Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Three Dead in Halloween Mexicali Bar Nightmare on Wrongplacewrongtime Street

Shootings at the Mexicali Bar, "Cotorro", 3 Dead

What appears to be a vendetta by the dispute over the control of the retail sale of drugs, was raised a shootout in the Bar "El Cotorro" in the hotel zone of Mexicali, leaving three people dead, identified as Fernando Raul Lopez Garcia, 31, and Cristian Rodriguez Lopez, 23, whose bodies were dumped in the men's room. Also in charge of the health worker José Lerma Lorenzo Ibarra, 51, managed to be rushed to the civil hospital where he died.

The group had been meeting for plans on the upcoming Baja 1000, to be held in the desert municipality of Mexicali, in San Felipe. The race will start and finish in Ensenada, Baja California, west of Mexicali on the Pacific coast.

It was learned unofficially that in Cristian Lopez had an arrest warrant for murder, so the researchers immediately tied ropes and began the investigation of the case.

In this cave there was a feast of Halloween, so most people were dressed up and started shooting when the place became truly a night of terror, and while some were thrown to the ground, others ran stampede, along with a smiling gunman left the bathroom and kept the gun in his waistband and then left the bar and run.

The bodies of two people were lying on the floor of the toilet, where he joined the two companions of Lopez, to find blood, then paramedics arrived to the Red Cross declared dead.

At the end
there was little to be had, the bride and some witnesses said Raul Cristian and entered the bathroom, then followed a third subject, who then left the gun in his hand, which apparently is already identified.