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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Who has dropped SCORE International since Roger Norman bought?

Gary Newsome, Editor

Who has come face to face with the "new" SCORE ownership and bailed. Sal Fish said recently, "he's shocked so many of his sponsors have left SCORE", after he left. We haven't been keeping count. It's also been related to us that Sal Fish, the former owner, "is no longer a fan of Roger Norman".

Many of the racing public are also not fans. So many so, they aren't showing up to his events. 

Now, to be completely reporting the facts. The Wilsons aren't in Baja any longer because they've run over too many Mexican Nationals during race events and the courts here in Mexico will throw these Americans in jail if caught just being here.

After the death of Kurt Caselli, everybody saw through Normans lack of a race acumen. Even Pistol Pete Sohren, the calioped clown of desert racing, questioned after Normans first San Felipe disaster, "what racer would do this???". Including HONDA, who started the runs in Baja. They voted with their feet, they left SCORE COLD.

Even after this recent event, the moto winner complained about the same thing that happened at the Caselli death. No SCORE chopper leading the bikes. Roger Norman makes mistakes, and the same ones, over and over and over again. Sponsors don't like those kinds of risks.

Hey Roger, Where's Kurt?

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