Saturday, March 26, 2016

Desperate Summer SCORE Plans First Gringo Off-Road Race For Rosarito

Desperation Summer 

SCORE Rosarito Race Effort For September, Desperate City, Desperate Roger Norman 

After several years of a successful "Rosarito 200", by local organizers, Roger Norman tries to steal another event. He's really desperate!

Over ten years ago, Rosarito fell apart. It started in the police department. It was common, if an Americans car was stolen, you would see it later in the parking lot of the Rosarito police department. They stole it!

Mexican insurance companies seriously considered leaving Rosarito out of any car insurance coverage for Mexico.

Today in Rosarito, radioactive doesn't fully describe the free-fall this part of Baja Norte has experienced.

"ROSARITO, Baja California - A request for an arrest warrant against former Rosarito Mayor Javier Robles, former treasurer Manuel ZermeƱo and former municipal attorney Roberto Perales, was demanded by the Deputy Attorney General in Rosarito before the First Criminal Court in Rosarito for their value to turn over monies collected for dues."

Things are so bad today, the city government is seeking to arrest and get back millions of pesos from the former mayor! Stolen city money!

If its that bad in city hall, you know what's happening on the streets.

On the streets

Mexico has a renewed State Department warning that was issued January 19 of this year. 'Tijuana and Rosarito' have been pointed out, an "increase in homicide rates from January to October" (2015). Noted as 'criminal activity', some incidents have involved American citizens, in tourist areas. CLICK HERE 

Human head found inside cooler at the entrance of Playas de Tijuana on the coastal Toll-Road