Friday, July 10, 2015

Grist For The Mill ***How Many Dead Mexicans Does It Take To Make Roger Normans Profits?

"All is grist for the mill" means everything can be made useful, or be a source of profit.

How Many dead Mexicans Make Roger Normans Profits?

Inside the Filth of SCORE Racing! EXCLUSIVE


Gary Newsome, Editor

"NO BIKES!" Roger Norman Wanted FIA Racing Sanction In Mexico, with "No Motorcycles", in 2010. Expert witness Tells THE COMPLETE OUTRAGE NOW!

Dateline Ensenada, Baja Mexico; June 30, 2015.

The Full, Unadulterated Story Behind Roger Norman and his control of recent safety helicopter decisions and SCORE International's Moto Safety Collapse

Story Sponsored by Baja Safari

Now, we understand why Roger Norman no longer places a safety helicopter with the lead bikes in his 'circus'.

In 2010, Roger reached out to several people in desert racing, describing his interest to start a new racing sanction, 
with "No Bikes"

A race organization affiliated with FIA and not, BITD or SCORE.

He never wanted the bikes. Way before the purchase of SCORE was done, Norman was formulating his concept of desert off-road racing with the unlimiteds, only.

This information also explains Normans disdain for the sportsman classes. In one of his first TV productions, it said in the script, "Baja racing is really only a handful of racers", the Trophy Trucks. Maybe including Class 1's.

Since his ownership of SCORE, he has priced out everyone, except the unlimiteds.

The SCORE decision to eliminate the lead bike safety chopper at his first Baja 1000 is the glaring proof, that Roger Norman doesn't want all of the classes without cages.

Roger Normans pricing also explains his attempt to control every media aspect of SCORE. The confidential expert witness also told, Norman is pricing race entries sportsmen out of racing in SCORE.  

It's not about Norman saving money. It's not his ego saying he knows more than others on how to operate a desert off-road race. He just never wanted 'uncaged' competitors in his events. 

He also has no respect for smaller budget teams and sportsmen racers.

That's all!

After many Baja 1000 events owned by Sal Fish had moto safety heli support, right along side the lead bikes, in Roger Normans first event, he told Corporate Helicopters (the contractor for chopper services) to stand down. When interviewed by after the event and the death of Kurt Caselli, with the knowledge of the operating orders during the event, Roger said, "I spent $80,000 on helicopters for this race"

When interviewed Corporate Helicopters after the death of Kurt Caselli, they said, "we were ordered to stand down".

The Corporate Helicopters revelation is important. It confirms Roger Normans own admission and relates directly to the beginning of using choppers for safety.

When Baja Safari (the original parent of this publication) was located in San Ysidro/alongside the SCORE insurance company at the time, it was Baja Safari who referred SCORE to Corporate for race services!

Since the origin of SCORE using choppers for 'Safety' purposes, Baja Safari originated the relationship between the owner of Corporate (Ivor) and the owner of SCORE at the time, Sal Fish.

For seven years, Baja Safari worked side-by-side with SCORE. Sal Fish's first working satellite phones were originated by the servicepeople support services company, Baja Safari. 

After the recent BajaSur 500, the moto winner of the event told the press, "I want a chopper with us, there was alot of scary stuff out on the course"

During the most recent Baja 500, the lead Honda moto rider, heading out of Ensenada ran into a local ranchers truck, going in the opposite direction, on the race course. He suffered serious injuries and was transported to the US for medical treatment.

All of these recent events are a collapse of the trend set by Sal Fish, making moto racing in SCORE, safer. Since Roger Norman took over SCORE, injuries/incidents have spiked!
It fully explains why, after the death of Kurt Caselli, numerous bike racer and team complaints, public and private and the recent Honda crash in the Baja additional chopper support has been dedicated to the lead bikes. Simple.

Norman never wanted motos in his circus, in the first place!

Roger Norman has also reflected his own beliefs on the unlimited team owners. Our confidential expert source, surmised, "Roger wants to be known as Gods gift to racing, he thinks every unlimited racer wants to blown up to "World" or 'Global', status".

Therefore, our witness explains, those unlimited teams should be willing to do all of their 'desert racing marketing' with his, SCORE. 

Rogers SCORE goal, 'media empire' via his 'race sanction'.

The circus ringleader, barking at the circus freaks, to jump and smile!

TV ads, online videos and social media. What was the FIRST thing Rogers SCORE accomplished DURING the purchase, they set up their YouTube account!

Normans most recent F-Book post:
"SCORE JOURNAL is now by far the largest off road publication in the world!!! Halfway through our first year and we are already at over 500,000 unique readers per issue that are spending an average of 52 minutes reading and watching imbedded videos. This months total page views are 17,676,000. Readers are engaging an average of 36 pages and coming back to get more of each issue an average of 2.5 times for each unique reader. The SCORE Journal is now getting the majority of the... SCORE Video Series views as well. Videos posted to the SCORE Facebook are on track to receive more than 14,000,000 views in 2015. Thanks to SCORE TV, SCORE Journal and SCORE social media the sponsors are now being seen on a daily basis throughout the world instead of just in the desert. With 59 hours of national TV coverage across the USA in 2014 we have the same plan for 2015 except we now are able to cover many more classes of racing action. Another big change for 2015 is a 2 hour show on this years Baja 1000."

Where is the "Grist For The Mill"? CLICK HERE

'Modern' Baja racing started with the Ekins brothers and their marketing stunt with Honda in Mexico. MOTORCYCLES!

Baja racing, over decades, was built by SPORTSMEN!

The sin SCORE has on its soul will never be forgiven. The only chance for redemption, is a limitless focus on safety. Paid for by the sponsors of the sanction. Not Roger Norman.

Otherwise, SCORE and its minions are doomed to a special hell. The continual spotlight of SCORE racing deaths. Including, Mexican national spectators, now hit, struck, run-over and forgotten like clockwork.

They are, Grist For The Mill!

Are all of the unlimiteds, megalomaniacs in need of media hype? Of course not. 

SCORE's lack of action regarding the Mexicans killed in these events are serious, violations of international law.

Is the spectator safety issue a matter for the government? Yes. But think on this, 
Who's Getting PAID?

To the point, the safety decisions by the current SCORE organization are in need of serious, PUBLIC review.

Until then, anyone without a cage SHOULD NOT race in SCORE. 

Regarding the Video... 

Made as a joke, the video holds some important truths. Bob the 'weatherman', really did what is stated in the video.

His protests, over the air, during the Baja 1000 tell the story of the complete collapse of any safety net SCORE had previously in place. 

What Bob said, was exposing his frustration with the complete incompetence of SCORE operations and Roger Normans decision making, in general. Race radio relay failed, race rescue failed and SCORE operations as a whole, failed.

Gary Newsome, Editor 

"The smoking gun", SCORE's Roger Norman never wanted some racers