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Roger Norman Buys Out SCORE, Baja Racing News Expects Changes and Will Monitor Every Detail, for Medical Emergency Protocols and mucho, mucho MAS!


December 30, 2012:

 Did Oscar Ramos pay health care providers in Mexico to "NOT treat injured racers"?


December 23, 2012:

Oscar attempts to perp fraud, but is caught red-handed by racers HERE

How much Public Money was stolen and given to Oscar Ramos? HERE




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Baja Racing Greatest Hits Pictures from Races in Mex

BAJA Racing
HALL of Fame
Announces Inductees

Ray Moon, Mark Smith, Dick Cepek, Brian Chuchua, Pete Condos, Charlie Erickson, James Garner, Vic Hickey, Parnelli Jones, Steve McQueen, Bruce Meyers, Drino Miller, Ed Pearlman, Malcolm Smith, Bill Stroppe, Thurston Warn, Vic Wilson, Edo Ansaloni,William Bryan, Gilmon George, Richard Landfield, Walter Lott, Mickey Thompson, Frank Vessels, Clark Collins, Salvatore Pesca, Bob Hamm, Corky McMillin, Ivan Stewart, Scott McKenzie, Ak Miller, Larry Minor, Roy Spuhler, Ed Waldheim, Herman Booy, John Buffum,  Eugene Chappie, Edward Dunkley, Walker Evans, Harry Bushert, Bud Ekins John Lawlor, Jerry Penhall,  David Ashley, Nye Frank, Bill Sanders, Larry Bergquist,  Bob Chandler, Frank DeAngelo, Jerry Herbst, Bob Steinberger, Larry Roeseler, Ron Bishop, Rob MacCachren, Peter Brown, Chris Haines, JN Roberts, Joe MacPherson, Nico Saad, Larry Ragland, Bud Feldkamp and Jim Ober.

Congratulations to all of our BAJA Racing HALL of Fame Inductees!

Experience Baja Racing! For Far Less! ONLY $999! Race In San Felipe

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BAJA 1000 2012 The Complete WRAP-UP







Baja Racing News BAJA 1000 Coverage

Baja Racing News LIVE!





Congrats To Our Editor, Check out his Odds for the event:

""ODDS TO WIN 2012 BAJA 1000 
Desert Off-Road Racers Battle To Win!
LIVE! RaceDay November 15 ONLINE


2 "Popgun Pedro" Sohren "posing" time … 7 miles to 1
93 Chris Kemp May be a player … 5 to 1
20 Rob MacCachren When in the clear - long gone 2 to 1
23 Dan & Mark McMillin / Chuck Could get in front 3 to 1
12 Kory Scheeler/Collins /Gaughan Best chance - ever! 4 to 1 W/D
34 Ken Losch "Bumper" time? 5 to 1
97 B.J. Baldwin*  3 to 1 Focused! 2 to 1
1 Bryce Menzies  3 to 1 King Of Baja '11, 2 to 1
31 Andy McMillin 3 to 1
9 Mark Weyhrich 3 to 1
76 Jesse Jones 3 to 1  King Of Baja '10,  2 to 1
18 Juan C. Lopez/Robby Gordon 3 to 1 "Crash" 4 to 1
19 Tim Herbst         3 to 1
14 Desert Asses Steele 4 to 1 Who will Die? 12 to 1
94 Steve Strobel 4 to 1 Dark Horse  3 to 1
50 John Langley Tough rookie race 7 to 1
88 Sergio Salgado Field filler 8 to 1
59 Craig Potts Has good store of tools 6 to 1
26 Jay Reichert Takes a lickin'? 8 to 1 Lucky? 7 to 1
73 Rob Reinertson Second tier 7 to 1
16 Desert Asses Steele 4 to 1 Who will Die? 12 to 1
62 Billy Bunch Out early? 8 to 1 W/D
53 Jose Flores Tony's Dark Horse 4 to 1 Local Favorite 4 to 1 W/D
84 Nick Vanderwey Bad luck goes a long way,  4 to 1
13 Ed Stout 7 to 1 Yard 4 Sale 9 to 1
92 John Clark Gable 5 to 1 Curt will carry 6 to 1 W/D

48 Jimmy Nuckles 8 to 1 Geometry fixed! 7 to 1
21 Gus Vildosola 3 to 1 Lotsa #!$ to deal with 5 to 1
45 Gary Magness Get rattled? 8 to 1
10 Greg Nunley Improving 5 to 1
37 Tommy Greer Truck almost TOO trick! 7 to 1
49 Troy Herbst/Ryan Arciero Good for the long run 4 to 1
15 Armin Schwarz Tony's Top Tip 5 to 1 Problems 7 to 1
3 Mark Post Regain past glories? 6 to 1 Bailed
57 Mike Palmer Not many "Baja" miles, yet Endo-ed out W/D
77 Robby Gordon / Crash and Break … ST6 to 1 Skeered! W/D
71 Rick D. Johnson Look for good effort 3 to 1 on GT? 6 to 1
39 Ron Whitton Finisher 9 to 1
60 Mike Voudouris Ender 9 to 1

*(Casey's) eye injury at Firebird, precludes his 
  driving duties with BJ Baldwin. "" 

Baja Racing News LIVE!

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UPDATED! BULLETIN! BJ Baldwin Protests Alleged BAJA 1000 Desert Off-Road Race Cheating by Announced Overall Winner Vildosola Racing of San Diego


UPDATED!: December 12, 2012


Vildosola Racing Announces: 

""SCORE A few days ago decided to punish us with 90 minutes and put off the absolute first 2012 edition Baja 1000. We want to serve this statement as a clear and strong message that WE DO NOT AGREE with the sanction and with the way the situation was handled by SCORE, Sal Fish and Paul Fish. We believe that the penalty is unfair and not only that, but it transcends sports scheme affects our reputation and our name, which we have been proudly caring for generations. Needless to say, we are deeply disappointed by this situation. No run for trophies, cash, prizes, not our job. You run for prestige, run by the family, for our fans and for Mexico. For family run Vildosola Racing Baja California is proud. It is run at home. We thank all those who have supported us over the years and especially to those who continue to support us. Proudly say that if we have become a good team is because of you. We've been a tireless promoter of SCORE and off road racing in Mexico, especially in our state, Baja California and our sister state, Baja California Sur. SCORE is no longer for us that serious and impartial organization. We demand that failure to pursue its official SCORE, invalidating the protest because it was filed out of time according to their own rules. GP1 (B): In long course events protests must be filed in writing and delivered to the race director ... not later than the final posting of the unofficial results, Which is one (1) hour before the hearing of protests. "In long careers protests must be submitted in writing to the director of the race before it is publicized to unofficial results, which is one (1) hour before hearing protests".""

December 3, 2012

SCORE Sez It's Over! Maybe...

"SCORE Announces Ruling In Vildosola Against Baldwin Potest...SCORE has accepted a protest from #21 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr. against #97 BJ Baldwin for failure to stop at Checkpoint 7. A video does in fact indicate that #97 failed to stop at the checkpoint. This video also indicates that #21 failed to stop at the checkpoint. A different video taken at the checkpoint indicates that a Motorcycle and a third Trophy Truck also failed to stop, and four other Trophy Trucks made hard sliding sudden stops. The first twelve motorcycles and the first two Trophy Trucks came through the checkpoint in darkness between the hours of 12:00AM and 6:00AM. All of the eight 2012 SCORE Baja 1000 Stop Checkpoints were instructed to place the following large rectangular signage on the race course: CHECKPOINT 1/4 MILE - CHECKPOINT 200 YARDS - CHECKPOINT STOP. If the checkpoint crews did not have all of the required signage prior to their departure for the race, SCORE would make arrangements to provide the signs. To supplement this signage, the checkpoints were also instructed to hold a long or short reach stop sign and wave flags, preferably on opposite sides of the designated stopping point. SCORE has determined that due to a serious miscommunication between SCORE and the checkpoint captain, the checkpoint did not have any of the large rectangular signs or a handheld stop sign. The checkpoint captain believed that the signs would be delivered to the checkpoint location, while SCORE was under the impression that the checkpoint captain was in possession of the signs and would have his crew transport them to the checkpoint location. The checkpoint captain was traveling to Baja Sur via commercial airline and was therefore not in a position to transport the signs himself. The checkpoint crew did have two smaller square stop signs, yellow flags and flashlight wands. The flashlight wands were used during darkness and the yellow flags were used after sunrise. The small stop signs were placed on light stands at the designated stopping point. All of the checkpoint workers and their vehicles were located on the driver's left side near one of the light stands. The other light stand was placed across the course approximately 30 feet away from the checkpoint workers and surrounded by a group of spectators. The #97 and #21 were the only Trophy Trucks to come through the checkpoint during darkness, and as mentioned above, both of these vehicles failed to stop at the checkpoint. Even in daylight, a third Trophy Truck which failed to stop seemed to be under the impression that the checkpoint workers were pit flaggers waving him into his pit, so he failed to stop at the checkpoint, but immediately and smoothly turned left into his pit and stopped. This situation was further complicated by the fact that the designated stopping location of the checkpoint was approximately 700 feet before the location indicated on the course gps file. It is also important to note that the checkpoint captain did not file a protest against any of the race vehicles that failed to stop, and did not mention the checkpoint stopping situation to SCORE officials even though he had the opportunity to do so at race headquarters in La Paz.  

SCORE concludes that the checkpoint was not properly identified or made visible enough for #97 to be held accountable in darkness to the checkpoint stop rule, so the protest is hereby denied and dismissed. SCORE further deems that the time to file a competitor against competitor protest for issues arising from the 45th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 has expired, so no further protests will be accepted, reviewed or acknowledged." 

Jeff Cummings/BFGoodrich Tires:

On the SCORE manned checkpoint in question: "maybe their ability to operate a radio was similar to their ability to read & operate a GPS".

Interesting take from the Biggest sponsor of the event! Lets see how Jeff 'feeels' about the details of the JACKED BAJA 1000 2012 Medical Emergency details now OUTED! CLICK HERE JEFF!

As a result of your sponsored "Rules" or lack thereof, One of your events people is in a coma!

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THE MINT 400 MONSTER Mike Party Bus To Vegas

or on the MINT 400 PartyBus 

SoCal TO LAS VEGAS, The Desert RaceStar Lifestyle The Entire Weekend 

Send your JOIN Message to offroadlive at gmail dot com

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing News LIVE!

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Baja Racing Adventures & BajaLite, Pistol Pete Sohren Wins The War of The Off-Road Racing Program as TrophyLite chokes on Pete's Schlong of Truth

Pete Sohren's BajaLite & Baja Racing Adventures program WINNING

December 17, 2012 UPDATE!

Pete Slams TrophyLite:

"SIX TROPHYLITES for sale!...everyone BAILING before they are totally worthless to re-sell......donkeylite going DOWN THE DRAIN!!!"
January 2012:
After the failed TrophyLite owners bailed on their original covered up sham this week, Pete Sohren commented on the situation: “damage control......funny , latest press release states the new owners "bought" it.......always smoke and mirrors from these clowns...”. Mentioning the failed Scaroni-Foutz now, Rick L. Johnson operation.

Then one of Pete’s failed loser detractors said: “Look forward to running a TL in the Baja 500 against your truck in 7200. YEa i know last year we DNF'd. (Did Not Finish the race) thanks. BajaLite damage control would be someone hitting you in your fucking mouth.” He continued, “you constantly stir shit up, talk shit and insult your competition like you do. Not even just TL but Mason, Predators, etc. It shows because you only have one truck out there running for all this 40k in contingency money. So if your jaw was wired shut you might sell trucks.”

Pete slammed the discussion shut, describing how his program is WINNING: “its only jan. 23rd and the bajalite has already won 3 races, laughlin 1, laughlin 2 and last weekends MORE 200... my (business/racing) model was to EXTENSIVELY test the truck and parts before selling to the public and letting them be the test mules.....the bajalite prototype has won 14 or 15 races in less then 2 years WITH RENTAL CUSTOMERS driving it.....yes the bajalite wins the baja 1000 while ALL 4 trophylites DNF, do you see the difference? 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be done soon, dont worry... sold bajalite number 4 today...”

Todd from El Cajon, is still trying to understand desert off-road racing has any

“a : participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs
b : having a particular profession as a permanent career

c : engaged in by persons receiving financial return

I think the use of the word Professional in off-road racing is just an ego thing. Who do you know that makes their living (takes a salary and pay's their bills) racing off-road? I'm not talking about owning or working in a fab shop or parts store. I would have to guess Robby Gordon would be the closest as he had sponsors paying him to race. But even now the majority of his payment comes from himself as he is Speed Energy. Bottom line is 99% of the people in the sport have other means of income. We use our disposable income to pay for our racing. This would make us all Sportsman. Thus the Pro classes should be called Sportsman classes.”

Retarded logic rules many in this recreation across the west, where racers drink and do drugs and the racing events owners allow no testing or licensing of the contestants, whatsoever. Call Pete now and you can race this weekend in Baja Mexico!

You can find Pete Sohren and his BajaLite & Baja Racing Adventures here:

Baja Racing News LIVE!
Gary Newsome

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MINT 400 TV Program Review January 2013 Mad Media Funny Goof!

By: Gary Newsome

Saw the TV show today...FUNNY! Fifteen minutes in and they are still trying to sell this lackluster desert race!

They actually said, ""At 320 entries its the "Biggest on the Planet"!"". Yes, BIGGEST C-suckers on the Planet!

A mention of Bryan Folks 'rocketing' to fifth place! Keep Sucking that dick Martelli Brothers!

Travis Roffler and General Tires PROVING they are the biggest Tire Frauds...ripping off consumers, lousy tires and paying off certain racers to run inferior product. Travis produces another reason to laugh at these joke-sters! 

Thirty one minutes into the show...finally shows the green flag! Another sell-job, attempting to perp-a-fraud on the viewing-tire consuming public! 

Thirty minutes of BULL-CRAP 

Notice they never show a graphic of the race map. What a DUD course

Promote KORE Kroeker, another perp-a-jerk, pushing other racers off the race course! Desert racing is so proud of this speed-filled d-bag.

There's a target on Kents face, Is that the guy the Mexicans are going to 'take-out' next time he's in Mexico? GUNS GUNS GUNS 

Mikey Childress, brainiac, "the mint IS JUST AS BIG AS THE baja1000 OR THE DAKAR". bbwwwaaaaa!!!

On the Sourapas passes a 10 car shot, graphically shows BFGoodrich, should be real happy about that one, "Flat Tire BFGoodrich Tires".

14 minutes of race story telling and the rest was classic desert racing, steaming, heaping, dung pile. Mad Media & General Tire pulls off another funny goof of the western United States desert racing community.


The show pimps Cameron Steele, the official desert d-bag of the industry. Pictured with the dildos he uses on his d-wifey!

Baja Racing

"BAJA Takeover" has a MONSTER CRASH

Originally published November 18, 2012 


The Desert Racing Community, "Baja Takeover" crashed over the [BAJA 1000 race] weekend, embarrassing sponsor BFGoodrich Tires and every desert racing fan in North America.

Millions if not Billions of dollars are spent in truck tires across the continent and the puny attempt by the nations largest domestic "supplement" drink, Monster meaning, too much caffeine even for an elephant and one of Frances largest corporations, Michelin, couldn't save the 'Baja Takeover'.

Red Bull sponsored athlete "Tavo" Vildosola of San Diego, California and his racing family Vildosola Racing, WON this weekends BAJA 1000.

Monster Energy had attempted to wage a war against RED BULL, but failed. The "Takeover" collapsed when their website crashed during the event, on numerous occasions and failed to reboot. Vildosola Racing crushed the Monster athlete BJ Baldwin to win the BAJA 1000 Desert Off-Road Race, after BJ Baldwin remained the only driver in his Las Vegas based Trophy Truck for the entire 1100 mile event. 

BFGoodrich public relations were stunned when they heard the news of the crashed "Baja Takeover" website. "We spent way too much money for this kind of failure", one BFGoodrich Tires rep said to Baja Racing News LIVE! late Friday, in La Paz, for the finish line promotions.

A case for MONSTERs BJ Baldwin could have been made, if he would have crossed the finish line first. Because of widespread Official race tracking failures and race radio relay network collapses, charges against the sanctioning body were made even before the first racer made it to San Felipe. 

UPDATE: December 6, 2012

Editors Note: Fans of Baja Racing can count on Baja Racing to deliver the goods on the desert racing details they seek. Remember when BITD thought computers were for doorstops, the SCORE site was dogpoop and forum race desert crashed? Do you really think those fails would upgrade if not for the real deal competition of

Our goal is to get you the dish in the fewest clicks possible.
We don't say #1 without real content.

There was so much short-coursing in this years BAJA 1000, IRC is refusing to release any data to the public about the ACTUAL race tracks of the tracked racers, in this years event.  

UPDATE: December 5, 2012


You're Welcome! Gary Newsome, Editor       

Saturday, December 01, 2012

UPDATED! BULLETIN! "Only Second Degree Burns!" SCORE Operations decides the Fatality and Injuries from BAJA 1000 are par for the race. BAJA 1000 totals up at least one death, numerous life-threatening incidents and Life-threatening burns to two, race organizer calls, "Only second-degree burns".

 UPDATED! October 17, 2013!

Dan Cauffiel burned in Baja 1000 2012 Friends Seek Financial Relief

 "Dan Cauffiel was severely burned in an accidental fire that erupted during an auto racing pit stop in Baja Mexico in November 2012. Dan loves off-road racing and has helped many race teams over the years always enjoying the camaraderie and friendship found in the desert racing community. However a flash fuel fire erupted while Dan was changing a tire on a race car and he was severely burned on both legs, both arms, his back and his head. Dan is not one to ask for help. However he has had no income since the accident in November 2012 and his pickup was burned to the ground in the fire along with some cash he had for an extended trip to Mexico for Thanksgiving. He has survived a very long hospital stay, several surgeries and significant physical therapy and while he had medical insurance the hospital and doctor bills have far exceeded his coverage. We are truly grateful for whatever assistance you can lend to help Dan recover from these medical and financial losses and to help him meet his goal to attend the Baja 500 race in June of 2014. For Dan, going to this race is a symbol that he will have surmounted the steep road to recovery and he will be on as Dan puts it his “Return Tour”!

Here is the description of Dan’s plight immediately following the accident. He was quickly taken to a hospital in Loreto, BCS Mexico where the doctor did a fantastic job getting Dan stabilized and his burns prepped to maximize the recovery capability. From there Dan was air lifted to the UC San Diego Burn Center where their incredible burn trauma team went to work on Dan. Due to the extent and severity of his burns the decision was made to place Dan into a medically induced coma to help him cope with the pain and to keep him immobilized to optimize potential healing following the surgeries to repair the burns. He remained in this coma from November 20
th through January 21st - over 2 full months.

When Dan was brought out of the coma he still had a long way to go. After being immobilized (or as Dan called it “mummified”) for that long of a period of time the medical staff let Dan know that his elbows and the soft tissue in his arms had calcified (HO – Heterotopic Ossification) effectively locking both his elbows in a 90 degree angle. In fact at that time the doctors said that Dan may not regain the normal use of his elbows and as a result may not be able to even feed himself going forward. Dan took that as a personal challenge to prove the medical staff wrong and with God’s help would channel that energy into his rehab and recovery.

Fast forward to now – April 2013, and after 2 more surgeries to free up the bone calcification in both elbows by the grace of God Dan has nearly normal range of motion in his left elbow and reasonable range of motion in his right and is expecting more freedom of movement as he continues physical therapy. The scarring has been kept to a relative minimum, with the most notable remaining on his left arm and the back of his left leg. Dan jokes that his face looks better now than it did before the accident with no scarring and thanks to the fire a “light peel” to remove the blemishes.

Even given the challenges that Dan has been through he feels that he is a lucky man. God blessed Dan with incredible physicians, nurses and surgeons who have given Dan a second lease on life. Even given the severity of his situation, Dan feels things could have been much worse and in fact believes that God performed many miracles within the accident keeping Dan alive. His positive, enthusiastic and unstoppable attitude has even impressed his San Diego medical staff to the point that they have asked Dan to help counsel and encourage other burn victims to complete their often painful physical therapy sessions. Dan continues to work hard in his rehab sessions. His motivation is “for every minute of pain & therapy he is 1 day closer to getting back to racing”.

Again, we want to say thanks in advance for whatever donation and prayers you can send along to Dan to help him get back on his feet both financially and physically. Please share Dan’s story to help him complete his “return tour” to desert racing. Thanks and may God Bless you and your loved ones.

= 14:20 duration. CAUTION: some strong language in the video
= 1:55 duration. Dan’s white pickup seen fully engulfed

Photo of Dan in U.C. San Diego Burn Center" (above)


May 18, 2013 UPDATED

December 19, UPDATE: 

Boob Steinberg Junior Admits race communications shortcomings with public admission: 

""The Weatherman needs Satellite internet high bandwidth to broadcast live online Come up with the proper equipment so we do not have to rely on the Diablo Observatory internet service to make the Weatherman feed work better online(frustrating to sit at home and not hear what is going on). The Weatherman needs to come up with a high speed large bandwidth satellite internet device to use at remote relay locations to better stream the events online. My Father has a meeting planned with Steve Meyers of IRC to go over options, but this equipment is expensive so I am going to need to figure a way to get sponsors or donations to help offset the costs of this equipment. Your ideas and support are welcome."" offers to help sell off Boobs fathers 'Taj Mahal' house in Parker to pay for REAL communications for safety in SCORE.

Bob Steinberg comments:

 "What other series can boast the amount of medical assets that SCORE provides? A helocopter with a doctor on board, 17 ambulances and 10 rescue units. Also all the private medical assets known to me"

December 11 Report>>>


Devastating conclusion determines medical air flights travel 800 unneeded miles in response to chase rollover accident at recent BAJA 1000

*Independent Review Forms to Oversee Race Medical Responses!

"AMEX"="American Medical Emergency Xpedition", to conduct investigations & publish public reports.

BULLETIN: San Diego County Government Emergency Medical Care Committee to receive public reports from "AMEX" on all race medical incidents!

Reviews to be conducted on all SCORE racing events


Race Communications Failed
in this years BAJA 1000! Finds
desperate need for a dedicated
Emergency and Operations Radio and Communications Channel to properly address the needs of racers, chasers and needed race personnel. 

From the show Monday Night:

 ""Hi, I am glad to finally get some information on the Chase 723 accident. The deceased was my cousin Mark. I agree that SCORE was NOT prepared!!!!!""

December 7>>>
Story Loading Here...

Hal Andreoli, "race Medical Director" for SCORE, not returning phone requests from recent attempts to fact-find for this investigation. Nominated by SCORE for award, Andreoli the active responder to Emergency Medical actions at the races. But, Hal isn't qualified to apply a band-aid! EXPOSES! 

Mark Eriksson, killed in a roll-over accident while chasing BAJA 1000 desert race

Funeral arrangements are pending for an area businessman who was killed in a truck rollover while on vacation 'chasing BAJA 1000' in Mexico.
Mark Eriksson, who was founder, president and chief operating officer of Sauk Rapids-based Talon Innovations Corp., died Nov. 15. He accepted the invitation of a friend from Los Angeles who owns a race team to ride along in a chase vehicle during the Baja 1000, an off-road race on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. He was one of three people in a truck loaded with fuel and racing equipment when it rolled on a highway, according to Eriksson’s brother, Chris.
“They were passing a semi on a highway straightaway when their left tires went off the pavement,” Chris Eriksson said. “A woman was driving and she over-corrected and the truck rolled four times and exploded. The woman was medivacced to the hospital and is showing signs of paralysis. There was a 19-year-old (man) in the truck, too, and he got a concussion but was able to walk away.”
Mark Eriksson, 45, who lived in St. Cloud, leaves behind his wife, Karla, and their teenage sons, Trevor and Trent, and a business that employs about 80 people in a 40,000-square-foot facility in Sauk Rapids.

Chris Eriksson said it is a complicated process involving four different funeral homes to transfer his brother’s body home for a funeral, which is expected to be in St. Cloud in early December.

"AMEX" Announces Loreto Burn Incident to be reviewed in 2013!



BULLETIN! UPDATED! December 1, 2012

Melanie Vail Reports to Baja Racing

 "The man from San Diego who was burnt is my neighbor. He is now in a life-threatening coma. The burns WERE NOT JUST 2ND DEGREE! Although SCORE is not responsible for his injuries, shame on SCORE for minimizing this incident."

Danny Ebberts reports to Baja Racing News:

"First off I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes and for the numerous visits I got here at the hospital. I would also like to thank the teams that read this thread and "fuel tower" thread, and possibly learned something. I am very, very glad to NOT hear about any fire accidents at this weekends race. I know our accident was a freak thing, but it shows how dangerous this sport we all love can be. I got confirmation from my doctor that I get to go home tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a very bitter/sweet day for me. i am very thankful to be going home, i was here longer then I was hoping, but will be going home quicker then doctors expected. It will be tough for me leaving with my crew member still here in ICU. I will have to come back once a week for a few weeks for check ups, but plan on coming back more then that to see Dan Caufeil and show him the same support he has supported my brothers and I with over the years. Also want to show support to good friends Lori and Greg Bragg that are pushing to return home after there accident. Please continue to pray for Dan and Lori, I know everyone's prayers and concerns really helped me. I will continue to post there progress for those who want to know."

Baja is following up on this story>>>

Monday, November 19, 2012

BAJA 1000 LIVE! RaceWeek & RaceDay Thursday 5AM



Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baja Racing Hall Of Fame Inductee 'Don Francisco', 2012

1 Don Francisco                    Year Inducted: 2012
Don Francisco participated in and innovated off-road motorsports around the world, from Mexico to Africa, the dry lakes of El Mirage and Muroc, race tracks from Pomona to Indy, and on the salt at Bonneville. He helped to technically perfect the vehicles used for all types of off-road racing and shared this knowledge with the off-road community through his prolific writings. He also formulated the National Off-Road Racing Association’s (NORRA) detailed set of rules and vehicle classes.

Born in 1918, Don Francisco, or “Cisco”, as he was known to the Hot Rod Magazine (HRM) staff, was one of the true Southern California Hot Rod Pioneers. His practical engineering knowledge and undisputed engine building skill positioned Francisco in the middle of high performance vehicle development and advancement. In the 1940s, from a small gas station in Alhambra, Francisco started rebuilding and tuning engines for many fellow Road Runner’s (an early Southern California car club whose members included: Vic Edelbrock Sr., Wally Parks, Bill Burke, Ak Miller and brothers Zeke and Larry, Randy Shinn, Eddie Meyer Jr., Dean Batchelor, and Ray Brown). 

 Along with regular engine work and other Hot Rodders looking for good reliable engine work, this “side business” started taking precedence over his regular job at the Alhambra Fire Department. 

In 1949, Wally Parks, founder of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and at the time editor of Hot Rod Magazine, offered Francisco a job as technical writer and by 1950 the job grew to Technical Editor. Francisco wrote for the magazine until 1965. He also worked as a contributing editor to Motor Trend Magazine and as the Technical Editor and Reader Forum Chief at Car Craft Magazine. He wrote with a targeted and straightforward style. His readers and fans recognized him as a trusted and true car lover and expert. His writing went beyond magazine articles and in the late 1950’s he founded the Don Francisco Publishing Company. Under his own publishing company he wrote, and sold several books on high performance vehicles and engines, including Maximum Performance-Stockers for the Strip or Street and How to Modify Chevy V8 Engines. He gained his expertise through every day experience working with engines and vehicles in racing environments.

By the early 1950’s Francisco joined Bill Stroppe and Clay Smith to help prepare Lincolns for the grueling 2,200 mile Carrera Panamericana, also known as the Mexican Road Race. The Panamericana ran north and south across Mexico on its newly completed Pan American Highway over the course of five days. The Lincolns dominated their class and gained the nickname “Road Race Lincoln.” Due to spectator safety concerns the Mexican Government put an end to the race in 1955. Francisco then participated in preparing vehicles for the Mobil Economy Runs from the late 1950s until the mid 1960s. The Mobil Economy Run was a competition to maximize fuel economy over a cross country route that changed every year. The cross country event lasted several days and often covered a distance of over 1,000 miles. Successful participation in the event allowed for manufacturers to advertise the fuel economy and performance of their vehicles. In the mid 1960’s, Pontiac hired Francisco to manage their factory team. He prepared the cars, chose the drivers, then oversaw the teams participation in the event.

Francisco continued a working relationship with Stroppe and the two worked together again in 1963 and 1964 preparing and testing a team of Mercury Comets. The Comets were to be entered in the 1964 East Africa Safari, “The Worlds Toughest Race.” Francisco served as the team manager on the project and had a full list of responsibilities ranging from personnel to budget and to actual vehicle building, testing and development. He traveled to Kenya twice to oversee the onsite operations and testing of the vehicles. However he left the team when Mercury upper management disregarded his recommendations regarding the shock absorbers on the vehicles. During the race all of the Comets suffered from broken shock mounts.

In 1966 Don Francisco joined Ed Pearlman and a group of other California based off-road enthusiasts in founding the National Off-Road Racing Association (NORRA). Francisco directed the establishment of the inaugural Mexican 1000 in 1967. An event that morphed into the "Baja Mil", or BAJA 1000.

Utilizing his skills as a pilot, Francisco charted a viable racecourse and calculating needed service stop locations. Using his personal aircraft, specially modified to fly on lower octane pump gas, Don was very active during the actual events transporting VIP’s and press up and down the race course. He also worked with Pearlman to establish the first set of rules and classes for the sport of "off-road racing". After NORRA changed hands Francisco continued to do business with Pearlman. The two operated the Baja 500 Off-Road Mart in Pasadena until the mid 1980s.

Don passed away on January 29th, 2005 at the age of 87, after a full lifetime of accomplishments and adventures. 

Source: Charles Rollins, Editor, Don Francisco, Hot Rod Pioneer,, February 2, 2005. Gary Newsome interviews established Mexican 1000-BAJA 1000.
Baja Racing Hall Of Fame 2012

Baja Racing