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Destructo Desert Invitational ONLINE February 7, 2019 From Johnson Valley California USA


National PowerHouse & OFF-ROAD LIVE!


The LIVE! ONLINE event of the 2019 racing season will be capped by an amazing night with the MONSTER MIKE Cup to the most deserving desert racer, after the proceedings of the first ever of it's kind desert racing demolition derby, "The Destructo Desert Invitational"!


National PowerHouse Presents 
the DESERT Championship OFF-ROAD RACING  
DESERT Championship Off Road Racing

In order to qualify for inclusion in the "Invitational", Racers will compete in the DESERT CHAMPIONSHIP OFF-ROAD RACING! 

Unlimited Class in Trick Truck (BITD), Trophy Truck (SCORE) with only First place qualifies in these events, throughout the desert racing year. The Qualifying DESERT Championship Off-Road Racing events are the BAJA 250, SILVER STATE 300, MINT 400, BAJA 500, VEGAS TO RENO, BAJA 400, Laughlin Challenge, BAJA 1000 and Pahrump 250.

UPDATED! October 16, 2018

The First Qualifiers for The Destructo Desert Invitational:

[Real Numero Uno, Robby Gordon! TOYO TIRES, Nuff' Said?!]
1. *Christian Sourapas, First Place Saturday & Sunday of Laughlin Challenge (BITD 2018) 
2. Jason Voss, Second Place Saturday of Laughlin Challenge (BITD 2018)
3. Tracy Graf, Second Place Sunday of Laughlin Challenge (BITD 2018)
4. Johnny Angal, Third Place Sunday of Laughlin Challenge (BITD 2018)
5. Justin Matney Wins Pahrump (BITD 2018)
6. Justin Lofton Wins Saturday Pahrump (BITD 2018)
7. Who's Next???
[Real Bottom Of The Barrel BJ Baldwin! TOYO TIRES, Bwwwaaa! Yes, BJ, this means you actually have to win something now!]

51 Total will Qualify from the DESERT Championship Off-Road Racing (50 qualifiers plus, TOYO Tires Robby Gordon!!!) 


Take a ride with the overall winner, Christian Sourapas, in his new Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck (All Wheel Drive) during the 1st lap of the 2018 Laughlin Desert Classic. Booyah

October 12, 2018;  "There was originally going to be just 31 invited drivers, with a Last Chance Qualifier for 10 more spots and qualifying and the race would be on the same day. That has since evolved and the race will now include 51 UNLIMITED Trucks.  

The NATIONAL PowerHouse Team went through the results of every SCORE and BITD race over the last three years and ranked the drivers by finish.  Extra weight was given to the Baja 500 and 1000, the Mint 400 and Vegas to Reno.  The top 51 drivers on that list will be invited to compete.  There will no longer be qualifying. The race will consist of two 80 mile and three 40 mile loops for a total of 280 miles.  At the end of the first 40 mile loop, the bottom 10 trucks will be pulled from the course and the remaining 40 will race to the finish and the big payday.  

It has also confirmed that the UNLIMITED Trick & Trophy Truck’s will NOT race on the rocks.  The UNLIMITED CageMatch of Desert Racing Event will share some of the desert sections with the Krunks of Hammers (KOH) course, but there will be no rock crawling sections. The entry fee will be $5000 for the race". 

Too bad for the SCORE series trucks! Roger Norman is so desperate for acceptance, he has agreed to, "the finishing results will now determine the start order for Trophy Trucks at the SCORE San Felipe 250".

Just think, no matter how you do in the SCORE Baja 1000 event, your following racing year starts off by sucking up to the cagematch race! Stupid!

Desert racers, "Pick your battle, publicity, money or bragging rights!"

National PowerHouse will bring the festivities to life, ONLINE, LIVE! on OFF-ROAD LIVE!


February 7, 2019 at Johnson Valley California, in the middle of nowhere, enclosed in a fence, "The Cagematch of Desert Racing".


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