Wednesday, June 24, 2015


LIVE! COYOTE 300 2015  
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico


UPDATED! June 24, 2015; RACE BULLETIN! La Paz, Baja California Sur., Mex- 

With an exceptional performance, the Air-pilot, Julio Verdugo, of Team Aero Calafia, was the overall winner of the XXI edition of the race Off Road "Coyote 300", which took place yesterday in the Municipality of La Paz and unfortunately was overshadowed by the deaths of a young quad racer and a spectator.

As expected the race was well attended taking the green flag in the KM 36 a total of 117 cars, according to results released at the finish line located ON THE BEACH at "El Tecolote" given as overall winner Julio Verdugo with a time of 3 hours, 27 minutes and 39 seconds. The second place went to Samuel Araiza 3:29:28 and third, Edgar Romero 3:31:28.

Onsite Team Calafia Air pilot, Julio Verdugo aboard his unit # 188, Class 1, achieved the fastest time of the competition taking a difference of only 11 seconds over Andres Ruffo of the Trophy Truck.

This important result Verdugo July, it gets back in contention for the title of Class 1 in the Official Championship off Road Standing Committee, representing the "Coyote 300," the fourth round.

In the main Trophy Truck, imposed conditions Andres Ruffo with a time of 3 hours, 27 minutes and 50 seconds, finishing second Francisco "Nacho" Monroy with 3:31:23.

Antonio Castro took Class 2 with a time of 3:41:57, second ended Juan Carlos de Jesus Jimenez 4:00:54 and third was Edgar Morales 4:04:05. Class 8 Enemesio belonged to Alfonso Lopez Jaime 3:44:54 and 4:32:50 second started.

Javier Montoya was the winner in Class 17, with 3:39:16, followed by Jesus Contreras 3:47:34 and third was Hector Olmos 3:47:36. In class 7 a protest by a pass road was presented, so today will be announced the official positions.

In Stock Mini the best was Luis Yuen, Giovanny Lucero second and third Helladius Careaga. In Class 14 Juan Sandoval was the winner, followed by Rigoberto Castro and Jose Ignacio Marquez.

Enrique Zazueta Jr. was the winner in Class 5-1600 Gustavo Nava. In Class 15, Pedro Perez Pliego was the first to receive the checkered flag and then Luis Armando Castro and Marco Medina.

Stock in Class 8, the place of honor was for Jorge and Jaime Abaroa. In Class 9, Francisco Valdez. In Class 18, Julio Garza and second, Jorge Angel Macias. In the Class 11, Joel Esliman second Fernando Gabriel GarcĂ­a Ojeda and won.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Bright Midnight

Lots of readers thought when we mentioned OFF-ROAD LIVE! was bringing up the subject of 'Bright Midnight' we were talking about the middle of the moonlit night, in a remote part of the Baja desert. We are, but the subject is much more than comes into focus, at first glance.

Our teams personal experiences, traveling south of the border is a shared 'Frontier' experience. All the old-timey West Coast desert races started at Midnight!

After eleven years of desert racing historical research, writing and celebrating, the "Baja Crew" is looking forward to spending more time on the beach and missing the libraries and books of desert racing and adventurers past.

We'll be at Ensenada at Estero Beach, San Felipe at Rockodile, La Paz at Owl Beach and on the Golden sands of Cabo San Lucas just this month, reporting on the finish lines of the best Baja desert racing in the history of Mexico! The Ensenada To San Felipe classic, with RECORD Racing. The Coyote 300 in La Paz with Coyote Pits and the new CABO 1000 to Lands End on the Golden Sands of the Cape of the Land of Two Seas!

On the old Baja license plates, the text always included FRONTBC, or Frontier, Baja California. Designating the state of Baja California. The state in the north along the US border, thus the frontier. Norte.

The frontier people of Baja Mexico, overcame hardship by being thrifty and their gracious shared daily living. That's what brings racers from around the globe to this region and returns them, often. Sure, the landscape and passion of racing does too, but the people are the true treasure!

Bright midnight is the teams 'light-bulb' going off. It is the full moon night, but its also a celebration of the frontier spirit we all encounter in travel. It's the brilliant, beaming spirit of the people we all encounter in travel, the wise and knowing simple folk, who transform our life experience. Often, their spirit shows through at the darkest hour, when no hope is on the dark horizon.

The people of Baja Mexico who have overcome the frontier challenge of an incredible, hostile land. The peninsula, we all know. Our goal this month, on the show, will be to deliver shared experiences of the people of Mexico and the land of the lower peninsula, lower California, Baja.

Much of the BAJA-OFF-ROAD experience is how and why you get to your destination. Our team is agreed, however, there must be a destination. Often, its the beach. 

OFF-ROAD LIVE! will be including more coastal experiences, the surf culture, in our reporting. We look forward to you joining us on our journey, our Safaris, online every Monday at 4 PM.