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Ronny Wilson Bailed out on $65,000.00

"Bail of 650 thousand pesos, was released the pilot Ronny Wilson, 52, identified as allegedly responsible for the striking of a minor in the route of the race off-road Baja 500, said the assistant attorney, Near Ensenada. Marco Antonio Lopez Chavarria stated that the investigation remains open, and that the evidence collected in the scene and said the same corridor as the teenager responsible for causing the crash that lost his life. The representation of the state prosecutor in this port ordered the preparation of a survey of land transit, to see how the facts and determine the probable responsibility of those involved. The official said eyewitness report that on the afternoon of Saturday, the now deceased about 13 years, a native of Mexicali, was crossed to cart to try to photograph or videograbarlo with your cell phone. Commented the original pilot of Long Beach, California, could not maneuver to avoid hitting the boy, because otherwise it would turn into dozens of spectators standing on the narrow path. 

Data obtained by "El Vigia Newspaper" initially indicated that other race participants were presented with the relevant authorities, but later clarified his situation and was assured Ronny Wilson, who admitted striking a person with your car number 153. They point to Ronny Wilson The pilot Ronny Wilson, 52, is identified as allegedly responsible for the death of a child in full route of the Baja 500 Off Road Race."

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Americans DID NOT STOP

Monday, June 9


Exclusive Reporting!
The first butchery during the San Felipe 250 in 2009:

""Baja Racing BULLETIN!

Ensenada local dies in Horrific Race Crash
At approximately 11:30 AM on Saturday, March 14, during the SCORE San Felipe 250 desert off-road race, near race mile 55.5, a Class 1 race vehicle, struck a local Ensenada man. He was transported from the scene by friends, reports from the area later, indicated the victim died from his injuries.

Reports also indicate the Class 1 vehicle, race number 109, was owned and operated by the Wilsons
, of the US. Race records say the 109 was piloted by Ronny and Rick Wilson of Long Beach, California. The race vehicle is listed as a Jimco-Chevy.

Reportedly, the victim was associated with Mercado & Silva Racing
. He was struck on the race course. His leg was torn off at impact. He was transported by civilian auto into town, where he died from the trauma of the injury. He bled to death.

The message to Wilson Motorsports from Bob Bowers: "Good work boys! We're proud of ya. Bob Bowers Dirtworks Films "

Bob Bowers Personal avatar. Who's blood is that Bob?

Eyewitness: "I was just a few meters. may be 40 mtrs. From the accident at Race Mile 55 aprox. I saw this guy trying to cross the road and he was hit, it for the 1rst class 1 #109, may be the car did not saw this guy, definitely was not the racer car's fault, but I was an eye witness."

Witness: "We were 40 mtrs distance from the place of the accident, occur around 10:40 and 10:50 am, the guy was in the left side of the way (if you go inside the car), so he tried to cross the road and the car was running so fast may be 90 - 100 miles and was hit it by the rigth tire, my brother was step up beside me and says, It was a kid and he run to the place of the accident and I just took a photo to the car seconds after the accident and was the #109, the guy was in the ground in the middle of the way, a couple of guys took him to the side of the road because another car was running on the road, and a Gray ford explorer arrives to the place and they pulled the guy to the trunk and then they leave the place, and they stop the car just in front of us, and a couple of curious guys ran to the trunk to see this guy and he was alive, but with his leg ripped off and bleeding we ask him to take him to the check 1 , to advise to the score guys the accident may be them can help to one way or another and that was all about the guy, so I asked the next day...about this guy and one guy confirmed the dead ."
Witness: "My dad was at the Checkers/ COPS pit and called for our Helicopter (and Weatherman relay) with our medic to come and help them but they drove off before the Helicopter got there. My father and the Checkers tried to help him but they where in a panic and drove to KM 160 on HWY 3 where someone was going to meet them."

In the know: "There were 3 accidents, the one hit by 109 died, a neighbor of his confirmed it...The video you saw with the guy laying on the sand with his arms open was hit by a TT, dont know his status. The third accident was at Rm 120 something, hit by the class 1 that plowed into a Tacoma from (Baja Pits)Locos Mocos, the guy was flown out and luckily its all bruises and tire burns, he personally confirmed it..."

"RM 3, guy hit by a class 3 but was ok and left on his own.
RM 7, zoo rd guy hit by a TT, injured w/broken bones & concussion. Video showed the body laying in the crowd.
RM 55, guy hit by a 1 car with reports his leg torn off and bled to death in a car. Sounds like inadequate immediate medical care.
RM 122, COPS producer hit by a 1 car, airlifted to SD. Got swift medial care and full recovery expected."

No denial from anyone has been received as of today, Tuesday, March 17. In one interview with a seasoned American desert off-road guy, he said the victim "deserved it". More Details Loading>>>""

From Ensenada Today:

Oscar Ramos of SCORE places "blame". Though,

 he DOES NOT explain why, Wilson Motorsports

 has now killed two Mexicans and not stopped in

 either case!

"Ensenada, BC, June 8, 2014 - Óscar Ramos Jassen, representative of Score International, said that the death of the minor which happened yesterday during the Baja 500 Off Road Race is more the responsibility of his father than Class 1 driver Ronnie Wilson.
After the events happened in the Valle de la Trinidad district, Ramos Jassen denied blame on the California driver, saying that "the boy went to the middle of the race track to record with his cell phone, and the father did not control him."

"Ronnie Wilson is a professional, a serious businessman who is devastated and destroyed, because he could not avoid what happened. If he had tried to miss the boy, we would now be regretting a greater tragedy because he would have hit at least 15 people," he said.

He also regretted this type of situation, which he says are caused by "negligence of some fans."

"We don't know what to do, we had put on awareness campaigns, but now everybody is shocked and when the Baja 1000 comes, the same thing will happen again because the vehicles are more and more faster and there are more people who don't consider the consequences," said the race promoter.

He also questioned the lack of professionalism of a local newspaper, which the driver was another racer, Cody Parkhouse, as being responsible for the accident.

"An irresponsible newspaper, published the name of a racer who was not responsible, affecting his reputation and image. The information must be handled professionally and the journalists all do need to be more concerned with their sources being reliable. They said we hid information when we never did," he said.

Finally, he said that the spectators continue to cause problems, "when something happens, the criticize it and speak without having the facts. On social networks there are many baseless comments, made flippantly," he said."

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"Wilsons considered guilty of running over victim"
""Being on the ""race course""

 "Because playing with his cell phone to videotape over the participants of the race Off Road (off road) Baja 500, being hit caused the teenager died Saturday afternoon east of Valle de la Trinidad. According to reliable sources, there is evidence pointing and a video allegedly responsible for his death the child identified as Juan Jose "N", 13, a fact that is being investigated by the Deputy Justice on this port. Organizers Score International pointed out that the runner Ronny Wilson, 52, a native of Long Beach, California, was arrested for hitting the boy with his vehicle number 153, but hours later he was released on bail. Although initially there was confusion with other participants of the event presented to the competent authorities at a checkpoint was assured the U.S., later to be transferred to the Public Ministry of Common Law (AMPFC). The fatal accident occurred around 17:30 pm on June 7, at the height of the 258 mile route, a mile and a half before boarding the Ensenada-San Felipe federal highway in the vicinity of populated Matthias.Data collected now report that the deceased was accompanied by his father and brother when he placed his telephone equipment on the road, so in an oversight was hit from behind by the car racing."

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Baja Racing Fan from Mexicali, Baja California, Arturo Elias:

"The deceased child was on the side of the road sitting at a table eating with his dad, the car left the road hit him in the head. While it is true that many people do not take care, we must not generalize, there is nothing to protect the attendees to watch the races."

Cody Parkhouse comments:
"We didn't hit anyone. Nobody was arrested. At the finish line score and the police asked my dad to go to the police station and give our side of it. When they found out it was when I was driving they called and asked me to go to the police station also. I gave my side (which wasn't much as the incident didn't involve us), and they let us go. As we were leaving they got confirmation that it was another car."

Austin Farner said, "it was not the Parkhouse car but another car who hit them.....but yes Parkhouse car was arrested at the finish and put in cuffs".

"A minor died when run over Saturday afternoon, presumably by one of the participants in the Baja 500. The accident happened in the Valle de la Trinidad district, and the victim was a 13-year old named Juan José "N". The events were reported around 6:30PM on a local road used as a part of the race route for the Baja 500, where the minor lay dead. According to the first official data, it is believed the vehicle as a Trophy Truck in the Baja 500, however, this is not certain since the driver was not detained. The minor lay on the road where the Public Ministerial agents came to inspect the body and have it removed for an autopsy." CLICK HERE FOR LOCAL STORY

A similar race originated death occurred last year, see the video here. Reporters in Ensenada interviewing Police right now!

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE!
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