Friday, April 22, 2016

The Ultimate Fan Experience! 2016 Celebrates 60 Years of Baja Racing, Begins April 18;jsessionid=PH4IEG6VP+b031fKcL+Avg__.dtc505?r=ILCINT|pc|60604

CABO 1000 SPECIAL! Paradise! LIVE! Every Monday HERE at 4PM WEST

LIVE! From La Paz, The Capital of Off-Road Racing! 

After spending the last week researching all of the great history of desert off-road racing, here in Baja South Mexico, it's my pleasure to announce, the local race events based here in La Paz are indeed, the longest running in the Republic of Mexico!

The 'Celebration' scheduled for the next three weeks, here in Baja South, will conclude 60 Years of desert off-road racing history in Baja Mexico.

The activities surrounding the celebration will close with the La Paz Festival and EXPO and the Dos Mares 500 awards event and finishing
ON THE Golden Sands of Cabo San Lucas
Monday, May 2 at 4PM WEST.   


2016 CABO 1000

xreef Presents! The Ultimate Fan Experience! 

60 Years of BAJA Racing Celebrated!


Sunday, April 24, Run from Ensenada to Bahia de Los Angeles

Monday, April 25, Run from Bahia de Los Angeles to Loreto

Tuesday, April 26, Run from Loreto to La Paz

Wednesday, April 27, Run from La Paz to San Jose del Cabo

Thursday, April 28, Awards Ceremony from  San Jose del Cabo 

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each night starting at 6PM WEST

Baja Racing News RADIO LIVE! May 2, 4PM CABO 1000 WRAP SHOW

CABO Safari Hospitality Events through Sunday, May 2! 

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Monday, April 18, 2016

SRT DODGE Chrysler Fast & Furious 7, Dom's '70 Dodge Charger R/T Off-Road Version Available Now!

Originally posted April 10, 2015 
Updated! April 18, 2016  
Rally-Raid, Off-Road Version of MOPAR SRT DODGE Stars in Furious 7, Opened Nationwide April 3 

The newest Charger is straight out of Off-Road Live!'s MONSTER Mike's 'Bag 'O Tricks', all off-road tires and totally outrageous. 

 “We built 11 of the Off-Road Chargers,” says Dennis. But don’t worry, restorationists, all the bodies have been miserable shells, and in some cases, little more than roof and pillars. “I need to make a full Charger template,” Dennis says. “If Dynacorn would make a Charger body that would be great.” He says body panels aren’t that hard to fabricate, but grills and tail panels are, which is why the off-road car has a very Mad Max mesh front. What engines are powering all these cars? Take a guess. Yeah, there are a lot of LS motors moving the machines in the movie. “Dodge has been working with us to use SRT motors, so next time around maybe…”