Saturday, December 13, 2014

SCORE holds its "Awards Ceremony" in their garage in backwater El Cajon. Sponsor loss rumors explode that TOYOTA, TECATE and others have bailed on the 'World' 'Global' Championship series, as huge fines for enviromental penalties against them, are negotiated out. has bailed

UPDATE! December 15, 2014:

First Posted December 12, 2014:

Baja Racing News is following rumors of sponsor losses and verified news of huge environmental penalties against the "Global" "World" Championship desert racing series. 

This week, the racing organization is cutting costs, by holding their year-end, season ending, annual awards ceremony at their garage, in a corner of San Diego county, normally used for illegal vehicle smog operations and chop shops, taking apart stolen cars and trucks. 

El Cajon is so backwater that the local California Department of Motor Vehicles in El Cajon, located not far from the garage being used for the SCORE annual dinner, was closed this summer for corruption! Numerous El Cajon residents, were working as employees of the department, were caught and convicted by a bunch of the three letter federal and state agencies and the offices were closed!  The property is fenced off, the building boarded up and still closed!

The SCORE garage is located in some of the cheapest, least environmentally protected, lowest taxed, industrial zoned land in the southwest. El Cajon is a dump.

Back to the El Cajon DMV. The place remains today, boarded up, not open for business for state automotive registration, licensing and drive testing for residents of rural eastern and southern San Diego, known as El Cajon, 'the box'. The area is so backwards, that even Roger Norman himself, refused to participate in recent 'Off-Road Days', an annual  local celebration of the 'east county' off-road community. 

Known as the 'Hill-Billy Haven' community of Southern California, El Cajon is the birthplace Jimmy Johnson, the NASCAR 'six-time' racing champion. Of course, he doesn't live in El Cajon any longer. He lives on the civilized east coast of North America.

Jimmy now lives, just south of the shadow of Wall Street. Were the nations banks have just this weekend, decided that they want to get back into the derivative business all insured and 'backstopped' by the American taxpayer! A primary cause of the nations recent economic collapse, it's where some of the dirtiest, legal money is, legal gambling all insured by the American taxpayer, the FDIC. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Reportedly, TECATE and TOYOTA have dropped or are dropping SCORE International as one of their sponsored friends. As has documented, the big mistakes Roger Norman, owner of SCORE, has made since buying the racing organization, may be some of the reasons for leaving SCORE on the side of the road.

Recently, an Ensenada newspaper, has reported that SCORE is being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for environmental violations for its recent running of the 2014 Baja 1000, desert off-road race. These charges have reportedly not been levied against SCORE and are in fact, being negotiated at this very moment.

One fact remains about racing in Mexico. You cannot do it on the cheap, like some have done in the United States. 

While the racers are partying on the real elephant feet bar stools, among the numerous African big game kills in Rogers garage at the 'awards party', the bar tab for the racers, Roger and SCORE is being tabulated. MORE LOADING>>> 


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Brave New World of Desert Off-Road Racing, Starting in Los Cabos! By Gary Newsome, Editor

UPDATED! December 11, 2014 

First Published December 10: Baja Racing News has learned the membership of the racers association of Baja South, will be informed that the State of Baja Sur and the Los Cabos Municipality will mandate that desert off-road racers comply with new rules for the 2015 racing season.

The official congress or meeting of the "pilots & copilots" is scheduled in La Paz, on the 17th of December.

Among the announced controls, racers will be required to pass a breath analysis test, a heart analysis test and a drug test. All controlled by a doctor, chosen by the sports commission of the State of Baja Sur.

The bigger question now is whether SCORE International racers, in their announced spring event, will be mandated to meet the new rules being set forth in Southern Baja. Stay Tuned, More Information Today...MORE HERE

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Rob MacCachren Named KING OF BAJA 2014 Baja Racing News LIVE

Rob MacCachren Named KING OF BAJA 2014 Baja Racing News LIVE!

Creating his 'Dream Team' to Winning the 2014 BAJA 1000, Rob Mac, was chosen by the editorial staff at as this years KING OF BAJA for 2014.

This upfront, honest athlete is respected by the entire field of off-road. He's been inducted into the Off-Road Hall of Fame. Though, that's not really saying much. The "hall of fame", is a farce.

December 8, 2014
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Monday, December 08, 2014

One spectator dead another injured in Southern Baja Mexico Off-Road Race

UPDATE! February 17, 2015


After one spectator was killed in last years "Los Paredones" off-road race and the huge disaster of Baja Sur racing when local promoters and their insurance company were charged with fraud, the local racing community is telling spectators to be aware of the risks. The local racing community released this video, last week:

UPDATE  December 7, 2014

 State of Baja South Off-Road Racing Commission begins safety program

"Our commitment is now greater redouble efforts, implement actions and drastic measures with the clear objective of reducing risk among drivers and fans, come together to make the necessary arrangements to complete the foundations for Off Road safe, for this requires the action and consciousness of all who love this sport."  

This bold statement was made this weekend by the Official State Commission overseeing off-road motorsports in Southern Baja, Mexico.

Clearly now, 2015 will have more regulatory structure and care in the operation of off-road motoring events in the state.

Important considerations like insurance, civil protection and economic development can be addressed within the commissions structure to focus on 'Safety'.

The commissions integration of the recent state legislation making 'off-road' an important tourism department component should be used to help coordinate related state functions.

Civil Protection, as an example, should be funded through race-related Tourism projects. Each racing event can raise needed pesos to cover the required Red Cross, medical response and public awareness programs.

Update, December 4
Baja South Racers Call Meeting!

""Pilots and Copilotos:

We invited them to the Congress of pilots, it will be held in the city of peace, b.c.s.(La Paz, Baja California Sur) day Wednesday 17 December with the following topics:

1. - regulations, 2015,
2. - safety in off road motorsports
3. - agreements in 2015

In the next few days we will give them to know the place, location and times, their participation is of great importance to take decisions and Agreements in order to improve our sport.""

From the Association of Baja South Drivers and Co-Drivers

From Today's Press Story:

"Awareness of a Safer Off Road," will be a campaign by nationally and internationally recognized drivers, announced the Sport Director and the Government minister for the Los Cabos Municipality, Miguel Adolfo Palacios Romero and Salvador Castellanos, respectively.


UPDATE 4PM 12-1; From Los Cabos, Mexico:

CABO 250, Another Race Suspended!

"In coordination with the municipal government, the [fake organization]association state automovilismo and car club foxes of Los Cabos is determined to suspend the career of off road out of 250, this before The events of recent times, which obliges us to find a joint new sketches and rewriting safety issues in future events, thank you for the understanding of pilots and spectators at the news."


First Reported Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mauricio Zamora Collins

Mauricio Zamora Collins, 28, of Southern Baja Mexico, died this weekend, Sunday November 30, as the result of a race truck in a local desert off-road race, a class 7 race truck, impacted a man made ramp and fanatics being too close to the race course.

His brother Manuel was also injured in the incident.

Mauricio, called 'Mauri' by friends, was a well known quad racer in Southern Baja Mexico.
The victim died of massive head injuries at IMSS Hospital, after being transported after the accident. His brother Manuel, suffered a broken leg. 

The local race, 'El Paredones-Desert Challenge', based at Rancho Paredones, ran at the Arroyo Seco Salto, near the community of Candelaria, north of San Lucas, B.C.S. The balance of the race was suspended.

The racing event is part of the Official State racing series, the event is sanctioned by the State of BCS, Mexico.

The class 7 driver involved in the incident was named as Guillermo Valdez.