Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Brave New World of Desert Off-Road Racing, Starting in Los Cabos! By Gary Newsome, Editor

UPDATED! December 11, 2014 

First Published December 10: Baja Racing News has learned the membership of the racers association of Baja South, will be informed that the State of Baja Sur and the Los Cabos Municipality will mandate that desert off-road racers comply with new rules for the 2015 racing season.

The official congress or meeting of the "pilots & copilots" is scheduled in La Paz, on the 17th of December.

Among the announced controls, racers will be required to pass a breath analysis test, a heart analysis test and a drug test. All controlled by a doctor, chosen by the sports commission of the State of Baja Sur.

The bigger question now is whether SCORE International racers, in their announced spring event, will be mandated to meet the new rules being set forth in Southern Baja. Stay Tuned, More Information Today...MORE HERE

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