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Expanded environmental protection changes in Baja Mexico are impacting motorsports events

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Motorsports in Baja California (North) and Baja Sur (South) are being blocked by new environmental areas in Baja Sur and expanded enforcement in Baja California, Mexico!

For the first time ever, a huge swath of the southern state is being planned as a new 'biosphere'. Centered around two mountain complexes, the Sierra de la Gigantas and Sierra de Guadalupe.

Amazingly, almost fifty percent of Mexico's Baja Sur has been given national park or biosphere status.


Scientific studies over the last decade have established that the highlands of Baja Sur and some attached lowlands have significant numbers of unique life and valuable lands.

Claimed as "Baja Mexicos next best protected lands", by the La Paz based environmental group Niparaja Association Civil. The citizens group is working to attain its 650,000 acres into a biosphere reserve status.

The mountain ranges Sierras La Giganta and Guadalupe is mostly a rugged, pristine and unexplored territory. Sparsely inhabited, with a rich missionary and indigenous past and a living-thriving Baja ranch community.

Mexico City administrators are already underway in placing holds on familiar and traditional race courses and blocking some event organizers from any event planning in the wake of their previous mistakes.

SCORE-International, seemingly, is on the radar both in Mexico City and La Paz for previous mistakes. "We are very well aware of their activities", said one Semarnat representative.

"Any race courses or event routes, that infringe on protected areas, will have severe consequences", said the representative from Semarnat. "Permits and other legal devices are required now".      

Sierras Gigantas and Guadalupe, Baja Sur Mexico new protected environmental areas
A new 'protected area' in the state of Baja Sur, with a whole host of environmentally sensitive plants, animals and landscapes are receiving full protection from Mexico City.
Protected areas of Baja California and Baja Sur Mexico
As in the north, the Vizcaino Biosphere and the central desert region of Baja California (Valle de los Cirios) and the new protected southern lands are challenging event organizers.

Under the laws in Mexico, SCORE has been found "responsible for violating law and fined" for one of their racing events.

Here is the recent legal challenge sent to SCORE International, from the office in La Paz, requiring fees to be paid, for running their Baja 1000 course through "protected lands":
SCORE Internationals Baja 1000 course went right through the most sensitive lands of the entire central desert. Some say, the most protected land on the entire peninsula!

The 'Valle do los Cirios', the area colored in 'red', in the graphic above.

Roger Norman gets hit with the bar tab!

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