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UPDATED! August 29, 2018:

From the press release: There "will be a second event that will be held October 10th-13th of 2019; the NORRA 500! Based in Ensenada, Baja California Mexico, will offer two separate and concurrent 250 mile race courses starting and finishing in front of the Riviera Convention Center. Cars and Bikes will be separated appropriately and then switch courses on the second race day. Each evening the NORRA team will offer locally inspired hospitality starting with happy hour events and concluding with dinner. The event’s unique format is intended reduce complicated planning and logistics and create an event that racers new and old can easily manage. Registration opens for the 500 on September 15th at noon as well with only a $500 required deposit.

The 2019 NORRA 500 Dates:

Ensenada to Ensenada October 10th - Tech and Registration ENSENADA October 11th - Race Day 

1ENSENADA ~ ENSENADA October 12th - Race Day 2ENSENADA ~ ENSENADA October 13th - Awards Ceremony 
ENSENADA NORRA introduced the original "Baja 500" in 1969. Fittingly, 50 years later, NORRA has decided to revamp it as the NORRA 500 - in a two day rally format to compliment the success of its annual Mexican 1000. 

NEW! 2019 EXPEDITION CLASS (Modified Stock Vehicles)New for 2019 will be the Expedition class. Entrants will be able to participate at both the 1000 and the 500 events. This class will not run the entire course at the same time as other vehicles but will provide the same NORRA fun and experience at the same overnight locations. Entry fees will be discounted for the Expedition Class. This will be a great opportunity for adventure and trail drivers to experience the NORRA course and event in a slower, safer and more organized manner. A more detailed Press Release will be published prior to the opening of registration that thoroughly explains rules, logistics, support and accommodations." 
NORRA introduced the original "Baja 500" in 1969. 50 years later, NORRA has decided to revamp it as the NORRA 500 - in a two day rally format to compliment the success of its annual Mexican 1000. After a failed attempt in 2013. 
BajaRacingNews LIVE!

August 21, 2018, Original Reporting: 

"Thanks to the positioning of Ensenada as the Off Road Capital of the World, representatives of the National Off Road Racing Association (Norra) presented the project to the Mayor Marco Novelo for the realization of another race in the municipality for the year 2019. Said project contemplates that the event be called Norra Ensenada 500 and it intends to take place from September 5 to 8 next year, being also in the form of a rally like the Norra Mexican 1000. The first mayor Marco Novelo said that having more events out of the way allows Ensenada to continue positioning itself as the main tourist destination in the state."


""More events are coming and that is very important for Ensenada and recognize Nico Saad and Amador Arteaga, who from Proturismo are promoting events for the municipality," he said. The mayor stressed that the promotion of these events makes Ensenada a tourist destination, an important sector for economic and social development. He added that this would be a second career of the Norra company, which will be added to the third that will be carried out in the Score International municipality with the Ensenada 400 edition to be carried out also in September 2019 -from 19 to 22-, which confirms the distinctive of Ensenada as the Off Road World Capital.

He indicated that with these two new careers would be five in the destination, which clearly reflects the work of the XXII City Council planning, organization and execution of them that leave a large economic impact in the vast territory. In this regard, Eliseo GarcĂ­a, director of Operations of Norra, said that the idea of ​​the company he represents is to have a second event in Ensenada that will be two days in a row and will allow visitors to be held captive in the city. He emphasized that the project contemplates that by September 5 the event begins with the technical inspection, so that on days 6 and 7 the competitions are carried out in two lanes simultaneously - motorcycles in one and cars in the other. For the day September 8 the award ceremony would take place, in addition to reiterating that the competition will be in a rally way, eliminating risks by routes and offering opportunity to a new class called Expedition." 
Via El Vigia/Ensenada

History of the "It's Not About The Money 500",
Five Years Ago Pearlman had the bright idea of running a rally in September, in the Baja Desert.



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