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Cray Cray Crazy Like Baja Racing News

UPDATED! June 4, 2019

American off-roader killed at the border, in shootout

Travis James Eckstein, 23, of Beaumont in Riverside County, recently moved to the San Diego area.

He was killed by Border Patrol officers, after begining shooting a pistol out of his drivers side door window.

According to his mother, Eckstein suffered from concussions from off-roading and skateboard falls on his head. Reportedly, he struggled with depression and was recently diagnosed as bipolar.

More carnage from the off-road and skateboard populace from Southern California, Americans. 

Pete Sohren, off-road death, struck by out of control off-roader, died because he failed to wear helmet; safety gear

Biker Sherlock, skateboard, off-road concussions.

Kurt Caselli, Murdered. 


May 17, 2019

What's the real story here?


 March 22, 2017

Mexican Air Force Attacked!

Lazaro Cardenas, (Ensenada County)-
Baja California, Mexico:
 "An airplane belonging to the Mexican Air Force was attacked as it was patrolling in Baja California, reported the Secretary of National Defense in a press release. 

The events occurred last March 20 as the airplane intercepted a Cessna with fake registration XB-EAH and XB-EAI, which landed 23 kilometers south of Lázaro Cárdenas, in Ensenada. The military airplane, which overflew the landing area was "the object of an armed attack by an undetermined group of people, and was not damaged. The attackers fled on foot in an unknown direction, said the ministry. In coordination, soldiers seized the airplane which contained black bags with packets of cocaine, weighing 700 pounds. There were also packages of methamphetamine, weighing 350 pounds and there was 90 pounds of heroin and two vehicles."

UPDATE: February 15, 2016
Mexican Meth LolliPops Headed To
OMAHA Nebraska!

Police at Mexico City's international airport have found a load of lollipops with each piece of candy containing a capsule of methamphetamine.

The federal police say the freight shipment originated in the drug-plagued state of Sinaloa and was headed to Omaha, Nebraska, USA! That's why experts claim hispanics are 'family oriented! They feed USA kids METH LOLLIPOPS!!!

Police X-rayed a 9-pound box of candy labelled "Handicrafts and Candy." Inside, they saw the circular shadows of capsules inside the lollipops.

Police said Monday that experts are still testing the capsules to determine their exact composition and weight.


UPDATE April 9, 2015

Tijuana Chinese Restaurants Serving Dog!!!
Tijuana: Customer witnessed dog being butchered at Lo Yen City restaurant
  • It was killed to be served as a pork dish, it has been alleged 
  • Police raided the restaurant and arrested five people, including the owner
  • Officials on the scene discovered a decapitated puppy in a rubbish bin
  •  A restaurant customer in the Mexican border town of Tijuana was left horrified after witnessing staff butchering a dog to be served up as a pork dish on the menu. 
    The authorities have closed a total of six Chinese restaurants in the local area since police raided the Lo Yen City restaurant in southern Tijuana following a tip-off from the disgusted client.
    The customer called in the cops after witnessing kitchen staff killing the dog, later intended to be served up masquerading as pork in the next chow mein.
    Upon arrival at the scene, police officers said they witnessed the cooks hurriedly throw a decapitated dog carcass in a kitchen waste bin. Officers later saw the owner decapitating and butchering a dog in the back alley.
    The restaurant, which advertises the quality of its 'home-style food' claims never to have received complaints of using dog meat before.
    The owner, while handcuffed in the back of a police vehicle, said: 'We've had complaints from customers who have found hair, flies or cockroaches in their food, but never anything this serious.'
    The AFN news agency took video evidence of the police bust.
    It contains footage of a hair-strewn alley where the dogs were seen being butchered, a terrified dog chained to the wall and a forensics officer pulling a decapitated canine carcass – stiffened by rigor mortis – out of a kitchen waste bin.
    The animals, some of which survived, were removed from the scene in a veterinarian's van. Samples of meat were also taken from the kitchen fridges in order to determine the origin of the meat.
    Following local authorities' demands to investigate kitchens in other local oriental eating establishments, five other Chinese restaurants in the area did not open their doors to customers on Wednesday, leading many to question whether the cooking of dog meat has long been practiced in Tijuana.
    In total five arrests were made at Mr Yu Yu Chou's restaurant, including three workers of Chinese nationality.
    A spokesman for the Mexican Ministry of Health told local reporters following the incident that the city would be pursuing conviction of the Mr Yu Yu Chou, and that 'you can't play with the health of Tijuana'.
    The infamous frontier town in Baja California state sits directly on the United States border, just three miles from downtown San Diego. The town has long had a dangerous reputation, not least for the criminal cartel activity which sees drugs and humans trafficked across the border into the United States.

January 5, 2015; Man Lynched For Car theft

MEXICALI, Baja California - A car thief is near death in the General Hospital, as a result of a supposed lynching.

Ministerial authorities are investigating if those responsible in the supposed aggression were the robbery victims, citizens and even municipal police.

Municipal Police carried out the arrest after an intense pursuit, but said the criminal fell.

When the arrested man was still conscious, he said he had been beaten by five people, without saying who.

Omar Mendívil Zavala, 29 years old, is in intensive care and has not been able to make an official statement, reported the Attorney General.

The father of the injured man admitted to authorities that his son stole the vehicle, but filed a formal complaint for the injuries that have him in grave condition.

Sources close to the case indicated that  Mendívil Zavala's injuries do not correspond to a simple fall, which is the official version from the Municipal Police.

November 23, 2014


Between 2013 and June of this year (2014), Baja California medical examiners have been unable to identify more than 1100 cadavers presented to them for autopsy.
Most of the unclaimed bodies have been buried in unmarked common graves in the cities where they were found, Dr. Francisco Acuña Campa, chief of the state forensic medical service, told the regional daily El Mexicano.

Baja California ranks first in Mexico in the number of unidentified corpses, he told the newspaper.

Of the unidentified corpses, 784 were from Tijuana, 248 from Mexicali, and 100 from Ensenada, Acuña Campa said.

In an effort to resolve the problem, the state Forensic Medical Service has developed a program that aims to reduce the number of unidentified bodies, he said.

Pathologists will keep detailed records of exactly where the bodies were found and four or five identifying characteristics of the corpses when possible. Relatives who believe they may have lost a family member in Baja California and have been unable to locate him or her can contact the state forensic service in Mexicali, the state capital, Acuña Campa said.

A website with a link to the program should be functioning soon, and through it, relatives from anywhere in the world can provide identifying information about missing family members. The agency will then try to match the information with data collected by pathologists. If a match is confirmed, family members will be permitted to claim the remains.

Acuña Campa speculated that many of the bodies are likely from Central America, noting that one body has already been identified by family members from Honduras.

June 26, 2014

Cattle Thief Strung Up, Outside of Ensenada

"A group of townsfolk lynched a man in the Francisco Zarco district of Ensenada for presumably stealing cattle from a corral, said residents of the area. One person has been arrested.
The first police reports indicate that on Thursday afternoon, an unidentified person entered a private property to take some cattle, but was caught by the owner, who with the help of other townsfolk in the area, decided to take justice into their own hands.

At least five people attacked the criminal with beatings, and he died while being taken to the Ruiz Health Center."

*Continued Financial Instability breaks out (again) in Baja Mexico
December 10, 2013

Crime Out Of Control; Baja Peninsula, Mexico, Failed State

""Kidnappings Become 'Regular' Thing in Baja Mexico; "hopefully to arrest those criminals".

TECATE.- A criminal group that arrived in the city of Tecate was about to kidnap at least three community businessmen, including in one of the cases that occurred last Saturday night, an ice cream store businessman in colonia Loma Alta, who was intercepted by the criminals and defended himself in a gunfight. The criminals fled in an unknown direction and the police were unaware of the events, and much less managed to arrest those responsible.
Of the criminal acts mentioned, at 9PM Saturday night through early Sunday morning, at least four heavily armed subjects arrived at the ice cream store located in colonia Loma Alta, where they violently entered the business and the owner struggled to prevent himself from being grabbed, so several of the criminals fired their weapons, hitting the store walls with several bullets, and then left running at full speed and fled in an unknown direction leaving no clue as to who they were.

In addition, the police are saying the person who is carrying out this type of crime, is a person called "El Viejón" (the Old Man), who on several occasions had tried to extort some merchants and businessmen, the who have filed formal complaints with the police. The victims are awaiting for the ministerial police, who should start an investigation into the events, hopefully to arrest those criminals and to the maximum extent stop them from committing these types of crimes.""

Kidnapping in Mexicalli-
""A worrisome kidnapping happened yesterday morning fo a Chinese national who was leaving a restaurant located at Lázaro Cárdenas and López Mateos and was kidnapped by force and put into his own vehicle and taken in an unknown direction.

A second Asian managed to evade the kidnapping by returning to the restaurant. He said that three men arrived in an SUV that they left abandoned at the location.

The Asians are the brothers Lioo Chang Yoo, 45 years old and Gua Chang Yoo, 32, both residents of Guerrero Negro, who are seafood traders and were in Mexicali for this reason.

They were aboard a blue Ford Ranger pick-up, with Baja California license plates AV06699, when the attack occurred.

Just at noon yesterday there was a report that there was a fight in the parking lot of a well known restaurant which is shared with the Walmart in colonia Hidalgo. Upon arriving, a startled Asian told the police in poor Spanish that his brother was kidnapped.

He said that three subjects, who it appears were lurking outside the restaurant, got out of a green Ford Explorer SUV, without license plates and a sign which said "For Sale."

They immediately headed towards them, only the witness managed to slip away and return to the safety of the restaurant, while his partner was taken away in his own pick-up.""

""Bank Robbery in San Quintin

SAN QUINTÍN.- An assault on a HSBC bank branch in colonia Lázaro Cárdenas left a farm worker wounded in the head by a bullet, and he is in grave condition and taken to the closest clinic.

According to the first reports, around 10AM, a group of presumed assailants entered the bank branch and took the money from a customer. However, the victim was armed, took out a 9mm pistol and shot at the robbers.

Two bullets his a Ranger pick-up and another hit a farm worker who had nothing to do with the assault.

At this time there is an large security operation under way among the police agencies, the Army, federal, ministerial and municipal police.

The first unofficial report says three people have been arrested, but as of the moment it has not been determined if they participated or not in the attack.

Robbed before

The victim of the assault is the son of the owner of Abigal market, a business which about one year ago was assaulted and lost approximately one million pesos (US$80,000).

The son of the businessman has been detained for having wounded a person with a firearm. It is know that he was carrying four briefcases full of money when the was assaulted inside the bank branch.""


""Ensenada Takes Fishing Boats

Around 50 sport fishing boats, many of them owned by Americans, are those that were seized on a precautionary basis by the Tax Administration (SAT), confirmed authorities to Ensenada.net.
Most of the boats seized as a precautionary measure are located at the Hotel Coral y Marina, where the tax inspectors arrived demanding documents which prove the legal status of these boats in Mexico.

According to the information, after notification of the requirements, they gave the boat owners 10 days to present the required documentation or if not, the seizure would be in effect.

It should be pointed out that most of these boats are owned by foreigners who use the marinas near the US to berth their boats.

In the next few days, the Tax Administration will carry out another inspection in which they could proceed to seize those boats which do the comply.""

BAJA 1000 November 8 SPECIALS!

Head Found, Victim of Machete Killing

The victim of a machete killing in the Mexicali Valley, just north of the Baja 1000 2013 race course, reportedly was part of a group of homeless drug addicts.  

The body was first found, the head weeks later. 
Welcome to Baja California Mexico!

Bubonic Plague, Black Death Victim of Baja California

This guy was bitten by several ticks. He started getting and suffered through what he thought was a cold. He's lucky to be still alive.



Since the publication of a photograph in the Facebook profile of Aaron Pine, where he is seen holding a chihuahua puppy crucified, has caused repudiation and horror in social networks, not only among the organizations and people that defend animals but socidad in general, putting Baja California in the thick of global cyber community. 

Pino is a young 22-year tecatense apologizes for his mistake and denies having sacrificed the animal, but his trademark gesture rokerasatánica and tasty at the time of the photo indicates otherwise.

Supports young last Monday afternoon rose to their Facebook account photography in that sees the dog nailed to a wooden cross, which generated a flood of comments and even messages repudiation threats and hate . 

Seeing the phenomenon that caused said it killed the animal, so he found on a country road near a river in the municipality of Tecate, last Monday was heading to the store where he saw the cross nailed to the ground and chihuahua breed dog dead. 

He said he had the idea of ​​taking a photograph, mounted the same social network, without thinking about the effect this would cause, then apologized Pine that was a misunderstanding, because the watch was stolen from his profile Facebook and share began putting as "Mataperros" and that has caused many problems.

UFO'S IN THE SKY Cachanilla, Baja California Mexico
Baja Racing News LIVE

UFO'S IN THE SKY Report From Cachanilla, Baja California Mexico

"A series of luminous objects were seen in the area west of the city,
Israel Garcia Photographer of police car was one of hundreds of people
saw the strange lights back in the directions of the High LOMAS at
midnight Saturday.

For its unknown quality are described as unidentified flying objects, without this meaning that they are aliens or anything they please, just no one knows who they were or where they came from, what most surprised was the strange flying and training as sometimes changed and made ​​a huge circle.

The photographer managed to take some impressions of the Ufos, achieving tremendous capture also caused such amazement that celestial light parade fractionation residents Villa Lomas Altas, who saw these lights
just at midnight Saturday.

Some children who were with their parents at a party, ran to tell their
parents what they were seeing in the beginning men and women believed
that the imagination of the boys was exacerbated, but when I stepped out on the horizon heading west were shocked without know to tell the young  and among them began to conjecture."

Ensenada Cops Running Out Of Gas! Sept. 9

"Due to the economic problems faced by the municipal government, the allocation of gasoline to the municipal districts was reduced by 20 to 25 percent, particularly gasoline allocated for police vehicles.

Miguel Ley Álvarez, secretary general of Ensenada, reported in a meeting held with municipal representatives they are being asked to develop new strategies to avoid a reduction in police patrols while reducing gasoline usage.

He pointed out that Mayor Enrique Pelayo Torres had detected excesses in the use of gasoline in the municipal districts, and he called the meeting.

He also pointed out that at no time will they order a stoppage of patrols, and the crisis situation at the municipal government has forced them the reduce expenditures in all areas."

Massive Border wait today, Tuesday, September 3 OVER 6 Hours!
Vildosola Racing in the Mexican Independence Day Parade! Held in the USA! JAJAJA! Sept 3
This Sunday September 8, 2013, VILDOSOLA RACING will be LEADING The 67th Annual East Los Angeles Mexican Independence Day Parade
Celebrating 82nd anniversary of the Comité Mexicano Cívico Patriótico. Do They Do Parades in Mexico? No!

Mafias Dominate Baja Mexico Business Aug 20

"Asian Mafias in Baja California Walk down calle Coahuila, and in the distance, you can see the landmark avenida Revolucion clock under a monumental arch. But really, perhaps Tijuana is even more famous for hedonism signaled by the posters and signs lining Coahuila. It seems every other door leads to a "hotel" with a smattering of bars and gentleman's clubs, and even, for the romantic at heart, a flower shop. Inside, many of the women, teens and girls who work in the sex trade are slaves to international criminal organizations.

The principal business of Chinese mafias in Baja is human trafficking, mainly of women and girls, according to the director of municipal public security in Tijuana, Marco Antonio Carrillo Maza. But Carrillo and others also acknowledge that Chinese gangs smuggle endangered species of animals, contraband goods (including pirated products and fake name brands), as well as opium and chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamines. The Barrio de la Chinesca in Mexicali is a vital center for Chinese organized crime, just steps from the U.S. border (marked in yellow on the map below). Police confirmed for SPC that there are undocumented cellars and underground tunnels in the neighborhood, so people and goods can move from point to point unseen.

Marco Antonio Vizcarra Calderón, local congressional representative from the Partido Estatal de Baja California told SPC that in conversations with other local leaders, he learned the going rate to admit one undocumented Chinese citizen to Mexico was US$1,000, offered to politicians and even the Delegación del Instituto Nacional de Migración. Some of his peers emphasized the strength of the Chinese mafia, derived in part from the growing wealth of their homeland.

Some girls and teens held captive by the Chinese mafia in Baja are local, but many are brought from other parts of the world. Bar "Hong Kong," in Tijuana, owned by Mario Garcia Franco, was mentioned as a brothel where trafficked women and girls are forced to work in the sex trade, though other businesses on avenida Coahuila run similar operations. Some trafficking victims stay in Baja permanently, but frequently gangs keep trafficking victims in Baja just for a temporary "training" period before they send them on to the United States, Japan or other destination countries. Marisa Ugarte, director of the Tijuana-San Diego Binational Safery Corridor Coalition (BSCC), noted that Chinese mafias in Baja California have strong ties to counterparts in the United States and Asia. Some brothels are co-owned by US citizens, but managed by residents of Mexico.

The problem is deeply entrenched in Baja's border towns where the sex trade and human trafficking are enormously profitable -- although there are NGOs like the BSCC that wrangle with the issue, for many in Baja it is simply a fact of life. And aside from the violence associated with managing prostitutes, Asian mafias are not violent. They shy away from the attention that killing and kidnapping could bring. Generally, members do not even participate in robbery or extortion schemes, so residents who don't live in the nightlife district and don't drive the streets where prostitutes hawk their bodies see other things as greater priorities.

Drug trafficking is a top priority for law enforcement in northern Baja, and is another area where China is making inroads. The Baja state Security Secretary, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, described a steady flow of precursor chemicals, used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs that are shipped from China to Baja California, entering the ports of Manzanillo or Lázaro Cárdenas, and making their way north to Tijuana and Mexicali.

The Baja Security Secretary recognized that Chinese criminals are major players in a number of smuggling activities. He said they traffic in endangered animal species, including local species such as bighorn sheep (borrego cimarrón) and the fish totoaba, among others, which are smuggled back to China. With China's growing economy there is high demand for "exotic" cuisine, and many of the endangered animals end up as ingredients on the plates of China's upper class.

Though they may be the most numerous and powerful, Chinese networks aren't the only game in town -- police report that Cambodian, Lao, and Thai groups also smuggle goods, including weapons, across the border. Those cells are particularly active in Playas de Tijuana, Popotla and Playas de Rosarito. Police say one clique of Thai criminals launder money at Asian restaurants in Mexicali.

Many Asians also operate in the "grey market" buying scrap metal, much of which is stolen, and shipping it buyers in Asia, where metals like copper command a higher price. Some of the most extreme Asian criminal networks pay for the metal in drugs, and essentially task local addicts with stealing metal in exchange for a fix. One recycling establishment uses an "IOU" system:addicts exchange metal for a ticket they can redeem with a local drug dealers, who are then reimbursed by the metal recyclers.

While they ship metal back across the Pacific, Chinese gangs smuggle other products north to California. Business owners confirm that it is easy to get merchandise across the border without export fees, paperwork, or even an inspection. One simply has to bribe Mexican customs agent who wave through Chinese textiles and appliances every day. Though newspapers regularly report on seizures of counterfeit cigarettes and brand-name clothing, SPC sources say many more shipments make it to the marketplace."


Organize Your RV Rocketship August 14

OFF-ROAD Deaths On The Rise August 12

Beauty Queen Da Bomb! August 6

Woman Killed by Wild Dogs at Guerrero Negro August 5
An unusual incident occurred early this morning, when a woman was apparently attacked by a pack of wild dogs, killing her. According to the first reports recieved by Reporteros Sin Fronteras, this involves an apparent homeless woman, approximately 40 to 45 years of age, who had no identification in her clothing. At the moment the body remains with the coroner as an unknown. The body was found from a citizen's report received by the municipal police. The police found the body at 7:30AM on a vacant lot on calle Guadalupe Victoria, across from Valdez. This is on the way to Cet del Mar. According to the information from witnesses who arrived first, the body of the woman had bites and tears caused by wild animals. 

Rice & Beans Survives Palmar Fire at San Ignacio August 4

The Great Bull Run United States Series August 2

Sal Fish Sez Intaglios made by our troops! July 12

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