Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Roger Norman orders EMT - Chopper to NOT ASSIST racer suffering from the loss of four fingers. CASE STUDY OF THE DEATH RACESS

***UPDATED December 21, 2016***

Original Story:
December 11, 2016
Gary Newsome, Publisher

***Roger Norman has butchered the helicopter rescue response service of SCORE International.

During the ownership of Sal Fish, emergency medical responses through the races, improved over time.

During the ownership of Roger Norman, emergency medical responses through the races has declined in quantity and quality.

One example of Roger Normans direct supervision over the system comes from EMT Raymond Gray, during the Baja 1000 2013. In violation of direct orders from SCORE owner, Roger Norman, Raymond Gray ordered a SCORE hired chopper pilot to assist in an emergency medical landing during the race event.

Gray was using his fully outfitted 4x4 based out of San Felipe when he received the call of a disabled/injured rider from Mark Prince's Team and that both rider and bike where being brought in via land vehicle. 

Once Raymond assessed the injuries he ORDERED the SCORE Helicopter to land and take the injured rider into San Felipe Airport. SCORE argued through the Helicopter pilot, they COULD NOT and WOULD NOT take the time out, to assist the badly injured rider.

EMT Gray then yelled over the 151.625 frequency (Weatherman Channel): "No! We are not going to wait for one of your "meat wagons" to pick up this injured rider, you will come and land right here and right now!"

SCORE Operations and Roger Norman directly ordered the chopper, with EMT Gray to NOT ASSIST a racer in danger of losing his life and limb.

The racer had four fingers severed. His fingers were mangled in the rear sprocket.

Near Coco-Corner, just north of Checkpoint 2 in the San Felipe area, a Class 50 racer was calling out for help after having four of his fingers severed during racing in the 2013, SCORE sanction Baja 1000. 

After 50 minutes of arguing with SCORE Operations, EMT Gray countermanded SCORE, who was ordering the chopper to NOT ASSIST the racer. 

Finally the Chopper pilot landed against SCORE's wishes and Raymond made sure they took the racer/rider to the airport at which time he called the States and made arrangements for the bike to be picked up and taken home.

During the following SCORE event, the San Felipe race in 2014, EMT Gray offered to SCORE a complete Search and Rescue EMT based response team. SCORE responded, "we don't need you".

Gray hasn't been back to a SCORE event since. EMT Gray went further, once the Norman era is over at SCORE, Gray said, "he has 20 EMT professionals that want to contribute to greater safety at the Baja races"!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

SCORE-International/Roger Norman Race Rescue Fraud? The shell game "Gambler" Roger Norman plays with racers lives in desert off-road racing, in Mexico

SCORE-International/Roger Norman Race Rescue Fraud?
BFGoodrich Tires-Michelin
supports continued death racing!

UPDATED! December 20, 2016 
Gary Newsome, Publisher 

***EMT Raymond Gray relates his story of the Baja 1000 2013, operated by Roger Norman. 
The events that clearly tell you what Roger Norman is all about! SEE THE UPDATE BELOW

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