Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scam Steele Dropped by MONSTER Energy! Recent race event non-participation gives up Desert Assassins truth, Joe Parsons sez Gyped!?

UPDATE! June 27, 2015

MONSTER Energy has allowed Cameron to pull out of several Roger Normans SCORE events. For clarification, Scam is skeered of racing anymore.

He's rolled so many times and now his wife, another former 'racer', BBBBBWWWWWAAAAA  has baby jobers, its time for the long walk of shame.

Sorry for the alarm, Get Well Cameron!

First Story posted June 17, 2015

Cameron Steele, known by everyone in desert racing as "Scam", has been dropped by their title sponsor, Monster Energy.

First Reported, June 17, 2015

When asked about the end of sponsorships to the Desert Assassins, known as the "Asses", Joe Parsons said, the energy company was "Gyped!?"

Monster has further acted to end other support for a number of desert racing events. One spokesman for the holding company of Monster said, "when we announced we were taking over Baja and were moving forward to support the sport, we had no idea what a pile of shit the industry was".

One example of non-performance of the asses, CLICK HERE is this roll-over at the MINT 400 this year. Cameron Steele has rolled his truck so many times now, he is reportedly undergoing numerous medical reviews after the countless accidents.

The Desert Asses, who Scam leads, has not shown up for the last two SCORE International events, for the record, sources have been telling us Monster is following other named sponsors, out the door of sponsoring, these racers and these race events.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

KING OF BAJA Rosarito 200 2015 LIVE! Fourth of July 4

REPOSTED FOR PUBLIC VIEWING May 1, 2016. This event was cancelled at the last minute in 2015

KING OF BAJA Rosarito 200 2015 LIVE! 


JULY 3-5, 2015

- FRIDAY, JULY 3 Contingency & Tech Inspection Downtown
- SATURDAY, JULY 4 Beach Race, Motos,  Atv's, Utv's & Trucks
- SUNDAY, July 5 Awards Ceremony

LIVE! on