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Wednesday Investigative News***By Baja Bill Fuentes***Compare SPOT Screenshots SPOT v. DIRT LIVE? The Caselli Inquest

Wednesday Investigative News
October 7, 2015; 1 In a Series
By: Baja Bill Fuentes

When going back to recheck our - SCOREVETS - work, I look for go the loose ends or nagging questions; these are along the lines of what Kurt Caselli was known to say:

"Do at least ONE thing each day that takes you out of your comfort zone!"


OFF-ROAD LIVE's MONSTER Mike asked me in Part II (last Saturday), in the ONLINE PODCAST SERIES, if I could render a belief; maybe a thought or he may have asked for an "opinion" as to "what really happened to (with) Kurt Caselli?"

I did state some facts; one of which this was the first time we ever  heard or saw him getting on a motorcycle angry!

"Caselli 66; Ride the Dream"

"It was like, it was supposed to happen.  Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong; even here three weeks before the race.  And I think Kurt knew something was going to happen and he accepted it." 
 Sarah Jean White (FiancĂ©) stated in the above i"movie that was produced and available five months after his death...


"Norman and Monster ought to get out so Gordon can SPEED in and at least keep SCORE!"

We all had a Bad Feeling that something was going to go down unfavorably and one of the reasons I asked to be on the 2x KTM Factory Team on September 3, 2013 is partly answered in one or all of the attached photos:

SPOT Tracking; Baja 1000 TV and UPSTREAM LIVE - all in one video!

YouTube Channel Subscriber "MultiMediax" was one of the very first persons or entities to post the SPOT Tracking Data; Scott Bloom, a San Diego financial consultant and motorcycle gadly, was the other but an anomaly seems to dog me still to this day, but it wasn't until Saturday I noticed something only Roger Norman would do via "MultiMediax":

1.  Several SIGNIFICANT Course Cuts by the 2x appear - the biggest are between 12:00 a.m. and 02:00 hrs by Caselli?

But on Saturday I went and...

2. Fade to "black"; check the screen shots captured during the "refresher" for signs of SCORE; i.e. "Baja 1000 TV"; along with UPSTREAM positioned in the back and upper positions in two of the three screenshots attached hereto:


If Roger Norman "promised" Caselli:  

"You are going to get penalized; we will find SOMETHING..." 

Roger does not even need to utter it, though...  

Recall in the 2012 Baja 1000 there were two sets of "Final Results" just like there were two HUGE Energy Drink Companies [Red Bull] and [Monster] the guy finishing behind the true winner was running "Monster Energy"...

Well, of course we recall!

If Kurt didn't "learn his lesson" in the aftermath of the 2013 SF250; I don't what would!

So I was looking closely at the video because it was up first, and just like Norman, he has to control what he wants to happen, so why would the SPOT Tracker and the MultiMediax YouTube have him running all over cross-country; in the middle of nowhere (above the Laguna Salada region at 1:30 a.m.?  

A guy was KILLED, for goodness sakes, and Kurt wanted to WIN!

>>>Wednesday Investigative News Continues>>>

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Roger Normans Legendary Event Thievery! Kuervoz ROSARITO 200, SNORE MINT 400, VORRA USA 500 and La Paz Automotive Club, Dos Mares 500.

Updated! October 8, 2015
Gary Newsome

The sources that have told us the behind the scenes antics of Roger Norman attempts at stealing community racing events are amazing!

Out of Las Vegas, the SNORE sources told us the entire, sordid tale. The board of directors revelations! The Norman attempts to buy off, key people! But the most amazing, forming HDRA simply to veil the move to rip off the race, the MINT 400. 

The entire MINT 400 failed takeover attempt is so fresh with Roger Norman, that over many years, he REFUSED to talk about it with our reporters. Ever!

However, former and current board members for SNORE did talk, at length, about how Roger Norman, a resident Nevadan, pulled out all the stops to steal the race event 'name' now owned by a hack media company out of Southern California and operated by Best In The Desert as an off-road race at Primm, Nevada.

After years of interviews its clear, Norman had a plan to 'own' ALL the major race events (that were owned by someone else at the time) and copy two to rename them. He never attempted an event that was purely his brainchild.

In looking at his record of race sanctions, its so funny to see, Richy Rich desperately 'collecting' other people 'marbles'.

The Dos Mares 500 example is rather sad and a descriptive tale of how Norman doesn't have an original idea for any of his events. He simply copies successful ones and changes a couple of minute things, to portray 'how great it is'.

The Dos Mares is owned by the La Paz Auto Club, Roger 'raced' it. Then, he schedules his event at the very time of the Dos Mares and tries selling it to the local racers. Loser.

This past year, the local racers just ignored the copy cat and gave the La Paz Auto Club its biggest field of racers in its history. The Baja Surenos looked right through Roger Normans fakery.

Worse than that however, is the fact that the state government is giving tens of thousands of dollars to Norman for having  'His' race, in Baja Sur.

Mexican Welfare.      

It's the only way this American 'businessman' would do a race in southern Baja Mexico. Yea, he's a businessman. Lie, cheat and steal business. 

When the racers finally realize THEY are the ones taking all the risks for Normans media/tv/gigajig money grab, they'll see the great value in their own local race events.

Maybe the local politicians will get smart enough to see, Norman needs Baja more than Baja needs Norman!

We wouldn't be surprised if the locals begin malicious acts against this off-road gringo circus.


Monday, October 05, 2015

Love Note to Roger Norman, Go Fuck Yourself, From

Gary Newsome, Editor EXCLUSIVE

Preface; BRN stopped reporting Crime Stories some years ago. Today, we open the box to more crime stories. Cities of Baja Mexico, paying Roger Norman to bring gringo racing to their towns. 

Our new coverage on the subject is titled, Stay Tuned...


The amount of reports of Baja Crimes preclude any further updates by Baja Racing No further Baja Crime Updates. 


October 19, 2008:

Last Baja Crime Update


Does Roger Norman enjoy using cartel stooges for SCORE Services?

In several interviews conducted over the years, has inquired upon Normans use of known drug cartel connections for various SCORE "services".

In each of the inquiries, Norman claimed he did not know of the connections, continued to use the services and to this day, still uses the services.

We really didn't want to ge here, but, facts are facts.

During an interview conducted prior to his purchase of his now racing circus, Roger told us, "I use the BC State Police for security". Surprised, we continued the questioning, we found out he paid the BC State Police, who at the time, were known for their close relationships with various cartels.

To this day, vanished Americans have been attributed to have never been seen again, after contact with these various cartel members, associated with Rogers 'hired' security detail. 

The release of the 2016 Schedule for Whore International, Roger goes to Rosarito. The place where Roger said to one of our people some years ago, "You mean the place where all the blood is and the headless corpses?! (Meaning all the cartel violence)

Rosarito seemed like a nice place to hold a race. We've covered racing in Rosarito for years, even before Roger, who as a teenager visited there to get drunk with friends.

Now, today, Roger needs more money, so he's going to Rosarito Beach, Baja California Mexico.

One admin rep for the city told they've now fired 200 employees, giving their salaries to Roger, to bring Rogers Circus to town. Click Here for the report. 

Roger also has allowed himself to get close to several people in Baja Sur, that were also close to the most corrupt official in the history of Mexico, the former governor of the state. Here's an informed opinion. Agundez

The late Oscar Ramos and Sal Fish also took stolen money from the people of Baja Sur.


March 9, 2007. Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. Years later, the Federal Government took over law enforcement duties in Baja California Mexico.
October 2015 UZI Used to Kill State Police Official CLICK HERE

Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Sunday SPECIAL***Was Roger Norman on Meds when he ran over and almost killed a motorcycle racer in a Baja race event? Is Roger on Meds Now?

Dateline Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
October 3, 2015-UPDATED Sunday, Oct 4.
Gary Newsome

When Roger Norman, former desert racer, now race sanctioner, was asked by whether he was on Meds when he ran over the Baja race motorcyclist and whether he had ever taken medications, he answered, "No. I have never been prescribed or taken, medications of any kind".

Then why just after getting out of his race car, after the race, when he almost killed the moto racer, did his mother ask, "Roger, did you take your meds today?"

[October 3, 2015]
Considering the control over peoples lives this person has in events in Baja Mexico, calls for a complete medical history of one, Roger Norman, owner of SCORE. A SCORE insider this weekend told us, "There's something wrong with him (Roger Norman).

When SCORE does not comply with this call, we know why Roger will refuse. He will refuse a complete independent investigation into his health records.[October 3, 2015]

Everyone knows, in SCORE events, the ones Roger now owns, there are no medical controls on the racers.

"You can be blasted out of your mind and race a SCORE event". Quoted from a notable SCORE racer. 

The material Roger Norman wanted to delete, The untold story of Roger Norman almost killing Tim Nugent and



From the Original Reporting in 2010:

"""From the Baja 500 story, ""In an interview with today, Tim Nugent, he sounded groggy and slow (not surprising under the circumstances), yet as positive as one could be (again, under the circumstances). He said he was off to the right side when hit. There were 3 trucks, apparently at over 120 mph.

He has 2 broken legs, 5 broken ribs, a broken scapula, 3 broken vertabrae, and a hole in the back of his knee which is being investigated cleaned, etc. I'm no doctor, but it sounds as if he is lucky to be alive.

As with most incidents, it was probably a combination of a lot of factors. Three trucks running together (passing, bumping, etc?) at 120+? A rider with no Baja experience and essentially no pre-run experience? A very dusty and rough course in high heat conditions? This incident alone, has and will cause serious reflection and re-evaluation of many future racing ventures.

All of the sportsmen class guys that Baja Racing has talked with including Tim Nugent 253x would prefer to start behind the four wheel vehicles. Some of them will not race again unless this rule is implemented. They all say the same thing, the only thing they are really concerned about is dealing with the unlimited class vehicles. 

(Roger Norman speaking:) I believe SCORE would have many more entries in the sportsman class if this rule change takes place."""


Pre-Running with Roger Norman and Joe Parsons in 2009 EXCLUSIVE