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BAJASUR 500 Roger Normans Typical Ripoff! Normans hardon for Dos Mares steals traditional course and teams from La Paz Auto Club

CLICK HERE FOR THE INSIDER STORY OF ROGER NORMAN/THE ReStart of HDRA/Normans attempt to Buy the Name and Race of the MINT 400 LIVE! UPDATED March 9, 2015
Proof of the theft. Copying the Dos Mares 500 race route and placing the event during the same time frame of the La Paz Auto Club traditional desert off-road race. Roger Norman rips off local race event and racers. (March 2, 2015 Release)

UPDATED! May 15, 2015

Revealed to the Federal Attorney General by the former leader of the Cartel, Francisco Javier Arellano FĂ©lix, who declared such in February, 2012 during a federal investigation as a protected witness under the code name Howard.

The former head of the cartel maintained that Francisco Castro Trenti, who was chief of police for Playas de Rosarito, was paid up to US $20,000 per month for his services, according to the investigation to which El Universal has access, and which is Arellano Felix' testimony.

The cartel chief, who is under arrest in the United States, revealed that he also made payments to the election campaign of Democratic Revolutionary Party candidate Narciso AgĂșndez for governor of Baja California Sur, who he sent US $300,000 and paid for hats and radio advertising during campaign which he won for state governor for the period 2005 to 2011.

The same people Roger Norman is blowing in Baja South!

How does cartel dick taste, Roger???

[Francisco Castro Trenti is currently serving as the Director of the Baja California (Baja Norte) Office of Human Rights.]

New SCORE Thievery!

Gary Newsome, Viewpoint

Roger Normans longtime hard-on for Dr. Ramon Murillos event has now turned into outright theft!

Not only is Norman copying the La Paz Auto Club race route from La Paz up the Sea of Cortez to Constitution, Norman has placed the event in the same time frame!

The Dos Mares 500 runs the first weekend of May every year, during the modern age of off-roading. Now, only two weekends between each event.

From EXCLUSIVE Coverage

""Monday, October 20, 2014:

SCOREs Roger Norman BUSTED in San Jose del Cabo on Sunday, October 19 poaching Baja Sur racers for SCORE 2015. Proof the carpetbagging is in full swing in desert off-road racing. And don't think the Baja Sur authorities aren't keeping an eye on SCORE...locals say NEW TAXES will be levied on Norman and the gringo racers from the north.""

Norman has been poaching race teams for months! The State of Baja Sur is complicit for allowing this outrageous gringo theft of a Mexican traditional race route and of the local teams who would regularly run this time of year with the La Paz club.

Just recently, SCORE reps attempted to back-door the local racing association, CLICK HERE.

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The Public Reaction...

Does Roger Norman have a unique thought? Not with this rip-off! Now after the USA 500, the MINT 400 and now the Dos Mares 500! Tune into OFF-ROAD LIVE! Next week when MONSTER Mike blows the lid off the "Roger Norman/SNORE/MINT 400 board pay-off to take control of the MINT400" story.

Updated & First Posted March 3, 2015
Gary Newsome, Editor