Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baja Racing News Announces Expanded Partnership on Friday, February 14 7 AM

Baja South Tourism and Red Bull Expand BajaRacingNews.com 

Support Announced this week in Los Cabos Mexico, Baja South Tourism and Red Bull have accepted expanded partnerships, promoting the Cabo San Lucas Region in the CABO 1000, CABO 500 and Baja South Racing Series. For years, Baja Racing News LIVE! has promoted travel services to Baja south Mexico. The CABO 500 was the first International Racing event to invite North Americans and International travel to Los Cabos, Baja South. 

 The support expansion with Baja Racing News LIVE! includes LIVE! "RaceCast" Streaming from each of the international racing events for 2014-2017. More details loading here throughout Valentines Day 2014, February 14, 2014.