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LIVE KING of BAJA 500 2016, May 30 to June 5

RACE BULLETIN!!! July 8, 2016

American Racer Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Death of American Child in Mexico!

Just in from Local Court, here in Ensenada...

UPDATE June 18, 2016

What's Next For Baja racers who kill spectators?!


UPDATE June 15, 2016

BAJA 500, The Tragedy and The Embezzlement

ZETA Newspaper Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

For various reasons, the Baja 500, records at least one death during the most important sporting event in this oceanside community in Baja California, Ensenada, every race!

Governmental entities that organize the events have been declared in the red, bankrupt, as the budget is insufficient and end up paying with money from the community. 

The latest edition of the Baja 500 off road race, controlled and organized by the American firm Score-International of San Diego, California, holds the race in Ensenada. 

Space Monkey Trophy Truck Mike Cook Owned Killed Child
This year, the carnage was disgusting, it left three foreigners dead, six car accidents, one person injured, and trash and ecological damages all along the length of the route.

Even though it appears that the municipal government benefits with the location of the competition, what is certain is that with each race, the municipality, through Proturismo, had ended up in the red since 2011, with debts of 150,000 pesos (US$8,000) which end up being paid with city money. 

 "The races have had Proturismo in bankruptcy for years," criticized one person interviewed. 

 Businesses such as prostitution also have become an attraction for those in that business, and days before the race women in the business arrive in Ensenada from other Mexican states. 

Delinquent Driver Todd Pederson #75 Truck
The insecurity factor was reflected in the 48th edition, where a motorcycles died from a heart attack, and another from heat stroke in San Felipe. Meanwhile an 8-year old American boy, identified as Zanders Hendricks, was run over and slain, by the 'Space Monkey' Trophy Truck. 

This is not the first time that tragedy loomed within the most important sporting event in Ensenada. 

In each edition at least one person linked to the event dies for different reasons. 

SCORE and Roger Norman, has manipulated and threatened authorities with the possibility of move the race to Puerto PeƱasco, in Sonora, or La Paz, Baja California Sur. 

Those governments have computed the proceeds and rejected the SCORE proposals because the government revenues would be insufficient to the costs born by the local people.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

The SUNDAY PAPER, Editorial Page

UPDATE! July 3, 2016 

Steve Myers and IRC (International Racing Consultants) are no longer working with Best In The Desert.

David Nehrbass (we'll introduce you today to the real 'not-for-profit' David and investigate this BITD mouthpiece in future episodes. Did we mention the $300,000+ in annual "non-profit revenue" David's operation claims?)

Nehrbass said here today:  "Many have been very critical of IRC the last several years. Casey also has been wanting more commitment and capability for a solution for safety and operations for Best in the Desert. He has been working for quite a while with his list of demands and 'RacingTrax' has met his goal of providing everything in one unit. I am personally excited as I understand the technology to be far superior than we have used before and if you look at their website, there a few upgrades you can do as racers that will help communicate to your chase teams. My team will as well be testing it for tracking some of our resources on race day." 

Casey folks said in the Best In The Desert 'press release':
"RacingTraX, from ROM Communications, will be the new Satellite tracking system effective with the Vegas to Reno race in August, 2016". 


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