s in 31st place in the Cup Series standings entering the season’s third race at one of his favorite tracks. He finished eighth overall in the Dakar Rally. He told Sporting News about his desert racing adventures over the winter.

How was this Dakar Rally different from ones in the past, with venue being the most obvious change?

The 2010 rally was very similar to the Rally in 2009 -- it was just run in the opposite direction and it also went a little farther north in Chile. The dirt and sand in Northern Chile was very soft with a lot of silt beds. It is like having a thin crust of dirt and then under the crust there is baby powder.

With some time to reflect, please sum up your thoughts about this year’s results for the Monster Energy / Toyo Tires team.

Looking back after the Rally, I'm a little disappointed that we had the problems that we had. Air inflation was for sure our biggest problem. I would say that we lost about 2 hours of time with broken air lines, then one day we had the compressors short out and fail.

We had a alternator fail on one stage where we lost about 3 hours and 30 minutes. It happened on a day that our other team had a problem with air inflation and also got lost. If they would have been closer to us we wouldn't have lost as much time. That was a huge bummer that was the one item that cost us a podium finish.

This is where it gets very difficult keeping the team morale up. We went from fourth, 30 minutes back, to 12th and 4 hours back. But there were still 8 days of racing left.

What was your favorite part about visiting Chile and Argentina?

A lot of things are my favorite parts. Off-road being on live TV, the fans are very enthusiastic and the Challenge of Dakar.

Winning a stage shows that we produce a very competitive car in major auto racing.

We know you’ll be back in the Rally. What are you thinking about 2011 and beyond in the Dakar Rally right now?

We are at the end of our current contracts for Dakar, so the most important thing to do is put new agreements in place with sponsors then start making modifications to our cars to make them faster and more reliable.

Is there a race abroad that you haven’t participated in yet that you want to run in?

I would like to take our Hummers to Dubai for the race over there.

How would you assess your off-road season?

I'm pretty happy with the final results … to finish in the top 10 again, it’s a huge accomplishment. The Dakar Rally is the toughest race in the world by far. I have raced in the 24 hours of Daytona and the 12 hours of Sebring and won both four times, but Dakar is a logistical nightmare, and that is one of the coolest things about it. The terrain is brutal, huge sand dunes baked with crust is very difficult on the cars and their parts. I feel that our team for Dakar is getting better and better every year. Maybe 2011 will be our year."

Da Bitches UPDATE!

"KING OF BAJA" Robby Gordon
spent time over the holidays with baby Max and baby mama Sarah, but it was his girlfriend Sherry that accompanied him to South America for the Dakar Rally. To each his own definition of this "Bitches status".

Robby Gordon, his unproud papa status and recent social-networking nightmare - Baby mama dramarama! Former members of Robby's Uprising say that candid discussion of the the #7 team's struggles last season became an issue on the driver's fan site as many team members, sponsor employers and marketing reps were site participants and were privy to the criticisms. They also confirm that the fans' desire to discuss Robby's personal life could not be curtailed and was a constant challenge for site admins.
Robby's running off to new girlfriend so shortly after Max's birth was more than the new baby mama could handle and she found an outlet -- and audience -- on a social website, led to its ultimate demise.
#1 most-anticipated but unasked question from a 2008 teleconference:
"Robby, how has fatherhood changed your outlook on life?"
FATHERHOOD FLASHBACK: The "Other" Gordon - "I think that the whole thing is overwhelming from the moment that you see your first sonogram, I think that it's just an experience that you can't describe until you go through it, and then all of a sudden when the baby is born, you know, that emotion and that feeling that you get, responsibility and being proud and excited, you know, just there are not words that really describe it. And then you sort of get initiated into a club. It's an elite club and only people who are parents can understand it and are a part of it, and it's very special. It's a lot of hard work." ~Jeff Gordon
Former devoted Robby fan: "I don't think I can love him like I used to anymore! ... I cannot believe all of this! WHY hasn't he said anything about the baby still?!
It's so weird! People know--just say something!"
Popular NASCARolina swimsuit model Shana Prevette has been linked with a few NASCAR drivers, including BOING! Robby Gordon, David Stremme and the recently engaged Anthony Foyt IV, she is now married. The new bride met her husband, Aaron Hershman, last fall. They got hitched less than two weeks later in Las Vegas. More later on 'da Bitches'.

KING OF BAJA NEWS From February 4, 2010
[More details added Feb 10, 2010 after another interview]

UPDATE ON 2010 Baja Racing Series Championship Points Now

Robby Gordon Explains his DAKAR performance on NASCAR Media Day

Robby today, said his alternator gave out on the third day of DAKAR in Chile on the wide expanses of desert. He said the Monster Hummer drove third gear, full speed, for hours ['massive dyno pull']. On the "dirt crust' ['Baked Dirt'] surface, with talc desert underneath, tons of fine dust and sand got into everything.

The brushes on his alternator gave out. Killed three hours, because no back-up was available. [on the alternator thing at DAKAR this year, "A freak deal"]

[Gordon explained his Off-Road Motorsports people are now in the process of developing the plan, "How to build the next Hummer to compete with the VW's.
He referenced the VW Racing Touaregs (DAKAR version) hauling ass on 31's (BFG's). He said they beat him wide open by 5 minutes because of their better top end speeds.

Robby talked about his main competitor for the King Of Baja crown for this season, "Andy McMillin doesn't even know how to weld".

He also mentioned his dissatisfaction of his team finishing 11th at Laughlin, not yet testing at San Felipe in preparation for the Baja 250 and that his team has "washed" the truck three times after recent events, but no tear down or race preparation has been completed.

This after Robby spoke for nearly forty minutes on the details of his current off-road program. Many of the engineering challenges Gordon Motorsports has overcome was discussed. Tire sizes, the Trophy Truck program and the new Hummer were discussed. One detail he mentioned, "we run 410 rear gears".

A couple of the details, that his "Robby Gordon built" TT, "that Riviera Trophy Truck", built in 1993 and ran in the 93, 94 and 95 seasons and still winning today, "won almost every race in 1995 and is still very competitive. The Roger Norman Truck is the brother of that Riviera truck.

Essentially, Robby was asserting the design, engineering and competitive edge Gordon Motorsports has had since 1993 is being focused to take on the "Formula 1 teams that run in the dirt", the DAKAR teams, like VW and BMW".

"The DAKAR teams he is competing with, like VW and BMW, are spending many millions of dollars more than the American effort in the DAKAR rallies.]

[On the INDY effort, Gordon Motorsports has been talking, still not completed, but as Robby explained, its a partnership with very experienced Indy players and that "the essentials of racing at Indy haven't changed in the five years Robby was last at the Indy 500. Except the power plants.

He continued, that he is confident, when any move to Indy is made, Gordon Motorsports can pull of a top five finish.]

For 2010 in NASCAR the "7" car will run the entire series, Robby will not. He'll make a decision on the Indy 500 in a couple weeks and lots of other Monster projects are on the chalk board at Gordon Motorsports. [Gordon mentioned, talking from Daytona, during the DAYTONA 500 ramp-up festivities, "the top league of motorsports in America today, is stock car racing, NASCAR"].

Robby "King Of Baja" Gordon Goes Big 2010
UPDATE! For the first time since 2001, owner/driver Robby Gordon will not attempt a full Sprint Cup Series schedule, opting instead to diversify in several directions -- including a possible Indianapolis 500 attempt, the X Games and a Monster Truck program.
In an audio clip from Sirius' Tradin' Paint posted on his team's Web site, Gordon said a lack of sponsorship for his No. 7 Toyota would force that program's reduction, including splitting the schedule with new ally BAM Racing. Gordon, the 2009 SCORE Trophy-Truck champion, said he also would compete in a variety of off-road events.
The multi-talented Gordon, who earlier this year failed to reprise his 2009 podium run while finishing eighth in the grueling two-week Dakar Rally, said he was considering a return to IndyCar. He finished fourth in the 1999 Indy 500 and last competed in the event in 2004.
"It's definitely interesting times," Gordon said. "We've got a couple things that are obviously pretty decent and I'm pretty happy about that right now. We're getting ready for Daytona."
This year's Daytona 500 will be Gordon's 12th start in the Great American Race, but for the first time in nearly 10 years he won't be looking at a full season. Monster, the same company that backed his Dakar effort, will be on Gordon's car for the season opener.
"We've got a commitment with Monster Energy to do a few NASCAR races, and Daytona is one of those races," Gordon said. "Between our Monster Energy program and the deal we've got put together with BAM and Warner Music Nashville, we're trying to piece it so we can keep one car running all the time. That's obviously our goal.
"Neither of us has any interest, as in none -- like, zero -- in start-and-parking. So obviously if we're not going to go to the race track to run full-time, we're not going to go at all."
Gordon, who recently announced he'd hired engineer Iain Watt as his crew chief, confirmed that both teams would field newly built, sponsored cars in the Daytona 500, where BAM's entry would have to qualify either on speed or in its Gatorade Duel 150.
Gordon said he might run a No. 7 BAM Toyota at California with Warner Music onboard and then revert to his own Monster car at Las Vegas.
"We'll be doing some mixing and matching," Gordon said. "Obviously, there are some conflicts with some other programs I've got in place with Monster so that I won't be able to drive all of [the Cup races], but we should be able to make it work."
Gordon said the teams had "a fleet" of intermediate cars prepared for the races following Speedweeks and that he anticipated a new car being ready "every three weeks" after that.
"I feel our cars are as good as anybody in the garage area," Gordon said. "I think my pit crew has stepped up the game and having Iain Watt over here as my crew chief/engineer, I think we'll have a good season."
Gordon said he had ongoing business relationships with 10-year backer Menards and Mapei, a company that was on his Cup cars last season, but he wouldn't say what their involvement would be in 2010.
"The most important thing for us to do is put high-scoring points on the scoreboard," Gordon said. "And when I mean high, that's low numbers -- like one, two, three, four, five. We need to run in the top five and that's obviously our goal."
Gordon, who operates Robby Gordon Off-Road in California, said he even planned to build a USHRA Monster Truck.
"I'm looking forward to that because I've never built a Monster Truck," he said. "I'm looking forward to building [that] and going against Grave Digger. We've always been dominant in off-road racing, so I look forward to this project."
Gordon said in addition to running the SCORE Baja 1000, continuing the Hummer program he used for the Dakar and "some rally stuff," he was "giving serious consideration" to going back to the Indianapolis 500.
"Obviously, [to be in the Cup garage every weekend] is our goal," Gordon said. "Unfortunately there are going to be some schedule conflicts [because] I'd really like to do the X Games' rally deal and I would like to do the Indy 500.
"There's some things I want to do, that I feel are important for my career."" Baja Racing

Blast From Baja Racing Past: Robby Testing on Public Roads in Baja California at 144 MPH!

First Reported HERE!

On Saturday Night, December 5, Robby Gordon was named KING OF BAJA 2009, by the Editorial Board of Baja Racing and announced LIVE! at the Dead Mans Hand Racing Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gordons racing performance throughout the year in Baja Mexico, proved he is the KING OF BAJA!

Yes, he Baja raced the San Felipe race course in early Spring '09, he mouthed off about the Baja 500 race results, he destroyed the Baja 500 course and reportedly he had the best raw point to point time in the 2009 Baja 1000.

Yes, Robby Gordon zipped his lip to stay in the good graces of the SCOREs disaster scoring scandal after his first comments after the Baja 500 was screwed by the SCORE tracking scandal, but, after his H3 accident and his for-real gut check to continue and win the 2009 desert racing series and put everybody up in Vegas and last nights terrific Sammy Hagar show at the awards ceremony, Robby Gordon is the KING OF BAJA 2009.

In the 2000 Dust To Glory event at the Peterson Museum, Gordon chose Hagars, "Can't Drive 55", for his portion of the show. Its been a long nine years, but the fruits of Gordon Motorsports labors are no
w, just starting to produce the fruit of success for perhaps, the greatest modern era off-road racer in history, Robby Gordon. Though, we never realized Robby had only three fingers on his left hand!

Congratulations, Robby Gordon, KING OF BAJA 2009!

PROMO BAJA MIL 2009 ZOOROAD/RIGOSVIDEOS¡¡¡ from Baja Racing News LIVE! on Baja Racing News LIVE! VIDEOS.

Baja Racing would like to thank Baja Safari for its sponsorship of the KING OF BAJA Award and the BURN DOWN LAS VEGAS events, Thanks!