Sunday, January 24, 2016

MINT 400 Fraud, The Inside Story of Shenanigans! Desert Racing's Official Cheating

The Inside Story is simple. Best In The Desert Racing (claimed to be an association, but in Nevada, organized crime is an 'association') has a vendor that refuses to meet the minimum performance standards needed to perform its compensated duties.

The pile-up are races that end up being questioned for their false racing results. In the 2015 MINT 400, so many racers had trackers that didn't work, BITD (Best In The Desert) stop answering questions of the 'members' of its association and ended up demanding they call the vendor.

The vendor in question admitted its software system failed and it didn't even have enough trackers for racers during the MINT 400 2015 race event. 

The vendor, then talks out his arse about "no issues" occurred during races it was hired to provide services to the racers.

Casey Folks has allowed this vendor to lie, cheat and steal from its association for years. OFF-ROAD LIVE! has so many complaints from racers over the years, its the clearest 'official cheating' in the history of the sport.

In the 50 years of desert racing, no bigger rip-off has ever topped the MINT 400 Fraud.

The 2015 event had serious consequences including crippling racers injuries, a race stoppage and Robby Gordon and Mexican Champion Lopez, claiming the race results were "Bull-Shit".

Casey Folks has now fully ignored the racers complaints as we approach the 2016 events. While the racers of its "association" get reamed for another season, OFF-ROAD LIVE! is watching and reporting closely this season for race related injuries resulting from the fraud perped by Best In The Desert.