Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Death Merchants - The Investigative News on BFGoodrich Tires, MICHELIN and Jackson Motorsports

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The Death Merchants on the West Coast, out of Santee California. Dead innocent racing fans have alot of questions for these people. Ryan Thomas, on the right, has stated to a Baja Racing News LIVE! reporter, "there are no risks racing in Baja Mexico".

Gary Newsome,
UPDATED! July 25, 2017

BFGoodrich Tires, the United States division of MICHELIN/France and Jackson Motorsports supports the Death Races. The Death Merchants.

Ryan Thomas, during a recent interview, clearly communicated to Baja Racing News LIVE! those who die in these racing activities, including all the non-racers, are acceptable deaths.

We hate to embarrass Jackson Marketing, but, Cody Stuart a 'Desert Assassin' has been a long-time stooge of Cameron Steele, who operates in Mexico without an appropriate Visa. An arrestable offense here in Mex. 

Another "at risk" business, by the 'unprofessional' operations of the Desert Asses. CLICKY HERE

Under the 'BFGoodrich Tires' banner, neither Cameron Steele or MICHELIN/BFGoodrich Tires/Jackson Motorsports has operated their 'tours' and related television productions with the authorization of the Republic of Mexico. Nor, the correct tax filings with Hacienda.

"Trail of the Missions" and the rest have been run with BFGoodrich sponsorship, without the required immigration approvals or tax filings.

Steele has been doing this for years! The difference today is that the 'Death Merchants'/BFGoodrich-MICHELIN Tires are underwriting wholly illegal and unauthorized operations in Mexico.

So, just chock up another outrage against the Mexican people! Running over and killing race fans with no regard and not paying up their taxes and running around Baja Mexico, without the required authorizations.

No work visas, no tax filings and blood all over their hands!

No comments from the perps, they're hiding out, sucking on their thumbs...Try this in the United States! Not!   

Charlene Bowers is also part of the Death Merchants. Bowers is the lone public relations mouthpiece speaking on behalf of those desert racing hacks who supported the killing of eight innocent victims in the infamous California 200.

The Death Merchants: Eight dead motorsports fans, just the course of doing tire-business in desert racing.

How many innocents have perished because these people have decided killing Mexican citizens and other event bystanders are acceptable racing-business costs?

The gleeful, regular disgusting race killings and their after-effects, supported by this cowardly club, will be exposed, here. The People of Ensenada, Mexico have spoken by placing new speed controls and other restrictions on the ignorant racers and administrators guilty of putting on these "death races".

Now, its time to examine who are partying in the blood of the dead.  

Our reporting, 'The Investigative News' all the way to the Green Flag of the 2017 SCORE-International Baja 1000.

40 Years of Death, MORE on the REAL DEATH RACE!
Baja 500 2016


40 Years of DEATH Friends of SCORE BFGoodrich Tires November 14 Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE


Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE! 

40 Years of DEATH! 

The Friends of SCORE, BFGoodrich Tires
*Monday, November 14 Release*  
BAJA 500 2016 BFGoodrich Tires Kills American Child in Mexico CLICK HERE
                               Gary Newsome, Publisher