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Baja South PreRunning has started! PreRuns Underway to April 18

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE LIVE! Coverage
BajaSur 500 2015

Pre-Running To April 18




9 AM 4 Race Chassis Inspection Villa del Palmar
8 PM to 11 PM Welcome on Medano Beach 

From 9 AM to 4 PM Chassis Inspection Villas del Palmar  
9 AM-7 PM equipment records Villas del Palmar 
7 PM to midnight, potluck for equipment, support groups and guests at Casa Dorada 

9 AM to 5 PM Registration of teams, media and volunteers at Villa del Palmar 
10-5 PM Contingency and review of vehicles in the Soccer Fields CABO SAN LUCAS Enter and 7 pm, informative volunteer boards, motorcycle riders and other riders will be held at CSL

6 AM Staging Begins
6:45 AM Start of motorcycles at Soccer Fields CSL ProMotorcycles, ProQuads, Sportman Motorcycles, Sportsman Quads all at 30 Second intervals. Time limit TBA depending on final course mileage and projected speeds.

11:15 4-Wheel Start at the park Soccer Fields CSL
Trophy Trucks, Class 1, Trophy Truck Spec, Class 10, SCORE Lites, Class 8, Class 1600, HM, PT, Class 7 Class 3000, Trophy Lites, Baja Challenge, Class 5, Class 7SX, Class 2, Class 3, Class 3700, Class 700, Class 4400, SF, SM, Class 9, Class 11, PRO UTV, Sport Unlmtd Truck, Sport Buggy, Sport LTD Truck and Sport UTV.  One vehicle start every minute for Trophy Trucks and Class 1, 5 minutes between each class. All other classes start every racer, 30 seconds apart. 

SUNDAY APRIL 19, in Loreto, BCS 
10 a.m. Publication of official results Hotel Mission 
11 a.m. Awards ceremony, on the boardwalk in Loreto


CLICK HERE FOR Editor Gary Newsomes Viewpoint on SCOREs March 2, course release!

Baja Sur 500 Pacific Course

The SCORE March 2 Course release is Dr. Murillos/La Paz Auto Club, race course.

UPDATE! Feb 27, 2015
Reported by: Gary Newsome, Editor

"Last wednesday, February 25 we had the opportunity to be in a meeting with the characters of inspection of units by score international, in charge of mr Arturo ' Art ' Saavedra and his coworker Jesus " Jesse " Becerra who gave us the opportunity to share points of views and asesorarnos in matters of security and the important measures that should carry the units of the responsibility of the format off road."

Monday, March 02, 2015

LIVE! Pacifico 300 From Baja South This Weekend


UPDATED! From La Paz: Monday March 2, 2015
 Pacifico 300 2015 Awards Ceremony

Tony Pena Reporting
For the first time ever in Baja South racing, speed controls, 'race verification equipment' and local civil protection have been employed during a desert off-road race, to improve overall safety and 'sporting fairness'.

In a truly historic event, the Pacifico 300 race results will be announced officially later today. Yes, there are results, but the race organizers here in La Paz have asked the press to allow the authority time to conclude a full race review. Considering the task at hand, reviewing electronic data, receiving reports from race judges throughout the course and tabulating both sets of information for the first time ever, is taking more time than anticipated. Tony

Ten years ago, Baja Racing News LIVE! first reported on desert off-road racing events using IRC electronic data in 2005, during a SNORE event. At that event, unofficial results were known, but not reported for two days. The same time frame is expected in this first time use in Southern Baja Mexico.

Gary Newsome, Editor
Baja Racing News LIVE!

CABO Safari Official Race Results

Pacifico 300 CSL-LPZ, Baja Sur, Mexico
March 01, 2015

Motos pro
47X Ramon Davila La Paz, 1 BC HON 1 03:12:50.214
2 4X Vincent Meza La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:21:02.609
3 6X Jesus Rafael GeraldLoa C Poaszio, BC CUS 1 03:33:38.765
4 2X Luis Francisco Diaz La Paz, BS HON 1 03:34:34.781
5 23X Alex Angulo La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:40:48.125

Motos inter+30
1 380X Ricardo Santana RaLmai rPezaz, BC CUS 1 04:04:54.468
2 325X Luis Rey Resendiz La Paz, BC CUS 1 04:06:35.125
3 399X Rafael Franzoni La Paz, BC CUS 1 04:11:43.609
4 320X Eduardo Petit La Paz, BC CUS 1 08:45:39.500

Novatos Atv
1 202A Juan Geraldo La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:45:34.000
2 200A Miguel A. Perez GarcLiaa Paz, BC CUS 1 03:49:00.296
3 223A Jose Lopez La Paz, BC CUS 1 04:00:05.000
4 212A Jonathan Sanchez La Paz, BC CUS 1 04:46:33.953

Atv pro
1 1A Edwin Sanchez La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:14:49.703
2 3A Edgar Josue AldecuaLa Paz, BC CUS 1 03:20:55.671
3 77A Stephen Davis La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:22:47.453
4 79A Manlio Diaz La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:25:18.484
5 45A Geovani Marquez La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:38:58.515
6 4A Pedro Loya La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:43:29.437

Atv inter+30
1 115A Jose Manuel Fierro La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:39:36.984

Novatos Moto
1 208X Juan Ramon MontesLa Paz, BC CUS 1 04:00:49.796
2 238X Juan Carlos Garcia La Paz, BC CUS 1 04:25:27.656
3 200X Jorge Gil Ceseña La Paz, BC CUS 1 04:25:34.359
4 204X Pablo Camacho La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:14:54.203

Class 1
*1 134 Romero Edgar San Jose Del CaboP, OBRC 1 03:48:56.828
*2 188 Verdugo Julio La Paz, BC JEF 1 04:14:16.953
*3 130 Hall Sandy La Paz, BC JIM 1 04:38:22.671

Class 2
1 269 Araiza Jesus Cabo San Lucas, BCCUS 1 03:34:51.093
*2 288 Alex Verdugo La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:59:57.812

Class 8
*1 832 Diaz Jimy Los Barriles, BC CUS 1 04:30:45.062
*2 815 Zavala Omar La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:27:08.640

Class 17
1 1788 Cota Ruben La Paz, BC CUS 1 03:26:12.593
*2 1745 Sandoval Alba Cabo San Lucas, BGCUA 1 04:35:33.156
*3 1702 Contreras Jesus La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:40:16.234

Class 7
1 739 Saenz Hugo San Jose Del CaboC, UBSC 1 03:49:09.484
*2 742 Romero Arturo San Jose Del CaboC, UBSC 1 04:43:41.359
3 729 Perez Hector La Paz, BC CUS 1 04:50:08.421
*4 743 Romero Guillermo San Jose Del CaboC, UBSC 1 04:57:17.515
*5 700 Valdez Guillermo Cabo San Lucas, BGCMC 1 05:35:05.406

Class 5-1600
*1 572 Angel Diaz San Jose Del CaboG, UBCA 1 04:29:23.015
*2 553 Nava Gustavo La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:18:20.031

Class 8s
DNF 855 Abaroa Jorge La Paz, BC CUS 0 00:00:00.000

Class 7sx
*1 7089 Talamantes Raul La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:06:16.468
*2 7067 Villarino Natalio Cabo San Lucas, BCCUS 1 05:08:23.046
*3 7019 Corral David La Paz, BC CUS 1 06:59:24.203

Class 7s
1 787 Mercado Isaac Cabo San Lucas, BCCUS 1 04:08:32.390
*2 772 Victor Didier Lucero San Jose Del CaboC, UBSC 1 04:48:55.828
*3 798 Sanchez Ivan La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:07:59.546
4 766 Manuel Leon Aviles Pescadero, BC TOY 1 05:10:20.421
*5 784 Gonzalez Alejandro La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:14:31.437
*6 781 Raul Camacho La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:21:37.296
*7 788 Bello Humberto Cabo San Lucas, BCCUS 1 06:40:25.812
*8 773 Ismael Marron San Jose Del CaboC, UBSC 1 06:46:15.484

Class 15
*1 1566 Perez Pedro Cabo San Lucas, BCCUS 1 04:54:51.406

Class 14
*1 1469 Castro Rigoberto La Paz, BC CUS 1 06:41:18.343

Class 11
*1 1103 Salvatierra SalomonCabo San Lucas, BCCUS 1 04:30:31.937
*2 1119 Salgado Carlos La Paz, BC CUS 1 05:38:15.468

* Penalty Applied Printed: 03/03/2015

Coverage Sponsored CABO Safari

CABO Safari Pacifico 300 2015

Race Start 10AM Sunday, March 1

Racers/Class Start List

Trophy Truck, Class 1 Super Libre, 2, 8, 17, 7, 5. Class 5/1600, 8S, 7SX ,7S, 9, 14, 15, 18 & 11  will start at one minute intervals.

  1. 5 Jose de Jesus Flores. Culiacan Sinaloa. Hotel Paradise. Chevrolet.
  2. 24 Francisco Monroy. La Paz, B.C.S. Llantera Monroy, Dodge Ram.
  1. 130 Sandy Hall/Andrea Tomba, Los Cabos B.C.S., No Limits Baja, Tanom Racing, Quaker State, Vision X, Arnian Logistics, Optima Batteries, K&N Filters, Raceline Wheels, Jimco Viper.
  2. 145 Carlos Olmos, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Speed Energy Drink, Naturaya, Valle Hermanos, Kikis Burger. Jefferies.
  3. 188 Julio Verdugo. La Paz, B.C.S. Aereo Calafia, Avenger.
  4. 134 Edgar Romero San Jose del Cabo B.C.S. Romero Escuderia, Constructora Roja. Porter Racecars.
  1. 201 Pedro Velazquez, La Paz, B.C.S. Electrica y Plomeria El Arco, Aereo Calafia.
  2. 288 Alex Verdugo, La Paz, B.C.S. Aereo Calafia. Chenowth
  3. 250 Luis Ismael Rojas Sotres. Mega Ducerias, Sotres Todo PC Computers, Salones Sotres, Todo Paintball, PC Cel Total.
  4. 269 Jesus Araiaza, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.

1. 849 Jose Vidal Castillo Leggs, San Jose del cabo,B.C.S., Super Aqua 2000 Constructora Lizarraga Mamoyas Trukin.

  1. 1745 Alba Sandoval, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Speed Energy Drink, Naturaya, Valle Hermanos, Pipas del Tezal.
  2. 1779 Enrique Zazueta Vacas. La Paz, B.C.S. Agricola La Victoria, Rancho el Refugio, Grupo Ancar.
  3. 1702 Jesus Contreras. La Paz, B.C.S. Agrícola Contreras, Plaza San Diego, Mueblería San Diego, Speed Energy, Boutique Oceano´s, Terra, Ferretería Orduños y Campestre Las Guacamayas, Garibay.
  4. 1788 Ruben Cota, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S.
  1. 700 Guillermo Valdez, Cabo San Lucas B.C.S., Bodega del Constructor, Chevrolet.
  2. 717 Alexavier Cota Romero.
  3. 743 Guillermo Romero Sillas, San Jose del Cabo B.C.S.
  4. 707 Carlos Huerta Aranda.
  5. 742 Arturo Romero, San Jose del Cabo B.C.S. Romero Escuderia, ROSI construcciones.
  6. 738 Felix Gonzalez.
  7. 745 Edgar Romero Jaramillo.
CLASS 5-1600
  1. 553 Gustavo Nava, Diego Robles
  2. 572 Adrian Diaz Jr. San Jose del Cabo B.C.S.
  1. 7089 Raul Talamantes.
  2. 7019 David Corral
  3. 70XX Saul Amador
  1. 787 Isaac Mercado
  2. 798 Ivan Sanchez. La Paz. B.C.S. Team Zavala pro race, Aereo Calafia Taller Los Cuates Tortilleria, Doña Vico Llanteras Lopez.
  3. 790 Hiram Betancourt Carballo, La Paz. B.C.S. Team Zavala, Constructora Betancourt, Versam pinturas, Quaker State, Van Wormer Resorts, Abaroa Racing 99, Taller Los Cuates, Xprint publicidad. jeep comanche
  4. 784 Alejandro Gonzalez,Nelson Estrada, Manuel Buñuelos.
  1. 1. 855 Jorge Abaroa, Jaime Abaroa La Paz B.C.S. Ford Raptor

  1. 1599 Josue Abaroa. La Paz, B.C.S. La Marina del Palmar, Abaroa Racing, Restaurant La Costa, Quaker State.
  2. 1524 Martin Salgado Mayoral
  3. 1566 Pedro Perez Pliego Ongay, Cabo san Lucas B.C.S, Combustibles Baja Sur/ProSan/ModuVated/Joes Publicidad/Lavado Injectores Curry/Vantage GB, Curry.


1. 1469 Rigoberto Castro Cosio Balmaceda,Todo PC, Baja Safari Salsa, Dulceria Sotres, Todo Paintball, Multiservicios Baja. Proyecta Instalaciones, Despachp Contable JP Santiesteban, Quaker,Comercializadora Rigos,Radiadores Jalisco,Rotulas el Pata, Dannas Car Wash, Exprint Publicidad, Rudy Fibras.

  1. 924 Ernesto Gonzalez, La Paz, B.C.S. Taller Gonzalez, Davalos Raceprep.
  2. 990 Fabricio Barrteo San Jose del Cabo B.C.S.
  1. 1193 Jose Antonio Lau Becerril
  2. 1105 Carlos Adrian Perez
  3. 1100 Gustavo Otero
  4. 1145 Gabriel Garcia Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. Speed Energy Drink, Naturaya, Valle Hermanos
  5. 1161 Christopher Amador Cabo San Lucas B.C.S

Class Motos Pro
1. 6x Jesús Rafael Geraldo Colosio
2. 2X Luis Francisco Díaz/Alejandro Díaz
3. 47x Ramón Dávila
4. 23x Alex Angulo/Oscar Martínez
5. 4x Vincent Meza

Motos Intermedios (Starts at 30 second intervals)

1. 301x Daniel Higuera
2. 380x Ricardo Santana Ramírez/Javier Espinoza Morales
3. 377x Ulises Fisher

Class Novatos Moto
1. 204x Pablo Camacho/Martín Sánchez/Francisco Castro
2. 238x Juan Carlos García/Brandon Arturo Yuen

ATV Expertos Libre
1. 1a Edwin Sánchez/Manlio Díaz
2. 96a Oscar Zamudio
3. 77a Stephen Davis
4. 3a Edgar Josué Aldecua/René Tapia/Héctor Zepeda
5. 16a Juan Pablo Sández
6. 11a José Raúl Castro
7. 45a Geovani Márquez

ATV (Starts 30 second intervals)

1. 108a Juan Mario Fenech/R. Oli Palos/Enrique Velarde
2. 199a Edgar Peralta/Hugo Lara
3. 115a José Manuel Zavala / José Manuel Fierro

Class Novatos ATV
1. 200a Miguel Alejandro Pérez García
2. 212a Jonathan Sánchez/Josué Sandoval

Race Reports From Cabo San Lucas:

Contingency, Saturday, February 28

Early report 2-28-2015
Contingency is being set up at Sams Club in downtown San Lucas. Some teams continue to prerun, but most are finished with running the course before the race and are now prepping for contingency later today and then moving to the start line, north of town.

Playa Migrino, on Oceano Pacifico is north of Los Cabos and east of the Baja Sur race course to be run in April. This race, the Pacific 300 is a traditional race, up the Migrino arroyo to a junction among the local roads near La Candelaria.

Candelaria, known for its local healers and their mystic healing crafts.

North of this junction is the old local road taking the racers to La Paz, for todays race and Loreto for the race in April.

Fridays Report: Baja South continues prerunning the course and ensuring markers have been placed in key turn spots and road crossings.

The route, a traditional race course (on local roads) runs from the Pacific coast at El Migrino, a fine, wide white sand beach, north of the Cape at San Lucas and all of the crazy tourism.

First posted February 24; UPDATED! February 28, 2015

Race Event Schedule

PreRunning: CLOSED!
Contingency: Saturday, February 28; 5PM
RaceDay: Sunday, March 1; 10AM

Race & Course Control Fee: $99 US

LIVE! Coverage Sponsored CABO Safari