Tuesday, July 16, 2013


KING OF VEGAS To Be Named in November!

OFF-ROAD LIVE! The Official Desert Off-Road Center of Gravity will gather the "SPEED Freak Killers", on RaceDay at FOX Sports San Diego, in November. On July 15, OFF-ROAD LIVE! will outline the KING OF VEGAS Qualifying 2013 races. After the race results of the VEGAS 400 (BITD March 21-23), VEGAS 300 (HDRA-SCORE Sept 27-29) and VEGAS 250 (SNORE Nov. 1-2) are compiled in November, the Unlimited Racer or the next available choice, will be announced in Las Vegas on November 3. 

MONSTER Mike 4pm Off-Road Recreation UPDATE & KING OF VEGAS Announcement Here