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BAJA 500 2011 Live! from Baja Mexico Another Animal House!


LIVE ! BAJA 500 Coverage Begins
Monday, May 30th

LIVE ! Racecast Saturday, June 4

Good Morning From The Desert Tower Studio! We are updating LIVE! Stay Tuned...

Thursday, May 27th, BAJA 500 2011 Pre-Running Reports as they come in>>>

BAJA 500 2011 Schedule of Events

BAJA 500 RaceWeek Begins!
MONDAY, May 30

10 AM PT LIVE ! Webcast Begins Interviews With Racers

6 PM PT/ 9 ET Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE!
SPECIAL GUESTS! Sal Fish and Marty Fiolka


LIVE From Ensenada Mexico from the Baja Safari Party Tent
Special Guests T.B.A.


Robby Gordon SPEED Energy Meet & Greet
Tijuana, Baja Mexico, WALMART 5-7 PM


Contingency Row - 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Technical Inspection - 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Robby Gordon SPEED Energy Meet & Greet
Ensenada, Baja Mexico, WALMART 5-7 PM

Competitors Meeting LIVE! - 7:00PM


Late Technical Inspection - 5:00AM
Motorcycle & ATV Start - 6:00AM
Four Wheel Start - 10:00AM


Posting of Unofficial Results - 9:00AM
Competition Review Board - 10:00AM
Awards Presentation Poolside LIVE! - 11:00A

*May 27-30 SpeedMex Pits Services will be open and available next weekend! Monster Mano will be hosting the Saldana Pre-Run Pit again at race mile 167 (RM 167). Next weekend the pit will be open Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Any of you that have stopped at one of Monster Mano's pre-run pits know they are in for the best Monster Machaca Burritos on the peninsula. This years 500 SpeedMex Pits will be running 10 full service pits.

SpeedMex Services T.619.251.9486

If you are a race fan, participant racer, a race team or pit crew and are transporting your race car in a vehicle longer than 18’ (overall length not counting towing vehicle), such an enclosed trailer, step van, truck or semi trailer, you should obtain a ‘Temporary Importation Pediment’. In order to get one you should observe and follow closely the steps listed below:

· Prepare a detailed inventory list of what you are bringing (Tools, parts, tires, etc) Remember: DO NOT BRING RACE FUEL OR USED TIRES NOT MOUNTED ON WHEELS.
· The SpeedMex validated Broker will prepare the necessary paperwork for you to cross the border into Mexico, as well as the return
documents that you should present when leaving the country, to prove that everything that came into Mexico is returning to the United States, otherwise it will be considered as a Definitive Importation resulting in having to pay taxes and fines.
· The Temporary Importation Status allows you to bring your race car and equipment to participate in a
motorsports event , without having to pay any tax or duty and administrative fees.
· You may require a SpeedMex validated customs broker or security services, if you have personnel and equipment requiring protection.
· If you are bringing a race vehicle towed in a trailer or flatbed under 18’, you are exempted of preparing a Temporary Importation Pediment; Motorhomes, Toy haulers and RV’s are exempted as well.
· SpeedMex will give your Tourist Visa to you before you cross into Mexico. If you are going further south of Ensenada or staying in Mexico for more than 72 hours, it is required by Mexican Immigration Authorities that you obtain a Tourist Visa called DNI, it is a visa that allows you to travel (not good to work) legally thru the country as a Tourist/Visitor, it is good for a period of 180 days, and allows you to have multiple entries. You must show a valid and current Passport or Original Birth Certificate. Drivers Licenses are not accepted for Immigration purposes since they are not proof of citizenship. You'll get your personalized coverage via the SpeedMex validated Mexican Insurance Policy, which includes very important legal coverage while operating any motor vehicle in the Republic of Mexico.

· Please remember that during your stay in Mexico you should always carry a current and valid Drivers License.

SpeedMex is the ONLY service available 24/7 during races in Baja Mexico!

>>>Pre-Running UPDATES:

NEW UPDATES! May 27, 2011

Luke McMillin joins the rest of the McMillin family in riding SCORE like a bitch: "Ok, got back form pre running, that is RIDICULOUS! Race can not go through there. 1st switch back uphill is difficult, most definitely a bottle neck for the limited car, 2nd up hill by race day = IMPOSSIBLE for ANY VEHICLE. Down hill= literal death. Welp that sums it up. Course needs to ditch the summit, even once you get over the summit it's not like the whoops into borrego are fun, they are getting terrible.... Ditch the summit and go run a big mikes loop. WE NEED A NEW COURSE, or one we didn't run just last year."

May 26, 2011

SCORE Announces work on Race Mile 110:
"Baja 500 @ Race Mile 110.

A new road was recently constructed from the Santa Catarina Indian Village to the Summit.
SCORE is fully aware of the extremely difficult uphill and downhill that exists at Race Mile 110.
Heavy equipment arrived at this location on Wednesday, May 25 and will begin repairing this area."

Andy McMillin chimes in on the 'Summit RM 110' PreRunning smack talk:
"The problem is that heavy equipment is what created that road in the first place. More heavy equipment is not the answer. I talked with numerous TT drivers down there and we all said the same thing: "no way". Some couldn't even make it up. But what do we know anyways?"

DEEP BAJA 500 Intel
This is NOT a new issue,
"Drug Gangs Devastate Indian Villages in Baja
CLICK HERE For the Deep Intel on Baja Norte social and financial dynamics at work

The Fight over land in Baja Norte for cultivation of huge tracts of 'mary jane' and smugglin routes into the United States for cocaine, continues to this day. Race organizers try to 'race' around these region wide impacts.

*The most significant course change in this years race involves changes from the old course. The old course went through a ranch with a locked gate. Reason for new course up to summit is to not go through that ranch. Not sure it would be welcome for chasers. It's just up the road from where the prerunning sportsman motorcyclist biker was shot in one of the last Baja races. And Oscar Ramos and SCORE tried to cover up the results. An American shot in Baja, Mexico and the event covered up by the racing sanctioning body. CLICKY for verification of the facts. Good Times!


Tony Tellier reports that the refusal of local land owners for the 2011 Baja 500 course to run in the summit area has little to do with "honest" agricultural issues. Rather, this is DRUG GROWING COUNTRY WITH TONS OF POT BEING GROWN AND PACKAGED FOR HARVEST IN BAJA NORTE.

InSecurity Update: Black Commandos Run Rampant in Baja Norte:
ZETA Ensenada Report CLICK HERE
ZETA Rosarito Report CLICK HERE overed_v.html?r=topnews

BY Jaime Uribarri
May 25th 2011

Fifteen members of the Tijuana Police Department have been suspended after a video surfaced of them ordering a woman to strip for her freedom.

El Mexicano newspaper released the five-minute clip of the unidentified detainee removing her clothes and performing an X-rated strip show for the uniformed officers at a local police station.

The grainy video shows the woman, whose face is blurred, posing on a table and flaunting some skin for the cops before getting naked from the waist up. The then gives one of the officers a lap dance, which turns into a full-on grope session.

The incident took place March 2, when the woman and a male companion were arrested for possession of stolen bank cards and checks. According to El Mexicano, the arresting officers offered to release them in exchange for the strip show.

Among those reportedly in attendance was VĂ­ctor Manuel de la Cruz Candelaria, head of La Presa Rural district. Candelaria denied taking part in the incident and also said the woman performed her racy routine on her own free will.

"The judge had already ordered her released since she didn't directly participate in the crime," he told El Mexicano. "She's a woman of the night."

Regardless of what really happened, Candelaria and the other 14 officers will likely soon be out of a job.

"They've already been suspended and we're looking to fire them permanently," Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamente said during a press conference this week. "What these people have done lacks morals."


By Gary Newsome, Editor. From Various Inside sources in Baja Mexico

""""A few years ago, when now Mayor of Tijuana, Carlos Bustamante was merely the SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments) rep from Mexico, he was called to attend a meeting in downtown San Diego with representatives from the United States consulate office in Tijuana (US Federal State Department).

Bustamantes position with SANDAG meant he was THE rep from Mexico to the San Diego Association of Governments throughout the County and the State of California. From direct reports from the State Department rep who attended the meeting, Bustamante could not care less about the topic of the meeting. Unacceptable Crime Levels In Mexico, starting to make their way into San Diego.

Bustamante blew off the sincere concerns of the Americans in the meeting.

For years, the Tijuana police force has stolen, robbed and killed Americans. FACT. Just look up the "Mainly Mozart" event that for years held events in Baja Mexico. No More. Why? They were robbed, stolen and some of their customers were beaten.

The incident of the meeting Bustamante attended, changed the Tijuana consulate staff attitude towards the crime wave in Baja Mexico. From that day on, they realized, the Mexican authorities, the Baja Californios disdain for international travelers and the drug gangs influence on the entire judicial system in Mexico made their responsibility to American citizens in Baja Mexico, a complete no-win situation.

The non-results of the meeting also told the State Department in DC that the future of crimes against travelers in Tijuana and the rest of Baja Mexico, would become a wave of uncontrollable criminal activity.

The past ten years have changed old Mexico forever. The drug using public of America is the responsible party to Mexico losing its innocence forever.""""

*Baja Norte-Ensenada is the most dangerous area in Mexico outside of Juarez. Case in Point: When Tony marked the “500 course" their lead vehcile was drawn-down upon by Mexican Army dudes in a mobile Hummer.
Hands in the air; the whole 3-squared yards. After explaining the team’s purpose they unchambered their rounds. Be advised that that “no ammo” tale is a total falsehood, live ammo rounds are in the chambers, at least out in the wilds. They (The Real Mexican Army) had a second Hummer in the Nuevo Junction area, spotting the hill with binocs. Tony suggests that trying to access the course via the traditonal route might be ill-advised. At best.

Ted Moncure of Long Beach Racers said in looking at the course changes:
"If the route is ridiculous and we run the risk of getting shot if we try to go around, why doesn't Sal just change the course?"


*At Rm 110 is the first restart followed by 112 where you have an insanely greasy downhill w a horrid left hander that even bikes were walking down. There are no other ways around the spots where the traffic jams will be. taking the old track and getting a 20 minute penalty might be the smartest option. Beware of the wrong way sign which looks like a easy way around the first jam, it leads to "Lucho's valley of the Amazon Blondes", but it's a valley of no return and your race will end here.

*The summit is the usual old track and the same til borrego. Probably a 50% attrition by rm 120. The new Summit section was very bad. It took them 3 hours to go 8 miles. This is the stock truck, not the race truck, but the race truck is only about twice as fast, so they are concerned. They said it's very steep with a lot of switchbacks, and there is only 1 line, so if someone gets stuck you can't get in to get them. Anyone else done this section yet? Think it will be smoothed out a bit by race day or is this going to be a massive bottleneck?

*Just got back from running this section outlook is not good was with a group of really good drivers in high powered cars and had to make several runs at these hills the course will be impassable in a couple days.
It's steep and soft and we all only had 2 wheel drive and 700 horsepower. More prerunning and the conditions will be bad for even the best drivers and vehicles.

***OFFICIAL Baja Racing PreRunning Notes***

New Nuevo Junction-ish Section RM100.62 No beaten path, cow trail, very tight, many ribbons plant-to-plant The “New” Summit RM108.5 Lengthy newly-graded access section necessary to avoid ranch Narrow, rough, loose, steep in both directions, little, if any, pull-outs, no access Joins traditional Summit trail, i.e., trivial by comparison Wash to Cohabuzo Jct RM122.6 Narrow, soft, rocks, twisty, overhanging trees Highway 3 “Frontage Road” RM213.90 Extremely whooped-out Asphalt access to San Matais pass Road to Mike’s RM233.87 Great condition Wide, smooth Course does NOT go to Mike’s Crossover Road RM247.15 Great condition Wide, smooth Valle de La Trinidad Bypass RM262.70 Whoops, endless, rolling hills Washout RM267.42 Exposed rock-strewn uphill Difficulty depends upon situation, vehicle, water, ruts, and loose boulders Valle T / Llano Colorado / San Vicente / Graded Road RM270.41 Greatly improved, fast Irritating stutter bumps at first vineyards Army at Highway 1 Erendira RM329.17 Some open running after leaving beach Flagged Extra reflectors (you can thank me!) Erindera Missing Markers RM333.10 Local dickwad pulling ribbons / signs / posts … tearing and running them down DO NOT RELY ON MARKERS: GPS Erendira Steep Hill RM335.65 Loose volcanic debris, steep, turns, may be rutted, no run at it Erendira Fields RM330 Lots of CLOSED gates and livestock Highway 1 RM379.17 Mucho serious road construction No Army stops (as of 201l-05-19) Course leaves Highway 1 at “La Grulla” Does NOT turn at Ururapan

Friday, May 20 UPDATE:
Prerunning Begins Friday In Mexico On Rugged 454.69 Mile Course.
June 2-5 event in Ensenada has entries from 25 States, 7 countries.
LOS ANGELES—With the release of the official course map, GPS files and course notes this week, pre-race activity increases significantly starting Friday when the world’s best desert racers officially begin their pre-running and course logistics activities for next month’s 43rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the second-oldest desert race in the world.
The 2011 BAJA 500 will feature nearly 250 entries, competing in 28 Pro and 7 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs, will be held June 2-5 in Ensenada, Mexico.
Again, this year’s 43rd anniversary of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the original desert race produced by SCORE on July 26, 1974, will be LIVE! Webcast on Baja Racing News LIVE! at
The green flag will drop for the race at 6 a.m. on Saturday (June 4) for the motorcycle and ATV classes in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, followed by the car and truck classes three hours after the last ATV at approximately 10 a.m. The elapsed-time race will start and finish in front of the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center on Boulevard Costero in the heart of Ensenada, leaving and returning into the city through the arroyo wash.
The talented field of veteran desert racers heading to Baja includes 14 defending class winners out of the 25 Pro classes that had finishers in last year’s race.
Last year’s overall race champions are among the early entries in this year’s race. The overall 4-wheel winner in 2010 was the son/father team of Andy and Scott McMillin, National City, Calif., who drive the No. 31 Ford F-150 SCORE Trophy-Truck. Recording the fastest overall time while leading all motorcycles in last year’s race was the JCR Honda Racing Team riders Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif./Quinn Cody, Buellton, Calif., on a Honda CRF450X while the fastest ATV was the Honda TRX700X riding by Wayne Matlock/Josh Caster, El Cajon, Calif./Wes Miller, Fallbrook, Calif.
The rugged 454.69-mile course is a very similar to the last three years, although it is about 16 miles longer and the terrain has changed because of natural weather patterns that impact both sides of the race course on the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez and in the middle in the summit section. The course, which runs in a clockwise direction, resembles a deflating balloon, winding east to Ojos Negros, down to near San Felipe, back West to the Pacific Ocean below San Vicente and back north east through Santo Tomas on the way back to Ojos Negros and then Ensenada.

The only pre-running that will be allowed on the first 36.83 miles of the course will be outbound only and only on Thursday and Friday, June 2 and 3. No inbound pre-running on the last 36.83 miles of the course will be allowed. Pre-running of the rest of the course will start and finish in the Ojos Negros area.
The featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division for high-tech, 800-horsepower, unlimited production trucks has a race-high 28 entries in this year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 500.

The four official race checkpoints, where all vehicles are required to make a quick stop, will be located at race mile 92.30 (Santa Catarina), rm211.89 (Borrego), rm318.20 (Northwest of Colonet near the Pacific Ocean) and rm411.98 (West of Ojos Negros). The course will also have 36 virtual checkpoints.
Besides the three overall winners, the other defending Pro class champions in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 entered this year to date are: Steve Appleton, Boise, Idaho (Class 1, Jimco-Chevy), Brian Wilson, Long Beach, Calif. (Class 1-2/1600, Kreger-VW), Dave Caspino, Woodland Hills, Calif. (Class 6, Ford Ranger); Dan Chamlee, Carpenteria, Calif. (Class 7, Ford Ranger); Kent Kroeker, Valley Center, Calif. (Class 8, Dodge Ram2500); Sergio Salgado, Mexicali, Mexico (Class 10, Jimco-VW); Steven Eugenio, Alpine, Calif./Adam Pfankuch, Carlsbad, Calif., (SCORE Lite, Prill-VW); Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico (Class 30, Honda CRF450X); Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Class 40, Honda CRF450X) and Joe Rice, Lomita, Calif./Rob Ransford, Chicago (Class 26, Can-Am 4X4).
The Sportsman class winners returning from last year as of today are: Peter Lang, Santa Rosa, Calif. (SPT Car, Homebuilt-Buick) and Thomas Graves, El Cajon, Calif. (SPT UTV, Yamaha Rhino).
Rising Southern Nevada desert racing star Bryce Menzies along with Dan Martin, Shane Esposito and Roberto Ruiz all drew pole positions in their respective divisions during the April 23 computerized drawing for starting positions in the race. The draw was held at the SCORE headquarters in Los Angeles.
Ruiz, El Centro, Calif., is leading a multi-rider Class 25 ATV team on a Honda TRX450R.
Las Vegas Menzies, 23, winner of this year’s SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge in January, received the first starting position for 4-wheel vehicles in the No. 70 Menzies Motorsports Ford F-150. In just his fourth SCORE race, this is also the first time in his budding career that he has drawn the coveted starting position in the marquee SCORE Trophy-Truck division for high-tech, 800-horsepower unlimited production trucks.
Martin, Monrovia, Calif., will start first in the unlimited Class 1 in the COPS Racing Chevy-powered Penhall open-wheel desert race car. Esposito, Lake Elsinore, Calif. will lead the motorcycles and his team into the Baja desert on a Kawasaki KX450F in Class 22 for open motorcycles.
As of the Start draw, the Pro 4-Wheel vehicles classes with the most entries are: SCORE Trophy-Truck (28), the unlimited Class 1 (26), and Class 1-2/1600 and SCORE Lite with 11 each.
Leading the Pro Motorcycle classes in entries so far are Class 22 (8).
Class 24 leads the Pro ATV classes with eight entries to date.
Among the Sportsman classes, SPT Motorcycles 450cc and over has the most with 19 entries.
For the fourth straight year and just the fourth time in the 43-year history of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert race, the colorful pre-race Manufacturer’s Midway and Contingency, the start and finish line will all be located in the heart of Ensenada, Mexico on Boulevard Costero adjacent to the historic Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center. It will be the fourth time in race history that both the pre-race activities and the finish will be held on this historic boulevard.
The SCORE Manufacturer’s Midway will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, June 3 on Blvd Costero. Racer registration will again be held in the Grand Ballroom of the San Nicolas Hotel. Registration hours will be from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 2 and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday June 3.
The awards celebration will be held poolside at the San Nicolas Hotel on Sunday, June 5 at 11 a.m.

BAJA 500 2011 PreRunning Notice!

BAJA 500 2011 Course Chart 1

BAJA 500 2011 Course Chart 2

Welcome! Racing Fans, It's the Baja 500 2011 and already the "Animal House" has started again. Last year, it was the fag fiesta at Mikes Sky Ranch before the race and Roger Norman taking down one of the sportsman motorcyclists!

Josh Daniel of Danzio at the 2010 Baja 500 Animal House (pictured Above) and video of his 2009 big eat at the Parker race at around 115 mph!




BAJA 500 2011 Storyline Begins...

Baja Racing finds TT and Class 1 go by the top 12 spots from previous race?? Right? Aren't those the rules? How is 101 Dan Martin starting first in class 1 and 105 Ronny Wilson 5th when they both show as DNF at San Felipe?

11-DNF DNF 107 Dan Martin 10:01:30 1100 1203 1255 1414 xxx xxx xxx VIOLATION OF RULE GL13
12-DNF DNF 115 Ronny Wilson 10:04:30 1107 1211 1306 1439 xxx xxx xxx VIOLATION OF RULE GL13

Results from the 'so-called' 'computerized draw', yesterday from SCORE headquarters in Los Angeles California:

43rd Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500
June 2-5, 2011—Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Total Entries: 148 (as of 4/24/11)

(from 21 States, Canada, France, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico and U.S. territory-Guam)

Pro Cars & Trucks
70 Bryce Menzies
31 Andy McMillin
19 Tim Herbst
84 Nick Vanderwey
27 Dave Crinklaw
24 Adam Householder
54 Jesse James
98 Gary Weyhrich
23 Mark McMillin
20 Rob MacCachren
16 Cameron Steele
1 Jesse Jones
30 Robbie Pierce
7 Scott Steinberger
39 Ron Whitton
78 Jesse Ashcraft
10 Ken Losch
8 Roger Norman
18 Clyde Stacy
71 Rick D. Johnson
28 Alan Pflueger
49 Troy Herbst
47 James Bult
60 Mike Voudouris
51 Kory Scheeler
2 Pete Sohren
77 Robby Gordon
45 Gary Magness
97 B.J. Baldwin
35 Jason Voss
21 Gus Vildosola Jr.
CLASS 1 (20)
101 Dan Martin
102 Randy Wilson
103 David Greenhill
104 Justin Davis
105 Ronny Wilson
106 Josh Rigsby
107 Steve Appleton
108 Brian Parkhouse
109 Daniel McMillin
110 Damen Jefferies
111 Armin Schwarz
112 Richard Boyle
113 Mike Childress
114 Chris Kemp
115 Dan Myers
116 Harley Letner
117 Jon Walker
118 Garrick Freitas
119 Ryan Sharman
120 Dale Lenk

CLASS 1-2/1600 (10)
1601Eliseo Garcia
1602 J.J. Schnarr
1603 Brad Wilson
1604 Wes McKenzie
1605 Arturo Velazco
1600 Luke McMillin
1607 Cody Robinson
1608 Brian Wilson
1648 Daniel Lopez
1649 Arnoldo Ramirez
CLASS 3 (2)
300 Donald Moss
349 Billy Bunch
CLASS 5 (3)
501 Cody Kellogg
500 Kevin Carr
503 Ronald Cook
CLASS 5/1600 (1)
551 Cameron Thieriot
CLASS 6 (6)
601 Marc Burnett
602 Jeff Holmes
618 Heidi Steele
600 David Caspino
CLASS 8 (2)
801 Noah Ostanik
802 Justin Matney
CLASS 10 (3)
1000 Sergio Salgado
1001 Matt Cullen
1002 John Langley
1201 Steve Eugenio
1202 Brent Parkhouse
1203 Jeff Sanca
1204 Perry McNeil
1205 Dave Callaway
1206 Steven Lisa
1207 Zak Langley
1208 Sammy Ehrenberg
1209 Rafael Navarro IV
CLASS 11 (1)
1101 Justin Matney
861 John Matney
1340 Chelsea Magness
1331 Jessica McMillin
CLASS 7-2 (2)
721 Bruce Finchum
720 Reid Rutherford
CLASS 4 (2)
401 Brian Hewitt
402 Clyde Stacy
CLASS 2 (1)
201 Rob Rill
CLASS 22 (7)
1x Kendall Norman
2x Shane Esposito
3x Colton Udall
4x A.J. Stewart
5x Francisco Arredondo
6x Tim Burr II
7x Doug Swerbus
CLASS 21 (4)
101x Adam Neuwirth
102x David Gonzalez Jr.
103x Brody Kunz
104x Trevor Insley
105x David Kleiman
CLASS 30 (3)
301x Kelly Oldroy
302x Tim Abshire
300x Francisco Septien
CLASS 40 (3)
401x Oscar Fazz
400x Jeff Kaplan
403x Mike Prunty
CLASS 50 (2)
501x Gregg Haggart
502x Glen McGuire
CLASS 60 (1)
600x Donald Lewis
CLASS 25 (5)
2a Roberto Ruiz
3a Travis Dillon
1a Wayne Matlock
5a Paul Velasquez
6a Craig Christy
CLASS 24 (6)
101a Jamie Kirkpatrick
100a Brandon Brown
103a Juan Sanchez
104a Heriberto Marquez
105a Marco Marrujo
106a Jorge Brambila
CLASS 26 (1)
201a Carl Vella
1401 Viry Felix
1800 Thomas Graves
SPT M/C< (1) 201x Richard Heinauer SPT M/C> (15)
251x Mark Adams
252x Mark Winkelman
253x Daniel O’Leary
254x Steve Malley
255x Matthew Banuelos
256x Akihiri Saito
257x Eric Saltzer
258x Carlos Valdez
259x Tomohiro Murakami
260x Mike Mensinger
261x Thierry Mas
262x Jay Pierce
263x Darren Lowrey
298x Stuart Gilred
299x Louie Montano
51a Paul Engen
52a Rusty Batza
53a Moises Saiza
54a Jesus Sanchez

BAJA 500 2008 VIDS