Monday, May 09, 2011

Jim Holthus and KCEO separate after drinking on-air charges. By Gary Newsome

LUCAS OIL Mouthpiece! The Party's Over! Holthus-Dailey GONE from KCEO

"They sold my time Out from under me!" Jim sez tonight, YEA RIGHT! Jim, you're GONE for the boozin' on-air! KCEO didn't want to lose their license because of your drinking on-air antics!"

Gary Newsome Reports: KCEO Seperates from Jim Holthus after Reports of FCC Violations of On-Air Drinking!

Lucas Oil, General Tire sponsored media hack and now former KCEO personality separated after charges of drinking on-air antics on KCEO. After Baja Racing News reports, Holthus admits changes. How drunk were they?

FLASHBACK TO August 20, 2010 Holthus & Dailey "Don't Give- A F***", Supporters Lucas Oil and General Tire continue to give consumers dollars to drunks, dregs and the lowest form of life in So-Cal Off-Road!

The California 200 Disaster EXPOSED The DGAF'ers

The first reactions from many in the racing community, after the incident, were ugly. A few Blamed the victims and many called for cover-ups of the facts. Why do people 'cover-up? Because they have something to hide.

We reported on the 'blamers' and cover-ups associated with the victimization of the innocent of the horrible California 200 2010, when 8 people died and many more were injured Sponsored by Lucas Oil & General Tire, Jim Holthus and Pat Dailey are part of the 'DGAF' crew. A group of well-sponsored drunks who couldn't care less about the rights and responsibilities of off-road public figures disrespecting the public at large, because Lucas Oil and General Tire DGAF either!

These images are from the Del Mar California State Fair, last summer, (2010). They actually ran that truck, in front of families of the general public.

DRC, the desert racing crackheads, TORR and General Tire support this DGAF crew. They should be ashamed.

We have much more material on the "DGAFers" or the DGAF crew, we'll get to later.