Thursday, April 12, 2012

F- You Cameron Steele, Jeff Kargola Gets Shafted on Rest In Peace, A TV Show Review by the Real Experts in Baja Racing

RIP (Rest In Peace) To The Tip, a commercial venture owned by Cameron Steele to use the lives of others to feed his over-inflated ego. Well Guess Who Got The Shaft Tonight On Fuel TV on the 2011 RIP To The Tip TV Show?

Jeff Ox Kargola, who persihed during the shooting of that shit TV show that aired tonight, with Zero, $0 Going to his Bereaved family.

Johnny Campbell helped Cam promote the run, now he's painfully dethroned from Baja after the ripping his Honda team took at the recent San Felipe disaster!

How many people is Cam going to KILL to make the shit money from Monster Energy Drinks, Lucas Oil and General Tires, among the noted gutless spineless sponsors, who allow people to kill themselves for sales of lousy lifestyle products.

Have you ever tasted Monster Energy Drinks? Shit! Have you ever heard any good reviews of General Tire products? No! They Suck!

And Lucas Oil Products! What a Huge Waste of money!

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