Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Robby Gordon considering CABO 1000 investments for 2014, visits Los Cabos, Mexico and explores new racing adventures in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Robby Gordon CABO 1000 Investment Visit

Yesterday, Robby Gordon spoke to the Campbell El Martillo Racing Team, he also spent valuable seat time on the CABO 1000 race course for 2014.

In the drive, Robby said he is considering major Speed Energy Drink investments on the regional desert off-road race. Baja South Tourism and Red Bull, recently invested new budgets in the CABO 1000, through tourism efforts around the world.

Robby went further, saying, "some of the Baja racing events no longer are viable", "they're dying because of mismanagement, 'for racers by racers' is a concept that just hasn't panned out". 

Robby also said, "the CABO 1000 can be the DAKAR of Baja desert off-road racing with Speed Energy and Robby Gordon investments". "The tourism component of motorsports is what we are looking into the future for, it's the right time and place for Gordon Motorsports to be a player in world-wide fly-n-drive operations". SEE CABO 1000 HERE

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