Monday, January 26, 2015

San Felipe 250 LIVE 2015


Gary Newsome, Editor

UPDATED: January 30, 2015 

*"SCORE INFORMATION REQUEST: last weekend during the 2015 Bud Light SCORE San Felipe 250, the 400x motorcycle team led by Paul Thomas was in a bad accident when the bike collided with a spectator vehicle going the wrong way on the course.

If anyone has any additional information about the accident, photographs or video, please contact SCORE International - it will help SCORE to investigate the accident and improve safety in the future. Thank you and best wishes for a speedy recovery to everyone involved with 400x".

*Reported by local press: Rick Brabec suffered broken bones in race crash

"The motorcycle racer was taken by helicopter to a private hospital and later released after crashing early in the event. Brabec broke his wrist and collarbone in the crash."

*BULLETIN: Via source close to the team, Max Eddy was the actual crash victim, suffering a concussion and broken wrist in this event.

*SCORE rumored to end its racing events in Mexicali-San Felipe area

Due to several factors, rumors of Roger Norman ending his desert off-road racing events, in the San Felipe area, are escalating. This morning, tourism officials are saying Norman is seeking amounts of community support, money, that San Felipe cannot justify to its citizens.

It's common for SCORE to receive 'corporate welfare' from the states of Baja California and Baja Sur, for its events, in excess of large six figure tourism cash. To many here in Mexico, the racing events don't pay for themselves. Another complaint from state officials in Mexicali, are the recent changes SCORE has made to its operations when conducting race events in Baja California.

Changed schedules from traditional time frames, greater demands by SCORE of the state for public resources, like safety and security deployments, are just the start.

This morning at 8:30 AM, when asked Roger Norman of SCORE about San Felipe 2016, Roger Norman hung up the phone, on the reporter, without answering the question.

*Low racer turnout for SCORE San Felipe Explained

Changing the date of the race disrupted many teams yearly race plans.

 New rule changes for Class 1 racers. "the Class 1 group went to Roger, Roger passed it to Art, Art wanted a vote, an email list was given of anyone who raced Class 1 in SCORE over the last 2 years, and the vote was counted"

Robby Gordon told "Truggies don't belong in Class 1 and if I had a desert series I would have done the same many years ago. I think Casey Folks (BITD Assc) needed to follow suit as well, This will only make the TT Class bigger and keep a very competitive buggy class (I know I won a championship in a Truggly and to be honest felt bad doing it as it was like shooting fish in a barrel)".

Last years fishermans protest also impacted the car and moto counts. Unrest in Mexico is starting to affect the hard core racing community.

*Galindo Motorsports/Steven Eugenio jinxed by Armin Schwarz joining the team?

A fire started on the race truck when the vent/overflow caught fire when they re-fueled at the team pit for the driver change at Race Mile 152. The truck fuel tank was "over filled" and "splashed fuel all over, which was ignited by the brakes, and burned for some seconds".

Steven got out and Armin Schwarz drove to the finish. The race truck had issues with the drive belt around Race Mile 200 and was forced to limp the rest of the way, to the finish line.

"SCORE should start off with giving out ACTUAL Trophies, and not a piece of firewood for starters. It's pathetic, honestly. Dean, our 2nd place softball trophy our team got was far more impressive looking than a Baja 1000 trophy for 2nd Overall and maybe even for 1st overall! Who has it anyways? Haha.."

Dan McMillin, Crane Motorsports, January 18, 2015