Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baja Racing News LIVE Editorial By Gary Newsome***Establishes Global Racing Domination***Editor of the BIGGEST BADDEST BAJA RACING publication in the World

From Bret Ferrell, at Butt In The Desert, one of three members of Team South Motorsports UTV 1922. "My teammate ran the first leg, just before our scheduled driver swap the Rzr lost power and we spent 3hrs at pit5 working on it. The TT leaders had just gone by as I got in the drivers seat. The video starts at pit 5 RM192. We were passed by many trucks and only one made contact. If I had to guess I'd say we were going 40 and he was going 70, the only notice I got was instant acceleration and whiplash, I'm just glad it happened in a slower section or we might have been wiped out. My other teammate got in at pit 11 drove to the finish only getting bumped once in the silt. We ended up finishing 8th in class and received the much needed finishing points, we are currently tied for fourth in the championship. This is our rookie season and my first encounter with a TT and hopefully the last if we can now start in the rear."