Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Andrew Grimshaw is the Roger Norman employee who attempted to cover-up the facts of the death of famed world wide athlete, Kurt Caselli


Start at 1:17 to 1:19:30, when announcer George Antill tells a fabricated story of a "head injury to the KTM 2x". Just one of the fabrications told by Roger Norman and the 'racing sanction', SCORE-International, relating to the Caselli death events of that evening.

Roger Norman and Andrew Grimshaw cover-up Death of Kurt Caselli

The motorcycle finish of the Baja 1000 2013. As Kurt Caselli is "Lost In The Desert" and dies.

Another announced WHOPPER, "the Honda rider 'jumps (as in the lie the chopper didn't land) out of the Honda chopper' and continues to ride the "crashed" bike to the finish line"

The FACTS...the Honda chopper LANDED

Thus begins one of the BIGGEST BADDEST secret operations in desert off-road racing history! Stay Tuned>>>

The ORIGINAL title of the ESPN story, was "LOST IN THE DESERT". Because SCORE was buying the TV show from the same source, the title of the 'journalistic sports piece' (ESPN) was CHANGED. Roger forced the issue with the TV suits. Changed to 'Casellis last ride'.  Just more of the same - COVER-UPS.

If you start watching the video from the beginning, watch Johnny Campbell, he knows the entire, disgusting story. At that very moment.

Shortly after these proceedings HONDA and KTM refused to continue to race in SCORE International events. Why? 

In post production, Roger Norman stooge, Andrew Grimshaw of Grimshaw Sound and Video at 21641 Hummingbird, Trabuco Canyon California, covers-up the facts of the Caselli death held in the video (linked below) audio track. 

On this production, Grimshaw removed the relative audio, which held facts relating to the death of Kurt Caselli. On orders from Roger Norman.

George Antill, former official announcer of SCORE International, in numerous interviews, told, "Roger told us to cover-up the facts of what was happening".

Antill confirmed the facts reported in this story.

George Antill and Andrew Grimshaw now own "Dirt Live" and are controlling their website and other productions of DirtLive.

Baja Bill Fuentes on the Weatherman Recording SCORE Cover-Up


"A coincidence that over twenty (20+) minutes of otherwise publicly 
broadcast radio communications between Weatherman Emergency Radio Relay 
and SCORE Operations is missing? Ridiculous? No; for once 
BOTH lead motorcycles STOP; after 15+ hours; racing handlebar to 
handlebar; at the SAME TIME, and in the SAME AREA, credit goes to 
thousands who know race officials had a duty to investigate - especially
 when one of the riders died more than ninety (90) minutes after he 
STOPPED."" Baja Bill Fuentes, closed quote.

Gary Newsome, Publisher EXCLUSIVE


This story is an updated report from this Original Reporting! CLICK HERE

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