Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MONSTER Mike's Desert Racing Designs deals International Racing Consultants into team members for upcoming private events in Mexico

International Racing Consultants (IRC) has been a longtime source of insider racing information for MONSTER Mike and his team of desert racing experts. Since the inception of the company, International Racing Consultants has supplied the most intimate inside details of race operations for Best In The Desert, SCORE International and many other sanctioning bodies, contracting "race tracking".

Steve Myers and Phil Membury are principals at IRC.

The IRC page online for MDRD deals can be found here

MONSTER Mike's Desert Racing Designs (MDRD) is the snot nosed punk of "racing" operations. His team of expert desert racing specialists is second to none. Mike has no right to call himself an expert at anything, excepting Southern California and Baja Mexico logistic operations from Hollywood USA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Janice Gilmore is the Director of Public Information for MDRD.

Future deals include point-to-point and loop desert races, private motorsport runs and technical drive training. In 2003, the company concluded designs on the largest Mexicali desert event ever planned. The City of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, its Civil Protection Directorship and Chamber of Commerce, worked side by side with local business to bring international attention to the northern Baja Mexico township.

The event, "El Gran Festival del Desierto", led to renowned tenor Pavrotti, to perform at Laguna Salada, among the desert racers in the natural amphitheatre of the Mexican desert, just outside of the sprawling metropolitan city. The motorsports event of the century was held that very same weekend, just yards from the performing stage. 

In 2007, IRC was chosen by the CABO 500 to exclusively provide for its participants. Here's the posting International Racing Consultants provided for its clients, pumping the big big purse, that year.


Los Cabos Mexico, Cabo San Lucas in particular are 'goals' as they are called in Mexico, destinations for
several annual motorsport driving events. Participants drive to the goal and are flown back to their originating flight location, often back home. 

Contact Janice Gilmore for more information at 619-251-9486. 
MONSTER Mike's Desert Racing Designs


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