Saturday, May 07, 2011

BAJA 500 2011 Raceweek Hosted By Hottie Mel Naked From Baja Mexico, Starts Monday, May 30

BIG NEWS FROM Ensenada Baja California Mexico!

Hottie Mel, the biggest Baja Star living in Baja Mexico will Host the LIVE ! Webcast of this years BAJA 500 2011 from Ensenada starting Monday, May 30. The "Race-Babe" Hottie Mel will get the biggest, baddest interviews, race-scoops and drop-dead Hotness from the local club scene in Ensenada before the Green Flag Drops on Saturday Morning, June 4, in front of the old casino on Ensenada Bay. STAY TUNED for details...

Baja Racing News LIVE!

Monday, May 02, 2011

The CABO 1000 Finished on the Beach Sunday! Moved to Loreto Saturday and Started Friday in Mexicali, Thursday was the San Diego Baja Safari Fiesta Started The Party! CLICK HERE!

CABO 1000 LIVE REPORT! Baja 300 Kaput! "RIP" Rest In Peace" to The Tip Tragedy, Desert Off-Road Media News & Special Guest George Antill

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               $24,000 US UP FOR GRABS IN CABO!


UPDATE! From Loreto, Sunday May 1, 2011 7 AM Local

The CABO 1000 teams are scrambling for the $24,000 in prize money right now! They left this little sleepy fishing village early at 5:50 AM, before the sun came up and are now screaming (for some teams) to the Beach in Cabo San Lucas.

For the overall timing of the race, only two teams are in contention to win. They started at the head of the field, seperated at the start by only thirty seconds. There was no overnight party for many of the teams who were lucky enough just to get to the start line and qualifying for this mornings start. All further reports will be on CABO

TODAY, May 1 Loreto To Cabo San Lucas

Tuesday, May 3 Cabo San Lucas Beachfront Awards Ceremony

Saturday - April 30  11 PM Local

LIVE! From Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California Mexico.

After overnight repairs and some sleep, the CABO 1000 competitors will start before dawn and race to the second day goal - Loreto, Baja California Sur (South).

Todays unofficial results go like this: Two teams are in the lead with seven teams bringing up the middle group.   Eleven teams are in various disrepair and behind the rest of the field, with the balance of the teams OUT of the event. Transmissions and Tires took out several teams, including, Jeff Blair from Minnesota. Jeff said today, " Great event but we just didn't have enough time and money into our truck, it broke three hundred miles into the race today!"

The goal of the third day of the CABO 1000 is crossing onto the beach in Cabo. So much of the third day will be racing at night onto the beach. The winning team could make it by sunset. STAY TUNED

Friday- April 29, 2011 11:22 Local.

LIVE! From Mexicali...24 teams showed up for the start this morning in Mexicali, with one team missing the green flag, but starting later. Two teams are having mechanical issues (transmissions) and the forward field making it to Gonzaga with the back of the field out of San Felipe by sunrise.

With this fast pace the field should be through L.A. Bay before nightfall. 
The weather is turning out to be perfect, 80-90's and clear skies. 

Earlier Reporting...Twenty-Four Desert Off-Road Racers Will Start From Mexicali Mexico Before Dawn and race to the Beach on the Golden Sand of Cabo San Lucas, for a total payout of 24 Grand.

FROM Thursday, in San Diego...The CABO 1000 Baja Safari Fiesta is Tonight in San Diego, the event launches the desert off-road race across the vast stretches of Baja Mexico Desert through the next few days until the finish line on the azure blue shores at the tip of the Baja peninsula at Cabo San Lucas Mexico. The Western Union office in Cabo San Lucas will be needed for one lucky team at the Finish Line, on the Golden Sand at Lands End! Thanks to Carmen Villegas for her reports 

Baja Safari Fiesta