Saturday, November 02, 2013

BAJA 1000 Prerunning & In Country Pictures Pics

The Baja Safari Adventure Begins!

San Felipe Prerun Base

Spy Pic New Baja Racing Equipment

Red Bull Menzies Motorsports Prerun
Prerunning bikes last fuel to next stop

Chasers fueling up at Mike's Sky Rancho
Catavina Prerun Camp

Arroyo Ensenada

Night Camp of the prerunner, Central Baja Desert

Prerunning BAJA 1000

Central Baja Desert Native, The Cirio

Coco's Corner Important Prerun Stop

Prerunning a new BAJA 1000 race section
Baja Safari BAJA 1000 prerun

Arroyo Ensenada

Prerunning Santo Domingo

Proof of Fan Loyalty in a Baja Palapa Roof Wall

Troy Herbst and Ryan Arcierro Truck

Baja Central Desert Prerunning
Class 1 #156 Prerunning BAJA 1000

Jesse Jones Stuck? Not for long

BAJA 1000 Team Final Prep before Race

Red Bull Menzies Prerun inside cab

Clyde Stacy and BAJA 1000 Team

Menzies/Jones BAJA 1000 Trophy Truck

COPS Racing Preruns BAJA 1000 2013

Mark McNeil Preruns BAJA 1000
Race Mile 721 BAJA 1000 Prerun
San Felipe area Baja Headquarters
Prerunner view Dan McMillin

Project Racing Tires BFGoodrich BAJA 1000

Dan McMillin focus

Dan McMillin Baja Lights

Dan McMillin Off-Road Expo

Jeff Cummings {Green Bay Fanatic)

Parkhouse Team about to head to Mex