Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fandango Friday! 5AM West SPECIAL***BAJA 500 Preview Party!***

Surprise! The Party is ON!
 LIVE! NOW! FRIDAY  Friday, May 30, BAJA 500 Preview Party!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

BAJA 500 2014 The LeadUp Publicity for this years LIVE! Event

One racer told
"In the 84, the McMillins took the overall and that is the 1984 san felipe 250 (Roger Norman copied this ´84 edition for this years 250 [2014 San Felipe 250] saying that was a "never used section for a San Felipe 250". But, I guess in 1984 he [Norman] was into breakdancing? Pogo champion?). 
What Is This???

BAJA 500 LIVE June 2-8, on

Gary Newsome, Editor,


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SCORE EATEN ALIVE!***Who is eating Roger Normans Lunch NOW?!

Who is sticking it to SCORE today?

UPDATED Today, Wednesday, May28

Roger has made so many mistakes since 'owning it all', when he gave Sal Fish an announced figure of $300 Million dollars. (Figure was given in a Baja Sur newspaper article. So, everyone down there thinks Roger has money coming out his wahzoo)

One of the biggest mistakes is the announced new vision of Roger Norman, "Baja racing is ONLY the big boys"*. Meaning, just the trophy truck class. 

There are a few Americans stcking their private parts into SCORE International.

'Whistle-dick' Best In The Desert, Casey Folks. His organization is increasing in entries while SCORE makes every mistake possible.   

Not because of Casey and his people, in spite of them. His race tracking, scoring and judging is the pinnacle of crappy customer service. He's doing well simply because his events are soley based in the United States. That's it!

Marty Fiolka, is holding Mike Pearlmans nose as he drags him to start events in downtown Ensenada. Taking over formerly, "Fish" territory.

After being soundly rejected by Norman to be the marketing director for his organization, he's made beating Roger, priority number one.

Steve Myers, another Sal Fish apologist, has embarrassed SCORE by simply pointing out the obvious. The owner of SCORE has no clue what he's doing.

After being booted from SCORE, Steve and Phil Membury are now planning to put a final body slam onto SCORE, to kill the organization. All at the direction of Casey Folks.

Down south, the southern Baja Californianos have started a movement to make Roger Norman pay for doing business in Mexico.

Liz Wayas, the Baja Sur racing association and suprisingly Sal Fish, SCORE's former owner, have been caught in meetings.

In public, the authorities in La Paz are looking for more taxes to charge onto Norman, the largest private land owner in the state of Nevada.

A defunct racing association (U-Pro) announced this week the cancellation of their season, citing SCORE's attempt to take entries from locals for its own events, as the reason for their own failures.  

*Announced in the San Felipe 250 2014 TV Show


Gary Newsome, Editor