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Friday, March 07, 2014

Calling All Desert Racing Teams! Driving Education Wanted By US Military

By: Gary Newsome 

Desert racing isn't known for its public driving 'skills'. The recent Snore racing death, Mohave Desert Racing's California 200 8 dead and Score's numerous desert racing deaths. There are so many race related deaths associated with one of the longer running off-road racing sanctions, the owner can't keep up with the stories and numbers of race related deaths and public incidents surrounding the race events.

Here's a video of the "winner" of the san felipe 250 2014, Tavo Vildosola of San Diego, ramming another racer in the be-hind. Desert racers prove every race, how NOT to drive. The racers are the second biggest reason for deaths and destruction at desert off-road racing events. (Tavo was gifted the win. An interesting new movement by the unregulated and unsupervised race organizers of the American southwest) 

One incident this past weekend, a trophy truck rollover at the San Felipe desert off-road race, had all the earmarks of the California 200 that killed 8 and made world-wide headlines. Juan Carlos Lopez, representing a very wealthy american, Clyde Stacy and RPM Motorsports, rolled into the crowd at the Baja Mexico racing event. 

CLICK HERE if you're a desert racer who wants to earn money teaching desert driving to the US Military.

Monday, March 03, 2014

"Open SCORE to "race data" Investigation"; OFF-ROAD LIVE!***Every Monday 4PM***SoCal Desert Racing


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BAJA CREW & MONSTER Mike San Felipe 250 Wrap and the MONSTER Storm! 
"Open SCORE to 'race data' investigation", now after 'winner chosen' at the finish line.


Sunday, March 02, 2014

LIVE ! San Felipe 250 2014 ONLINE

Do you want to participate in a desert off-road race in which the organizing group of the event are deceived in believing false critical safety condition information?

March 3, 2014 By Gary Newsome, Editor,

Have I got a pitch for you! The District of Columbia, our nations capital, is closed today. Expecting ten inches of snow! The San Felipe 250 was cut in half over the weekend, by the same storm the Weather Channel named, "Titan". The same weather system referred to, as a "hoax", by a website the SCORE President trusts as legit info. Roger Norman cited the bad information on February 27 and continues to have the bad information on his Facebook page, Monday, March 3, 2014.

Or maybe, the storm wasn't 'historic' in Rogers mind? 

As late as Friday night, February 28, SCORE continued to believe a false set of beliefs including, that an impending weather event, that the National Weather Service in San Diego called a 9 on a scale up to ten. Ten being the worst possible weather conditions. "Northern Baja" was directly cited as the focus of much of the near future mayhem, like, that night! Hours before the motorcycles were to start in the San Felipe 250 2014!

I don't believe Roger Norman is a 'hoaxer'. I do think he is a walking hoax. Because, there have been a series of disturbing safety lapses by SCORE since the beginning of the "new era", brought about by his own actions and lack of thereof.

New people were allowed into the SCORE control trailer during this event. At the last minute, the race course was cut in half and an entirely new event was mapped out. "From chicken shit", as one participant has said. Very few people are calling this a success. In fact, it was a near miss, with snow, freezing rain and ice-like clay soil race-course conditions caused most racers to call this event, a disaster.  

Countless racers sliding into ditches, wet conditions causing electrical-mechanical failures and potential life-threatening wet-cold open chassis racing safety issues. You'll only hear these details here, on Real men don't talk about the challenges, just the race congratulations, right?

Despite the online comments of the dgaf, crackhead, leg humping-pole smokers, everyone knows the truth.

Not even mentioning at this time, many racers busted for new race-course condition ignorance melding into claims from many that the race data SCORE is using to determine finishing positions, is crap. SCORE needs to open the books on how it's determining finishers. Otherwise, racers soon will lose faith anything fair is happening in racing in Baja Mexico, with SCORE.

This event is a disaster for SCORE. It's just one more race, in a series of serious trips, during this 'new era'.

The Complete San Felipe 250;
Roger Norman explains himself...
on his Facebook, of course!

March 4, 2014

Regarding the BJ Baldwin scoring crap: Roger Norman said, "BJ was telling me that he may have made a mistake after the finish. I commend him for being a stand up guy and telling me at the finish line that he may have done something wrong. I told him that it was not the plan to leave the road although it was what i wish we had time to mark but we did not have time. I told him that it would be ok as long as the majority of racers had made the same mistake. Unfortunately he was the only one who took the side road so he was penalized for extreme speed during the pavement liaison section from Valley T to Borrego. Of all vehicles in the race it was amazing that only one Class 10 and one Class 1600 missed a VCP. On the extreme side we had two motorcycles that each missed 9 VCP's."

Norman is not a stand up guy. Regarding the overall race administration: Roger Norman said, "There were so many factors but bottom line is that if the dozer had reached the area that was destroyed we would not have anything to talk about except what an incredibly tough race it was. The night before the race we had the weatherman north (Bob Atwell) unable to climb the hill in question with a Jeep 4x4 and later we sent a race car up with (Hector Camacho & Miguel Sandoval) to check it and nobody could make it up the problem hill near the Summit. it was full of huge ruts, pure mud and giant boulders. We made an alternate route along with fixing the original road with the same dozer a few weeks prior and thought our fix would have lasted at least 10 years before needing dozer work again. Hector Camacho and Miguel Sandoval spent the night waiting for the bulldozer. It wasn't until 4:00AM that we were notified that the dozer did not make it. So I drove to find the dozer at 4:00AM and found him and his semi stuck in the mud. Instead of fixing the Summit he spent the night trying to get his semi unstuck. The entire area near Jamou (sp) was like a lake and in many places you could not tell where the course was. I lowered the air pressure in my tires to 15lbs and still was almost stuck many times putting 710 horse power to the ground and only going 1 mph in 4th gear. It would have been awesome dealing with all the mud in the flats but we really needed that hill fixed to have any chance of running the race as planned. The SCORE team rose to the occasion... The teams were there and we were definitely going to have a race! Thank you Jeff (Jeff Cummings of BFGoodrich Tires) for coming to the Cruz Roja Emergency Communications trailer and giving your time and vast knowledge of Baja to help Ryan Thomas, Greg Garber and everybody on the SCORE team."

Very interesting. No talk of the real decision making. Love the quote, "if the dozer had reached the area that was destroyed". And, 
"It would have been awesome". Does Norman have a Gold Commode at home?

Roger Norman self admits the truth. The area was "DESTROYED".

Ryan Thomas, the new 'race director', for SCORE [Another, completely unannounced recent position change] said, "We had a great group of people helping from start to finish. There were a lot of split second decisions made by the entire staff that resulted in what appears to have been "one for the record books".

Yes, another ONE for the record books. Another avoidable DISASTER.



Race Results Posting...

Official Entry List:

91 Troy Herbst
1 B.J. Baldwin
18 Juan C. Lopez
11 Rob MacCachren
36 Glen Greer
52 Gonzalo Pirron
44 Todd Jergensen
72 James Lin
34 Ken Losch
78 Danny Ashcraft
47 James Bult
50 Zak Langley
55 Mark Workentine
5 Clyde Stacy
73 Robert Acer
15 Armin Schwarz
7 Steven Eugenio
19 Tim Herbst
45 Gary Magness
21 Gus Vildosola Jr
82 Jessica McMillin-1st RS

CLASS 1 (9)
100 Cody Parkhouse
131 George Peters
121 Damen Jefferies
101 Justin Matney
133 Todd Romano
180 Jim Anderson
163 Paul Keller
199 Mike Thurlow
156 Richard Boyle

CLASS 1/2-1600 (17)
1600 Ernesto Arambula
1630 Kevin Smith
1609 J. David Ruvalcaba
1606 Ruben Sanudo
1697 Jorge Sampietro
1636 Christian Celaya
1615 Jesus Velez
1623 Luis Saenz
1603 Marco Bernaldez
1688 Rodrigo Elorduy
1625 Eric Sheetz
1621 Alfredo Lugo
1610 Kevin Price
1631 Ramiro Escobedo
1604 Roberto Robago
1607 Mario Gastelum-2nd RS
1614 Hiram Duran-1st RS

CLASS 3 (2)
300 Donald Moss
303 Chris Wilson-1st RS

CLASS 5 (2)
509 Jose Lopez
503 Raymond Gray

CLASS 5-1600 (4)
565 Martin Rangel
556 Emilio Salcido
587 Trevor Anderson-2nd RS
554 Dave Simpson-1st RS

CLASS 7 (6)
736 Gregg Hempel
707 Scott Brady
722 Pete Sohren
700 Dan Chamlee
717 Pat Sims
701 Brandon Walsh

741 James Burman
747 Justin Park
745 Roman Paniagua

CLASS 8 (3)
824 Mike Meeks
803 Ben Canela
808 Rick Sanchez

CLASS 9 (1)
910 John Scharf-RS

CLASS 10 (21)
1089 Arnoldo Gutierrez Jr
1016 Cody Robinson
1029 Thomas Bjorstrom
1068 Cody Reid
1013 Kevin Carr
1014 Jorge Valdes
1098 Shane Scully
1049 Ty Godde
1002 Mark Lawrence
1062 J.J. Schnarr
1031 Mike Johnson
1018 Ricardo Malo
1080 Peter Hajas
1076 Gerardo Iribe
1009 Rafael Navarro IV
1006 Mike Lawrence
1011 John Langley
1088 Luis Salgado
1028 Alex Mendez
1093 Chris Kemp
1045 Patrick Dailey-1st RS

1206 Chris Burnett
1201 Miguel Tornel
1216 Luis Martinez
1261 Juan Gallo
1288 Caleb Sanden
1249 Hector Garcia
1212 Juan Guillen

CLASS 11 (2)
1149 Alejandro Rivas-2nd RS
1121 Dennis Hollenbeck-1st RS

6036 Kenneth Olson

8161 Kay Awaad

CLASS 3000 (3)
3030 Paul Broughton
3002 Paige Sohren
3003 Reid Rutherford

872 Jonathan Brenthal
871 Larry Connor
843 Billy Bunch
846 Joe Gomez
841 Taylor Mills
842 Nick Mills
845 William Hedrick
878 Carlos Ibarra
848 Billy Wilson

BC1 Randolph Hoover

8036 Carlos Fonseca
8013 Jorge Rivera

CLASS 19 (14)
1937 Marc Behnke
1949 Alonso Lopez
1921 Jaime Kirkpatrick
1932 Matt Parks
1944 Scott Estes
1905 Marc Burnett
1917 Derek Murray
1915 Thomas Graves
1901 Douglas McCrady
1942 Scott McFarland
1904 Cory Sappington
1930 Sean Cook
1933 Todd Romano
1903 Jose Romero -1st RS

Pro Motorcycles
OPEN M/C (4)
19x Rodrigo Valenzuela
1x Colton Udall
4x Ricky Brabec
12x Michel Valenzuela

125x Fernando Beltran

CLASS 30 (6)
310x Mark Winkelman
309x Todd York
306x Fred Sobke
329x Brad Baker
313x Miguel Caro
300x Francisco Septien

CLASS 40 (5)
410x Giovanni Spinali
407x Jack McCormick
440x Joel Leal
403x Oscar Fazz
401x Rob Huggins-1st RS

CLASS 50 (2)
510x Earl Roberts
502x Shawn Douglass

CLASS 60 (3)
611x Jim Dizney
603x Richard Jackson-2nd RS
609x Donald Lewis-1st RS

702x Tony Gera

Pro ATVs
Pro ATV (8)
3a Michael Zelenka
1a Adolfo Arellano
12a Brent Columbo
22a Jose Torres
14a Said Sanchez
10a Javier Robles Jr
19a Jesus Lopez
28a Jesus Selem

1501 Brian Siller
1577 Martin Hoffman
1555 Hamid Hajarian
1515 Derek Fletcher-1st RS

1450 Richard Garcia
1494 Vincent Munoz
1405 Chris Miller
1444 Jim Bunn-1st RS

SPT M/C (12)
293x Kent Choma
204x Sheldon Bradlow
225x Alberto Morales
209x Ted Callagy
222x John Sylvester
294x Todd Powell
298x Gerardo Suarez
247x Raul Hernandez
237x Oscar Esparza
221x Carlos Valdez
287x Wesley Glogner
297x Carlos Sanchez-1st RS

103a Greg Delgado
140a Don Higbee
111a Fidel Gonzalez
106a Sain Yadala
112a Oscar Ruiz
109a Juan Dominguez
158a Adam Parks

 On Saturday, March 1, RaceDay, the predicted storm impacted the San Felipe 250. The event that Roger Norman told everybody (through his facebook page) the storm was a 'hoax'. At 4 AM he ran up to the summit crossing and tried to 'dozer' the issue of rainfall leading to numerous landslides and race course problems. He failed, the dozer got stuck and he was forced to close half of the race course.


[Message from Editor, Check your sources next time, Roger!] More Loading today, Sunday, March 2 ...
Original storyline: Good Morning Race Fans! We are LIVE! in San Felipe, following the weather impacting the higher elevations of this years race course...and the start of the event.

Baja Weather Service Announces:
San Felipe Race WARNING ZONE!

 High Winds &
Very Heavy Rainfall Possible in Warning Zone ALL RaceDay!


Rain in San Felipe?


Contingency San Felipe 250!

San Felipe 250 LIVE ! RaceWeek!

Can SCORE recover from the 2013


Gary Newsome, Editor

HONDA, after 51 years of racing in Baja Mexico, many in association with SCORE, ended the long run of  desert off-road racing down south. SCORE lost its benchmark sponsor after the complete fail of the 2013 Baja 1000. But, what is not fully known is the race disaster of the 2013 San Felipe 250, it was a harbinger of things to come. Last years entire race season, spotlighted the horrible judgement decisions the new owner of the race sanction.

Throughout today, the KICK-OFF of the San Felipe 250 2014 RaceWeek, we'll highlight the suspect decision making of Roger Norman and how the death of Kurt Caselli and the loss of HONDA Racing in SCORE could have been foreseen simply from the results of last years Baja classic event, the San Felipe 250. MORE LOADING TODAY>>>   

San Felipe 250 Desert Off-Road Race SPEEDWEEK 


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March 6 San Felipe 250 PART2  
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San Felipe 250 COMPLETE

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