Thursday, May 05, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016 Celebrate San Diego! 101st Anniversary Cannonball Baker New Ocean Record! Join Us ON THE BEACH

OFF-ROAD LIVE! Invites the Motorsports Community to Celebrate San Diego! May 5, 2016, The 101st Anniversary of the Famous Cannonball Baker New "Ocean-To-Ocean" Record - Run Across the Country!

"I will not race SCORE events, as long as Roger Norman is in charge!" Racers make it public! "Robert Acer", GS Motorsports driver and pilot

'Robert Acer' moralizes against Roger Norman of SCORE International


The leader of the team GS Motorsports, Robert Acer, gave us this exclusive in El Vigia Newspaper in Ensenada,  "I will not be in any event of score international while Roger Norman is the owner of the company"

Acer, considers "Norman, is not the right person to lead the series of off-road for not Give him a proper treatment to the pilots and especially to the fans Mexicans".

Sunday, May 01, 2016

KING of BAJA Dos Mares 500 April 29 - May 1, 2016


Official Results announced! from La Paz, Baja California Sur.- The pilot Jaime Huerta's overall victory in the XXIII edition "Dos Mares 500", in which 253 participants took part, resulting in a great competition took emotions starting and finishing in La Paz. 

 According to the results and unofficial times released by the Organizing Committee of the Automobile Club La Paz, in the Trophy Truck class, first it took him from street corridor Jaime Huerta doing an excellent time of 4 hours and 48 minutes. Leaving second and third Americans Mango Racing drivers, Magness, Chelsea with 5:22:37 and 5:58:54 Gary with. 

 While in Class 1, was won by the comundeño pilot, Rodimiro Amaya Jr. with a time of 5:12:37, reaching behind with 5:25:25 Victor Barreda and Fernando Hoyos with 5:34:09. Juan Carlos de Jesus Jimenez conditions imposed in Class 2 with a time of 5:50:50 seconds, was second, Brian Westerlund with 6:13:33 and third, Geovany Alucano / Alan Joshua Alucano with 6:29:19. 

 In Class 8, the title went to Omar Zavala with a time of 7:39:40, winning the second site Jimmy Diaz with 8:17:46 and third arrived Israel Araiza / Jesus Gausín with 11:49:14. Taking the overall in restricted categories, Roberto Carlos Camarillo / Roberto Carlos Meza were the first to cross the finish line in Class 12 with a time of 5:57:25, beating Antonio Castro with 6:11:44. 

 In Class 7, the winner was Guillermo Gallardo record 6:10:54, second place corresponded to Hugo Rafael Gonzalez Saenz 8:02:56 and third, Edgar Pérpuli 8:29:14. Hiram Montaño / Carlos Olmos got the victory in Class 17 with a time of 6:10:13, followed by Jose Luis Villareal 6:13:27 and Rafael Corona / Humberto Guitron 6:14:24. 

 In Class 5/1600 was won by Jaime Avalos / Belem Camacho with a time of 10:26:14, the second place took him Manuel Garcia / Enrique Nava with 11:27:24 and third was Salvador Sanchez Gonzalez with 11: 55:34.  

Class 8 Stock.- The 1st. Erick Eduardo Lerma 8:47:19. 2do. Samir Omar Rivera Montoya 10:02:36. The 3rd. Juan Pablo Alvarez 12:23:18. class 7sx.- The 1st. Raul Talamantes 7:48:50. 2do. José David Corral 9:21:07. The 3rd. Rene Nunez Garza 9:42:58.  

In Stock Mini.- The 1st. Mario Cham 7:48:13. 2do. Luis Sergio Yuen 8:19:13. 3ro.Roberto Galvez / Jesus Aviles 9:46:28. class 18.- The 1st. Ruben Alejandro Gonzalez Diaz 9:46:42. 2do. Abraham Batarse Tagle 9:53:52. The 3rd. Jorge Melendez Maillar 9:54:21. 9. class The 1st. Jaime Saiza Leggs / César Madrid 8:23:58. 2do. Ramiro Cota 9:41:05. The 3rd. Ramón González 9:43:37. 

In  Sportman Truck.- The 1st. Rigoberto Castro Cosio 11:25:24. 2do. Juan Sandoval Esparza 11:44:04. 

 Sportman Buggy.- The 1st. Pedro Perez Pliego 9:06:45. 2do. Antonio Hernandez Meza 9:44:13. The 3rd. César Enrique Romero Zatarain 10:45:53. 

In Class 11.- The 1st. Joel Esliman 11:02:07. 2do. Leon and Francisco Burgoin / Benito 11:31:58 Hamburg. The 3rd. Raul Dorado / Jorge Street 12:12:07. He received special recognition for being the last vehicle that reaches the goal called "From Dusk to Dawn", was on this occasion for Israel Guadalupe Fuentes # 1588, who made a time of 13 hours and 30 minutes, crossing the finish line almost at the end at 7:33:48 am on Sunday.